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40 religious phrases to understand this way of thinking

40 religious phrases to understand this way of thinking

March 30, 2024

What we are, how we got here, whether or not we have an objective in life and what is this, why we die ... All these issues have disturbed us and have provoked our reflection since antiquity. One of the ways in which the human being has tried to answer these questions is through religion.

Faith has been a very important element throughout history whose principles have helped shape our way of thinking and understanding the world. And many have been historical figures who have carried out different reflections based on their faith.

In this article we will see some of the religious phrases or focused on religion pronounced or written by different important historical figures.

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A quarantine of religious and spiritual phrases

Below we present different phrases and statements made by different historical figures and based on their religious and / or spiritual beliefs.

1. All the great religions are basically the same, since all seek peace of mind and goodness, but it is very important to practice this in our daily life. Not only in the church or the temple

The Dalai Lama expresses in this sentence that all religions claim to give hope, but that believers should not rely only on their precepts at the time of prayer but also on a day-to-day basis.

2. What you do not want for you, do not want it for your brothers

This phrase is part of the Jewish Talmud , expressing that we should behave towards others as we would like them to behave towards us.

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3. Every work of love, carried out with all the heart, will always bring people closer to God

Maria Teresa of Calcutta would pronounce this phrase, expressing that faith and love go or should go hand in hand.

4. Men who condemn is because they do not understand

Coming from the Koran, this phrase expresses that it is necessary that we understand each other and not condemn others for thinking or acting differently.

5. Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you

Saint Augustine is the author of this phrase, which reflects that we do not expect to be given everything done but that we must work to achieve our goals.

6. It's time to call a truce between the war between science and the spirit. God does not threaten science, he improves it. God is not threatened by science. He made it possible

This phrase was pronounced by Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome project, in an attempt to show that faith and science are not opposite aspects.

7. Religion is in the heart and not in the knees

This phrase by Douglas William Jerrold expresses that religion is not to pretend or express repentance or practice certain rituals . The important thing is what you really believe.

8. I understand by religion no longer a set of rites and customs, but what is at the origin of all religions, putting us face to face with the Creator

This phrase of Mahatma Gandhi reflects that what is important is not the way in which religious feeling is expressed or expressed, but its basis, shared by all religions.

9. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free

This phrase is part of the Bible, and reflects how knowledge and wisdom allow us to be free.

10. Both the believer and the non-believer are human beings. We must have great respect

In this phrase of the Dalai Lama expresses that regardless of whether or not we believe in the precepts of any religion, we must respect each other regardless of whether our ideas do not correspond or even differ greatly with those of others.

11. Man does not pray to give God guidance, but to properly guide himself

Again, the author of this phrase was Saint Augustine , expressing the true function of prayer.

12. A faith: here is what is most necessary for man

Victor Hugo is the author of this phrase, which states that the human being needs something to believe in.

13. No religion is worth a single drop of blood

This phrase is attributed to the Marquis de Sade, who despite his fame saw religion as something that should not cause death.

14. You will love your neighbor as yourself

This well-known verse of the Bible expresses the need to love others.

15. If the believers of the different religions of today strive to think, judge and act with the spirit of the founders of such religions, then there would be no hostility based on the faith that exists between these believers. And what is more, differences in matters of faith would become insignificant

These phrases by Albert Einstein make us think about the fact that the conflicts between different religions and non-religions are only a product of the dogmatic and biased interpretation that they want to give it, not of religion itself.

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16. We ask for miracles, as if it were not the most obvious miracle that we ask them

Miguel de Unamuno points out that there is no greater miracle than being alive.

17. The deep knowledge of religions allows to break down the barriers that separate them

Gandhi proposes that understanding what each religion means facilitates understanding of the others by deepening their base, which is generally shared among all beliefs.

18. All roads of kindness lead to enlightenment and awakening

Attributed to Buddha, this phrase indicates that it is goodness that leads us to fullness. It is one of the religious phrases representative of Buddhism.

19. The religious fact, the religious dimension, is not a subculture, it is part of the culture of any people and of any nation

This phrase of Pope Francis expresses the idea that religious beliefs are part of the culture of the different peoples.

20. The winds of the spirit are blowing. It is you who needs to lift the sails

The Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore left us phrases like this, which highlights the search for spirituality as a means to achieve peace.

21. Who knows himself knows God

This phrase of Muhammad Ali reflects the need to know ourselves. Each one of us is part of the world and the universe.

22. Religion misunderstood is a fever that can end in delirium

Voltaire warns us in this sentence against the risk posed by fanaticism or the distortion of faith.

23. If we are not at peace with ourselves, we can not guide others in the search for peace

This phrase of Confucius reflects that we must be able to love ourselves and accept ourselves if we want to help others in a successful way.

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24. Just as a tree has a single root and multiple branches and leaves, there is also a single true and perfect religion, but diversified in many branches by the intervention of men

Gandhi explained that all existing religions share an intentionality and the same basis, differing only by the interpretation and approach that is given.

25. The soul has its illusions, like the bird its wings: they are the ones who sustain them

Victor Hugo expresses his conviction that they are the illusions and the dreams, the hopes, the ones that allow us to fight and live.

26. Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realize yourself

The Hindu yogi Swami Sivananda expresses the different actions to be carried out in order to make life something positive and complete. One of the religious phrases focused on indicating maxims of life .

27. Do not judge others if you do not want to be judged. For with the same judgment that you will judge, you will be judged, and with the same measure that you will measure, you will be measured

Phrase attributed to Jesus Christ in the Bible , expresses that we should not judge and treat others in any other way than we would treat ourselves.

28. The best of men is the one who does more good to his fellows

Phrase attributed to Muhammad in which the need to do good to others is expressed.

29. Do not think that nothing happens simply because you do not see your growth ... great things grow in silence

Phrase attributed to Buddha in which we are told that we grow continuously even if we do not perceive it. Every moment is important and helps to develop us.

30. You are what your deepest desire is. As is your wish, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so are your actions. As your actions are, so is your destiny

These phrases belong to the Upanishads, ancient texts written in Sanskrit that they contain some of the philosophical bases of Hinduism . In this case, they reflect that it is our wishes that ultimately lead us to act and to shape our destiny.

31. The heart of a man is a mill wheel that works without ceasing. If you do nothing to grind, you run the risk that she will crush herself

Martin Luther is the author of this phrase, which exposes the need to believe and live from what we feel inside.

32. Take the first step with faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase. Simply upload the first step

Faith was a very important element for Martin Luther King, allowing us to move forward and dare to fight despite not knowing what might come.

33. Evil is something that circumstances, environment or education instill in men: it is not innate

Nelson Mandela proposes that evil is learned , so that it can be avoided.

34. I believe in the God of Spinoza, who reveals to us a harmony of all living beings. I do not believe in a God who deals with the destiny and actions of human beings

Not every religion believes in a God . Some do believe it, but do not understand it as a deity in the form of a conscious entity.An example is found in this phrase by Albert Einstein, which referred to the concept of Spinoza's deity. They consider that if there is a God it is the union of all that exists or the order of the universe.

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35. Agnosticism simply means that a person will not say that he knows or believes that for which he has no basis to claim that he believes

Aldous Huxley expresses with this phrase what it means to be an agnostic.

36. Religions, like fireflies, need darkness to shine

Most religions have emerged and / or gained special importance in order to help the population in moments of doubt, anxiety and pain. This phrase is from Arthur Schopenhauer.

37. There are many paths to enlightenment. Make sure you follow one with a heart

Lao Tzu tells us that we must follow the path we believe is right , regardless of whether others push us into other ways.

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38. Man has two spiritual needs: One of them is forgiveness, the other is kindness

This phrase of Billy Graham highlights two necessary virtues in our life and that at the same time are part of most religions.

39. Faith is the antiseptic of the soul

This phrase of Walt Whitman expresses that the beliefs of people help protect their beliefs and value systems in those situations that put them to the test.

40. Rivers, lakes, lagoons and streams, all have different names but all contain water. That's the way religions are: they all contain truths

Muhammad Ali indicated with this phrase that all religions have a part of truth.

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