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35 uncomfortable questions that can make you have a hard time

35 uncomfortable questions that can make you have a hard time

April 5, 2024

We all like to ask questions and know more about other people. Surely you are curious to find out certain things of some acquaintances, but When they ask you these questions, out of embarrassment, you prefer to silence the answers .

These uncomfortable questions can be embarrassing for different reasons: for considering it a taboo subject, for regretting having done it, for wanting to pretend that everything is going great ...

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A list of uncomfortable questions

Then you can find a list of uncomfortable questions that can make you prefer to avoid the answer.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that your parents have caught you doing?

Our parents have seen us born and grow, however, there are certain situations that we prefer not to share with them. It is possible that at some point in our lives, they caught us doing things that we would not want them to see.

2. Have you ever been cruel or mean to someone?

Good or bad depends many times on the situation. When they put us on the ropes we can lose the papers, as well as in times of need. We can also be cruel to someone because of the pain they have made us feel, for example, a former partner. It is impossible to be good with everyone and in all situations.

3. Do you have any fear that you have not told anyone?

Some individuals may feel anxiety in certain situations . And many of these people have not accepted it, so they do not talk about it with total naturalness. In these cases, this question can be embarrassing.

4. What is the greatest rejection you have had in love?

Love can bring out the good and the bad from us. For our self-esteem, rejections often have a strong negative impact. Nobody likes to feel rejected and less talk about it.

5. What is the most bizarre thing you have done alone?

When we are alone, we do not have to show how people want us to show ourselves, we do not have to give any image. Maybe in those moments you relax and even carry out certain ideas that you have in mind and that others like will not share.

6. Is there a secret that you did not tell your parents?

If in the first question we talked about how uncomfortable it can be if our parents catch us in some embarrassing situation. That's why sometimes we keep secrets, things we would not tell them.

7. What is the biggest lie you ever told and you have not been caught?

It is impossible that someone has never said a lie, because lying is totally human. However, there are different types of lies and some of them hide something really embarrassing.

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8. Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Facing others we all tend to say that everything is always going well for us, that we are strong and that we can bear what they throw at us. Now, it is impossible to be happy at all times.

9. What do you like most about yourself?

By answering these questions you may seem a bit cocky, depending on the qualities you highlight. However, it is always better to have self-esteem and high self-confidence.

10. What do you like least about yourself?

If in the previous question it is possible to sin of cocky, in this question the opposite happens. Depending on what is answered it may seem that someone is not valued enough.

11. If you could erase some negative experience of your life, what would it be?

We have all been through some negative experience in our life. The ideal is to accept it and move on, however, there are individuals who still can not talk openly about these experiences.

12. What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

Love is a truly magical experience, which can change our perception of the world and our behavior. We may have done things for love that, over time, we find embarrassing .

13. What is the last lie you told?

It has already been said that we have all lied at some time in our lives, but talking about the most recent lie can be quite uncomfortable.

14. What is your limit in intimate relationships?

Not everyone has the same beliefs about sex. While there are very conservative individuals, others, on the other hand, are very liberal. It is not always easy to talk about these issues.

15. What would you change in your life if you could?

It is possible that there is something of our life that we would like to change. But to recognize it openly can be complicated, because we like to pretend that we are good with ourselves.

16. If you could make a wish right now, what would it be?

This question can make you reflect on what you would change in your life and, as stated in the previous question, it is not always easy to expose one's weaknesses.

17. Would you like to have an intimate experience with someone of your same sex?

In the case of the boys, perhaps not so much, but there are many women who would like to experiment with the same sex. Recent research states that all women are bisexual.

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18. What excites you the most?

Not everyone talks freely about what excites him most, because they think that sex is a taboo subject.

19. Have you given your arm to twist?

Many times, in terms of interpersonal relationships, we do not do the hard ones. It seems that giving in certain aspects (and even forgiving) is a symptom of weakness. Nothing farther from reality, then Forgiveness honors you and giving your arm to twist when necessary is a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence .

20. Have you used any object for sexual purposes despite not being the target?

In moments of intimacy, and in which one decides to take pleasure, you may have used objects to stimulate yourself. Especially women.

21. Do you have any sexual fantasy?

We all have sexual fantasies, but not everyone speaks openly about them. Fantasies are unconventional, and usually have the incentive that they are prohibitive.

22. Have you ever broken someone's heart?

It's not nice to say goodbye to someone who would give your life for you, but sometimes you stop feeling for your partner and it's time to mark distance.

23. Will you call me tomorrow?

And of course, in situations like the previous one, it is not easy to say things to your face, because the other person may feel offended. He will always say yes, even if one knows that is not true.

24. Have you made love somewhere forbidden?

There are people who enjoy practicing sexual activities in different unconventional places (for example, in a forest or in a shopping center). That does not mean that they talk openly about it.

25. Have you ever been unfaithful?

Infidelity is something that many people have gone through , either as a person who is a victim or person who has carried out infidelity. This is a topic that is best kept secret.

26. What satisfies you most?

A question about the most personal preferences.

27. When was the last time you lied?

The lie is something socially frowned upon, but incredibly widespread. This question seeks to see to what extent someone is capable of admitting that he is lying.

28. Have you ever been with someone to forget someone else?

The love of others can be used unconsciously to fill gaps.

29. Do you have a suitor right now?

A question as direct as uncomfortable.

30. Have you ever argued with a friend's partner?

When friends start dating someone, conflicts can sometimes appear.

31. Have you ever played with someone's feelings?

There are times when manipulation can appear spontaneously, almost automatically.

32. Do you feel lonely?

This type of confidences are usually painful.

33. What is the most extravagant thing you have done?

There are times that what else says about oneself is those actions that one considers oneself unrepresentative of how one really is.

34. Do you usually approach the people you like, or can you be shy?

This uncomfortable question refers to the seduction techniques used by someone (or the absence of them).

35. How long was the shortest love relationship you had?

Sometimes, remembering short relationships can make us wonder if we made mistakes that we had not fallen into.

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