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5 keys to look for a job successfully (and not die trying)

5 keys to look for a job successfully (and not die trying)

May 23, 2022

"The unemployment has risen in xxmil people"

"The difficulties of those over 50 to find work"

"Thousands of families face expenses of up to € 500 with return to school"

"Precarious contracts"

"Many young people with university training are forced to leave their country"

Do you sound these headlines, right? They give a very uninspiring image for all those people who are looking for work. To the frustration that many people suffer from day to day, from negative to negative, to silence after silence of their mobile phone, the image of a world that seems to have very little to offer us is added.

If this were not enough, sometimes you have to add the typical "become an entrepreneur", which although it is an important option to consider, is not always the plan B Y it only increases the feeling of guilt and that feeling of "doing nothing" . Looking for work, sometimes, it despairs and wears out.

Looking for work without despair: some keys

What to do to not die in the attempt? How to renew energies day by day and face finding work? Looking for a job is something that everyone at some point in our lives has seen or will see us doing, and it does not hurt to have some tools and tips to avoid falling into that search. Here are 5 essentials:

1. Where to go to look for work?

First of all we have to know what search options and where we can leave our Curriculum vitae . We have from the already known Infojobs (and thousands of other search portals) until the classic of leaving the CV in hand. There are also job counseling centers where you can guide and help according to your case and specific search websites according to your profession. Professional associations also have their job boards or bulletin boards in which one can advertise.

Send CV via e-mail or go to deliver it in person?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays with the internet, it is very easy to send your CV to many companies, centers and offers (even in some cases it is the only way of contact according to what calls), But there is also your risk, many people will be sent their CV, so the competition will be higher .

Leaving the CV in hand is more direct, more personal, the company sees you directly and the interest shown is different from a simple e-mail, but its disadvantage is the investment of time that you have to devote to walking around the different sites that interest us . The best option is to use all the routes, both mail and in person in those offers that interest us most. Spend all the cartridges.

Here you have two articles on this topic that can help you have a presentation with greater chances of success:

"The 10 tips to improve your curriculum vitae"

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2. Is it better to be an employee or entrepreneur?

Do I become an entrepreneur? Starting your own business can be very tempting, especially if we have been looking for a job without success for a while. But you have to have everything very well organized and tied for that business to work, in addition to doing something purely vocational. Being an entrepreneur is sometimes a 24-hour job, everything will depend on you (at least at the beginning), and the investment of time and money is usually high at first.

To make it work you have to spend a lot of time, and sometimes that entails sacrificing time that you can dedicate to your leisure or your social and family life . We also have to control important issues that are beyond many, such as accounting or the most legal parties. The key to everything working is vocation. The vocation will be the energy that will move you to take your business to success, to learn those necessary and unknown issues and to overcome the possible problems and frustrations that may arise.

3. The importance of organizing (and dosing)

Set a schedule . Not having a job does not have to be synonymous with doing nothing and having empty hours. Organize your day, what hours are you going to dedicate to look for work, what hours are you going to dedicate to, for example, taking care of your house or making a purchase, save yourself a leisure time and to see your friends and family, and yes, why not , save yourself a little while to do nothing or watch TV.

We must not stop pampering and take care of ourselves in this stage of search , there may come moments of disappointment, frustration and anger, and we must be strong and prepared. In addition, having an organized schedule will take away the feeling of "wasting time".

Four.Reflect on what conditions you are willing to accept

One aspect that generates a lot of debate is What are you willing to accept to have a job? Here there are many factors and situations to take into account, but it does not hurt to know what things we will accept and what things will not. Many companies take advantage of the crisis situation that we suffer and they hire in unacceptable conditions taking advantage of people's desperation .

Do not demand or absorb more of what you want and need (and watch the legal limits, sometimes they are very thin and play with them in their favor)

5. Who are you and who do you want to become?

Finally, it does not hurt to have a final goal : What would you really like to do? What is your dream job? What can you do now to reach that goal? No one can say what the future will bring and where we will end up, and it is true that there are situations in life that will help you more or less to walk towards your goal, but not to lose sight of it guides us and gives a sense to what we are doing, even if it is the most prickly school in the world.

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