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5 ways to improve our body and gestural language

5 ways to improve our body and gestural language

July 14, 2024

Gestural and body language It is part of our inheritance received through our ancestors, and therefore it is also part of our subconscious.

Our muscular movements speak for us independently of verbal expression. While it is true that gestures and movements often accompany our words, at the moment when the conscious decides to lie this parity is dissolved, because our deepest self is unable to give false signals, unless it is, in addition to giving false information, believing it true.

From birth to three years, the child is expressed almost in its entirety by movements and gestures partly innate and partly learned by imitation. With his advance in the ability to speak, the gestualization takes a back seat; It is at this moment when the child also acquires the ability to lie, as part of their development from the imagination, all of which leads to the construction of the game that will serve as training in real life.

But nevertheless, body language was previously learned to lie , so the gestures will always be associated with the subconscious and the truth.

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The importance of improving body language and body language

Between 60 and 70% of our communication is done through body language: gestures, appearance, posture, look and expression . Even at the unconscious level, we capture all this information and transform it into meaning, which is why some people seem more or less trustworthy, depending on the number of inconsistencies that we have detected during the conversation.

We do not necessarily capture all the information, it depends on the attention we are paying. If we also know the mechanisms of gestural language, we can interpret it at a conscious level, the messages as if it were a language . Obvious to say that it works in both directions, and, if we learn to interpret them, we can also learn to transmit our thoughts through the gestures of our entire body, thus enhancing the quality of the message issued and ensuring greater empathy on the part of the receiver.

Studying our body expression allows us observe our psychomotor apparatus and erase the usual expression , largely regulated and even self-imposed, and allows us to find our own language for communication with others.

Enhancing the free expression of the body also helps us optimize computational intelligence. From the first contacts with his mother, the child, in the absence of words and symbols on which to lean, prints his physical and emotional sensations in the body memory, which records and preserves all this information in the motor motor of the subconscious. By means of the corporal expression we can access this memory, recognizing the registers to neutralize them and avoid automatic movements that can give erroneous and inadequate information in certain situations.

Enhancing gestural language

How do we do it? The ideal, without a doubt, especially for the playful component, is to go to workshops clown, theater, dance ... however, with the help of a simple mirror we can do it without difficulty in our house following these simple guidelines:

1. Controlling our gestures

The gesture is the body movement of the joints, mainly of the body movements performed with hands, arms and head . Before moving, we will visualize the movement with our eyes closed and we will decide whether or not it is adequate for what we wish to express.

2. Relating to objects

A fork or a pen can be taken in many different ways ... let's observe, let's practice the movement, let's turn the objects into ours.

3. Learning to relate to other bodies

Reacting in a controlled and conscious way to what other expressions provoke all around us is very useful in this regard.

4. Relating to space

It consists of observing the dimensions of space, the sounds that are around us, the aromas, the sensations that the environment produces. This will make us move around it with greater security.

5. Learning to breathe

We perform breathing exercises on a regular basis until we manage to naturally adapt its rhythm to the one our body requires; In this way you will be able to move organically and integrated into the environment.

Exercising free expression gives us the awareness that we have a unique and extremely useful tool for communication: our body.

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