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What 7 feminine attributes excite men more?

What 7 feminine attributes excite men more?

January 17, 2022

It seems that some feminine attributes and characteristics arouse considerably the desire of a man to have an intimate relationship with that woman.

If in some articles we have talked about some masculine qualities that seem to have a positive effect in terms of attraction, for example, being bald or being sapiosexual, in this article we will treat the subject in reverse. That is, what makes a woman irresistible to a man.

Attraction, excitement and physical attractiveness

Although it is true that the physical is not everything at the time of entering into a loving relationship with someone, because to be a couple, other aspects of the person are usually valued: their status, their intelligence, their way of treating the couple .. . the image that a person transmits and their physical attractiveness play an important role when it comes to seducing someone in a short period of time and, eventually, to be able to maintain a relationship.

This does not mean that, with respect to attraction, other variables that have nothing to do with physical attractiveness or that sensitivity towards an individual can not vary from one person to another, do not affect it. For example if someone feels a great passion for a hobby (for example, surfing) is more likely to win someone who has those same tastes.

Everyone's expectations play an important role in both attraction and excitement. Now, especially in the case of boys, physical attractiveness seems to be very important in terms of excitement .

Men's behavior changes with attractive women

Men, in fact, lose their roles for attractive women. That's what a study that was published in Frontiers in Neuroscience showed, which states that beautiful women make men lose their reason .

But women will not only be better treated by men if they are attracted to their presence, but they can manipulate them at their whim as this research shows.

Study data

The study included 21 participants from the University of Zhejiang in China, who visualized 300 images of women from this country. Half of the photographs belonged to attractive women and the other half to women who, unfortunately, were not very attractive (the determination of this difference was made by another group of subjects).

The experiment consisted of deciding whether to distribute a small amount of money to each girl in a fair and unfair manner, and measured the brain waves and response times to know the time it took for the subjects to decide.

The data showed that, although it took more time to decide on the occasions when money was unfairly given, men were more likely to decide to give more money to the most attractive women. Further, the brain regions that were activated when interacting with beautiful women were those in the area of ​​reinforcement .

What attributes make men more excited

But ... what are the attributes that make men more excited in the presence of women? What is it that "turns" on a girl?

Below you can find a list of characteristics that make men want to have something intimate with a woman and consider it irresistible.

1. Pear body

Research has shown that men prefer women with pear bodies, that is, with wide hips . Apparently, women with this body shape make them, unconsciously, men consider that they are of childbearing age.

This type of body, which is extremely exciting for men, is also called a triangle body and colloquially known as infarct curves.

2. A face without makeup and with a natural look

Although many women do not believe it, Men are more attractive to women when they are more natural and do not use makeup (especially the excess makeup). Men like to get up in the morning with the same woman who went to bed ... That does not mean they do not like women who take care of themselves, but the more natural the better. In simplicity is attractiveness.

3. A seductive look

Few attributes speak more than a powerful and penetrating look. When someone looks you directly in the eyes, is able to strip your soul. The connection that two people can feel with a simple glance is more powerful than any other action that can be carried out when intimate. The sight is the reflection of the soul, and is the best way to excite a man.

4. Well-fitting clothes

A well-fitting top and tight-fitting jeans accentuate a woman's body without revealing anything . Also, one of the parts of the body that is more attractive to men are the breasts.A neckline that enhances the shape of the breasts without showing more than necessary makes the imagination fly.

5. Careful hair

A long and well-groomed hair is very stimulating for a man, because it shows the femininity of a woman. Much of this is due to the publicity and the films that have been responsible for highlighting the attribute of long hair. Well-groomed hair is beautiful to the touch and, in addition, the good smell can be very exciting and it can act as an aphrodisiac.

6. The sincere smile

There are few things that create a greater connection and transmit as much as a beautiful smile . This attribute sends a message to the other person that their presence is pleasant and transmits joy and happiness. In fact, a study conducted by the National Institute of Health of the United States concluded that men are more attracted to women who radiate happiness.

7. Fleshy lips

The full lips make men get hooked in this part of the body and remain with the desire to kiss them . In fact, kisses increase our arousal and is one of the erogenous zones of the human body. If you put together a nice smile with appetizing lips, the combination will be excellent to excite a man.

Signs that indicate that a man likes you

While these attributes are ideal to excite a man, there are a series of signals that send you information about whether that person likes you or not . This information is useful if you want to know if you like that person that you consider special or attracts you.

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