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50 phrases and questions to break the ice

50 phrases and questions to break the ice

April 24, 2024

There are many strange, uncomfortable or even disconcerting situations that require a way to engage in conversation. The phrases to break the ice , as they are commonly known, are responsible for undoing that knot that has been made in our throat or our life preserver in case of having screwed up.

Some scenarios in which these phrases are useful can be that event where you are presented to a whole group of new friends, friends of friends, when you are facing that girl you want to pair with or when you meet informally with a possible partner .

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Break the ice, an art

As if it were a seventh art, knowing how to break the ice is not a beginner's task. In fact, any expression that we inton can determine the direction of the conversation and the tone of this. We can ruin the plan or be an absolute success.

Imagine that situation of wanting to approach a boy or girl that we like, being a totally unknown person, and that after a reciprocal and accepted visual contact, we seriously consider taking a step forward and entering into a conversation. What should we say?

The most ingenious phrases to break the ice

Below you can find the most appropriate and varied phrases to break the ice depending on the situation in which you are.

1. Did you know that depending on the color of the lobule of the hens, the eggs will come out of one color or another?

This phrase is useful for any situation where there is a conglomerate of people. No specific purpose is sought, just call attention and , for example, enter a story.

2. I'm sure you like pizza with pineapple ... Am I wrong?

This phrase is often used to flirt or to create a very relaxed conversation tone.

3. In the pentagon, double sinks were built for the staff that fit in the building, do you know why?

It is a disconcerting statement that we can use in any type of situation.

4. Ostriches do not bury their heads under the ground. Simply lower your head to ground level to put the ear

A fact that escapes many and that can give way to a good conversation .

5. The famous Big Mac is composed of more than 70 ingredients

Imagine that you are at McDonald's with a partner you just met and there has been no opportunity to converse. It's a good start.

6. The Bible is the most downloaded book on digital reading tablets

It's a good start to get the attention of someone who loves reading. We can use it on the bus, in the subway, in the library.

7. 60 percent of Britons believe that Sherlock Holmes is a real character, compared to 20 percent who believe that Winston Churchill is fictional

It is a phrase that we can use with some cinephile or serial-addict .

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8. Pigs can not lie on their backs. It is physically impossible

Is a funny phrase to break the ice . Making people laugh is a good sign.

9. The left lung is smaller. This is to make room for the heart

Imagine you are waiting in the doctor's office with someone you do not know. It is a good phrase to end the silence.

10. At birth we do it with 300 bones that, as we grow, end up being 200

It is a good argument to start a conversation with someone / understood.

11. Did you know that dynamite needs peanuts for its manufacture?

References to curiosities are useful.

12. Mosquitoes bite especially people who eat bananas

This phrase can be used, for example, in excursions and long tours through natural spaces.

13. The average man sees 5 women a day with whom he would like to have sex

Be careful who we use this phrase with!

14. The pupils dilate both when you hate someone and when you like

We get in a situation of wanting to flirt with someone . It is a way of drawing attention by not resorting to a typical phrase to please. Such phrases always surprise the receiver.

15. The human being is unable to taste food if he does not have saliva

Above all we must use this phrase when we are in front of a diner and we do not know the members of the table.

16. Cat or dog?

It has no more importance than breaking the ice in a situation of stagnant conversation.

17. You have a very pretty face, it would be better framed on my wall

It is a way to draw attention when linking online or applications such as WhatsApp.

18. It's a question of life or death: nutella of black or mixed chocolate?

We are seeing the profile in a social networks of a person that we like, and we know that he loves chocolate. Breaking the ice with this phrase is a good way to create a funny situation .

19. Where did you grow up?

Good way to know a little more about that person we want to know.

20. Do you have pets?

Animals are almost always a good topic of conversation.

21. Do you have siblings?

A question to be able to extend a conversation about something personal aspects.

22. Have you noticed what your name means?

Some exotic names are unknown to the bearer.

23. What mobile brand do you have?

Simple question but that today is a topic of conversation.

24. What did you do this last weekend?

A good way to start a dialogue.

25. What are your plans for next weekend?

In the last line, you can ask this question and see if you have similar tastes .

26. What do you like to do in your free time?

Not all of us use our free time in the same way, and that says things about who we are.

27. The first thing you do when you get up, what is it?

It enters into the habits of people, and is an interesting topic.

28. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

Another phrase to break the ice that It gives a lot to talk about .

29. How is your middle name?

Some compound names may have a good story to tell.

30. What is the last thing you bought?

Whether it's material or immaterial, it's a good two-way debate.

31. How are your ideal vacations?

Surely a topic that can give hours and hours of conversation, while it is interesting.

32. Your favorite day of the week?

Simple and funny question.

33. If you had to meet a historical character, who would it be?

Another resource that goes out of the clichés when starting a conversation.

34. What do you do to relax?

Everyone has different methods to relax and forget stress.

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35. What was your favorite book of childhood?

Ask questions about childhood.

36. What is the first thing you remember about your childhood?

We often have recorded memories that can be a good topic of conversation.

37. What kind of child were you?

Sometimes, over time, our personality can change radically.

38. What do you miss from being a child?

It is a recurring question and we all do at some point.

39. When you were little, what did you say you would like to be?

Most times we dream of being something that we are not when we have grown up.

40. Saver or wasteful?

For some this point is important.

41. Do you play an instrument?

For many it is exciting that someone plays a musical instrument.

42. What is the first thing you notice about a boy / girl?

It's a good question and it can be fun. Sometimes it's amazing what you can get to hear .

43. Have you ever fallen in love?

They say you have to fall in love 7 times to know true love.

44. Do you believe in the twin souls?

Sometimes we try to find our other half. It can be a good topic of conversation.

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45. How is your way to disconnect?

Breaking the ice in this way is very original, fleeing from the recurring questions.

46. ​​Do you believe in love at first sight?

A complicated question but one that is exciting.

47. Do you prefer short or long hair?

For some it is a very important detail when it comes to looking at the other's physique .

48. What do you look for in a boy / girl?

This phrase is a good base to start a deeper and more direct conversation.

49. Who did you call for the last time?

It is a rare question and that also gives a lot of itself. Highly recommended

50. Do you prefer to be rich without finding your love, or being poor and having that love?

The million dollar question. For many individuals, materialism is always in the background.

50 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Ice and Improve Your Conversations - The Learning Annex (April 2024).

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