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70 inspiring and motivating Graduation phrases

70 inspiring and motivating Graduation phrases

June 12, 2024

A lot of effort invested. Long hours in the library, reading books and manuals. But in the end everything comes and you are already a graduate or graduate in your specialty. Congratulations!

Whether you have studied Psychology or any other, we have compiled a collection of graduation phrases to start your future with maximum motivation. You can also use these famous quotations and reflections on graduation to congratulate a family member or friend who has managed to pass the university studies.

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Phrases and reflections on graduation

Without further delay, let's know these phrases . We hope that you will be inspired and that they will help you to face the future with maximum energy.

1. That we succeed in transmitting to our children this grace of being simply "all-terrain" men and women, citizens of the world (Jaime Borrás)

Graduation is an achievement, but it is even more difficult to transmit knowledge and ethics to future generations.

2. People talk about getting lucky strokes in their careers. I am proof that the theory of luck strokes is simply wrong. One gets his own luck. The world is led by those who make themselves known, not by those who wait to be asked about them (Steve Blank)

In this other article we explain how to attract luck to your life.

3. Death is probably the only good invention of life. It is the agent of change of life; erase the old to make way for the new. And now you are new. But someday, not long, you will have become the old and you will be replaced. I'm sorry for being so dramatic, but it's the truth. Your time is limited so do not waste it living the life of another person (Steve Jobs)

The founder of Apple, with a revealing truth.

4. What is your great idea? What are you going to use your moral, intellectual capital, your money, beyond the walls of the University of Pennsylvania? The world is more malleable than you think and it is waiting for you to give it shape (Bonus)

A phrase that the leader of the band U2 pronounced in his graduation speech.

5. Although nobody has been able to go back and make a new start, anyone can start again now and make a new ending (Jonathan García-Allen)

Each day gives us the opportunity to start over with new challenges. A very inspiring graduation phrase.

6. Use the talents you have in life: the forest would be very silent if only the birds that sang better (Henry Van Dike) sang

Do you know Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences? We all have talents, the question is to discover and empower them.

7. We have struggled hard to study and graduate, but the irony of all this is that ... today begins the real fight (Fernando Anfus)

Having managed to complete a university degree is only the first step . Now the good starts.

8. What counts is not the amount of hours we dedicate to work, but the quality of the work we perform during those hours (Sam Ewing)

Quality versus quantity A reflection on the effort, of the ex-baseball player.

9. It is not great that always triumphs, but the one that is never discouraged (José Luis Martín Descalzo)

To put effort in something, to be insatiable, that is the great secret to forge a great existence.

10. Formal education has its lights and shadows. Our effort, beyond which today we are graduated, can serve to give energy to the lights and make the shadows disappear (Grant Smith)

A look into the future, trying to make the world a bit more just and balanced.

11. As of today you stopped being a university student. Now that you enter another stage of your life, I advise you to keep updating yourself constantly and do not settle for just a graduate degree. You are a person who has much ahead and I know that you will achieve very high (Anonymous)

Education must never stop being your priority . This phrase can be used to congratulate someone who has just concluded his studies successfully.

12. Knowledge is learned through study. Wisdom through observation (Arturo Torres)

Never forget that the truth is beyond the classroom.

13. We can make market forces work better for the poor if we develop a more creative capitalism, if we stretch the reach of those forces so that more people get a benefit from them, or at least earn a living, if we serve the people who suffer the worst injustices. You have more than we had, you must start earlier and continue for longer (Bill Gates)

The founder of Microsoft explains his vision of the future.

14. To educate is to have faith in the person who is educated.The most sincere compliment you can do to your son, is to show him that you trust him, giving him freedom (Augusto Herranz)

Celebrate freedom and autonomy in elections is to build a more dignified future.

15. If you believe in what you say, if you believe in what you do, you will be more effective, more passionate and more authentic in everything you do (Seth Goldman)

A famous appointment to leave behind the university and face the complicated world of work.

16. Education is an admirable thing, but it is good to remember from time to time that nothing worthwhile can be taught (Oscar Wilde)

The difference between knowledge and experience.

17. Just remember, you can not climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

The Austrian bodybuilder and actor reminds us that any success is based on many hours of effort.

18. When you start your way, the first thing you do is throw away the map you bought in the store and start drawing your own (Michael Dell)

It is useless to try to follow the path that other people mark us.

19 Education is the key to open the world, a passport to freedom (Oprah Winfrey)

We recommend you read this article where we explain the types of education.

20. A business that does nothing but money is a poor business (Henry Ford)

When you think of an idea for a business, do not think only about money .

21. If you're not enthusiastic, you'll be fired with enthusiasm (Vince Lombardi)

When facing the work life we ​​must bear in mind that nobody is going to bet for us if we do not prove our worth.

22. For a long time, the experts, the people who are supposed to be able to tell you what to do, will tell you that you are not capable of doing something even when you know that you are. And many times it will be your own friends ... those who tell you that you can do it (Mark Zuckerberg)

The founder of Facebook claims self-knowledge.

23. The things taught in the colleges and universities are not education, but the means of education (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A reflection on the educational apparatus of the state.

24. You will not get very far in life if you rely on what you already know. You will advance in life through what you learn once you move from here (Charlie Munger)

Leaving the comfort zone is what will allow you to progress in the work and business environment.

25. It does not matter how far you can go. At some point you are destined to stumble. If you are constantly pushing the law of averages higher, not to mention the myth of Icarus, predict that you will fall at some point. And when you do, you must remember one thing: there is nothing like failure. Failure is simply life trying to move us in another direction (Oprah Winfrey)

Another phrase from the American presenter.

26. Now is your time, you have knowledge, time to experiment and show the world what you are worth. Congratulations, graduate! (Anonymous)

You already have the graduate degree. Now is your time

27. You have put a lot of effort and dedication to meet this goal and that is something we must recognize. Many congratulations for this success in your life. I know everything will be fine (Anonymous)

Another congratulations that you can use to congratulate to that family member or friend who has managed to get a university degree.

28. Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge (Albert Einstein)

To continue studying and learning is a very good idea.

29. With my teachers I have learned a lot; with my colleagues, more; with my students even more (Hindu Proverb)

To put emphasis on proactive knowledge is to lay the foundations for a successful future.

30. There is someone so intelligent who learns from the experience of others (Voltaire)

Another famous event that shows us the benefits of learning from others, both outside and inside the university.

31. We are facing a very volatile work environment. Learn every day to reinvent yourself, be creative, never let short-termism turn off your great ideas (Susan Bayle)

Looking for the future means not wasting time in small things.

32. When you finish your university studies you will notice a certain existential void. Until now, all your routine was planned, predictable. Now it's time to face the uncertainty and get out of this struggle (Miranda Boozer)

It is better to start taking it into account.

33. Learning without thinking is wasting energy (Confucius)

In any circumstance of your life, do not forget to think and rethink all possibilities.

34. Those early mornings studying and reading were worth it. On this day you will see all your effort materialized in the professional title given to you, many congratulations (Anonymous)

Another nice phrase to congratulate a recent graduate.

35. You have gone through a hard road but you have known how to win and get ahead and now you are a professional, you know that the road to success is never easy. Congratulations (Anonymous)

In the same sense as the previous one, a reflection that you can use to congratulate .

36. Now is when the real adventure of life begins. Ahead!

The starting pistol starts at graduation.

37. Adult life may seem intimidating, but not so much in the company of loved ones

Fraternal bonds should never be undone.

38. You have to know how to manage the danger as one gains autonomy

Freedom goes hand in hand with risks.

39. The life of the free person begins by applying what was learned in the first important projects

Use intelligently the teachings received It makes us more versatile and skillful when it comes to adapting to life.

40. When leaving the classrooms behind, one begins to learn through the memorized

Apply what is learned in real time through significant challenges: that is the value of life after graduation.

41. Graduation is the first step towards establishing an autonomous life

Having the tools to boost our lives is something that can be symbolized in the act of graduation, but it does not depend only on this.

42. Finishing the studies does not serve to highlight, but to help us know the place we want to occupy in the world

The elitist vision of university education has no value.

43. We always learn, until the day we die

Our brains are made to always learn.

44. Behind the university is true life

The university can be seen as a preparation for adult life.

45. The professional career begins when you want, but for this you must have the tools that allow it to be successful

The academies and universities help us, but each one owns his project.

46. ​​Graduation does not mean the end of learning

We continue to train always.

47. You will continue to learn from mistakes, and these are given far beyond the classroom

Beyond the university, the teachings do not stop.

48. A university degree says little, but the security of having learned says it all

The value of the academy remains in our minds.

49. Taking advantage of what has been learned is the real challenge

It is complicated to learn, but to distinguish the moments in which it is useful is more.

50. You have to know how to manage the knowledge to reach a good port

Memorizing lessons is useless if we do not know how to see the application.

51. Success does not come alone, we have to walk towards the places where it will possibly appear if we make an effort

We can not control everything, but through effort we tempt luck.

52. A lot of effort invested, well invested. The future is yours, but now begins the really difficult

The background race begins when you leave the faculty.

53. A mind that has been stretched by new ideas will never be able to regain its original form (Albert Einstein)

Great reflection of Albert Einstein.

54. Go wherever you go, no matter the time, always carry your own light

An inspiring phrase to dedicate.

55. If the opportunity does not call, build a door

Do not expect success to come to you. Go find it and sooner or later you will find it.

56. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet (Aristotle)

Famous thought of Aristotle.

57. The obstacles are those frightening things that you see when you turn your eyes away from your goals (Henry Ford)

The great Henry Ford left us with this motivating reflection.

58. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

Of course, it is difficult to think of a better investment than training and culture.

59. It is ironic that we spend our days wishing to graduate and the rest of the days we feel nostalgia for college days

A reality that we have all lived to a greater or lesser extent.

60. We do not conquer the mountain, but ourselves

A race against our own beliefs and limitations.

61. Shoot the moon, even if you fail you will reach the stars

Keep high goals and perspectives in mind.

62. In response to those who say that we must stop dreaming and face reality, I tell them to keep dreaming and make those dreams come true

A phrase of self-affirmation and rebellion.

63. Your time is limited, so do not waste it living the life of another. Do not let yourselves get caught up in the dogma, which is living according to the results of the thought of others. Do not let the noise of others' opinions drown your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition (Steve Jobs)

The genius of Apple thus expressed its best advice for young people.

64. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney)

On how to pursue great goals.

65. The greatest encouragement to strive in study and in life is the pleasure of the work itself, the pleasure of results and the awareness of the value of results for that community (Albert Einstein)

A guide for university and academic life.

66. I think that it is often easier to progress in mega ambitious dreams. I know it sounds completely crazy. But since nobody else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition.There are very few people so crazy that I feel I know them all by name. Everyone travels like cargo dogs and sticks together like glue. The best people want to face great challenges (Larry Page)

Reflection of one of the inventors of Google.

67. Excellence is not a skill. It's an attitude (Ralph Marston)

It is useless to have the technical skills if you do not have the correct vision and effort.

68. Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must light up in flames

A matter of perseverance and passion.

69. There is only one rule for the future: give the best of yourself, everything else will be mere circumstance (Jorge Belzunces)

Reflection of the Spanish psychologist.

70. You are ready to go out to the field and succeed. Do not forget that until now you have been training, but your moment has arrived

Another inspirational phrase to dedicate to a newly graduated person.

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