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71 phrases to link and seduce (very effective)

71 phrases to link and seduce (very effective)

May 6, 2021

We have all met in some place and we have seen someone who we liked a lot. And of course, when you experience the strange feeling that your heart speeds up when you see that person you like so much, you feel a strong urge to tell him something.

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Phrases to bind and attract a special person

But, What can you say to that person for whom you just felt a "crush"? How can you break the ice and start a conversation with that person you meet each morning in the cafeteria? Below you can find a list of phrases to flirt, some funny and others full of sincerity.

First of all, but, you should know that these phrases will not always have an effect, because a lot has to do with whether the other person is attracted to you or the attitude you show when pronouncing them.

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1. I just moved to the city, could you give me instructions on how to get to your home?

A funny phrase to start a conversation. After ... who knows?

2. I was homosexual until recently

With this phrase, you are telling the person how attractive she is . If you are really homosexual, you can say: "Until a moment ago I was heterosexual".

3. I do not know how to kiss, could you teach me?

A very direct phrase . But with the right person, it can work.

4. Excuse me ... uh ... is that you're so beautiful that I forgot what I was going to say

A funny phrase that could make you follow the other person's roll.

5. I'm not sure if I'm your type, but why do not we give ourselves a chance to find out?

A phrase with sincerity. You are saying what you think.

6. It's not my fault that I like you. The fault is yours, for having everything that I love

Blaming his attractiveness. Good… it's a way of telling you that you like .

7. Surely we have many things in common, what do you think if we dare to find out?

A little invasive but very direct phrase.

8. Of the 24 hours that day has, 16 I think of you and the other 8 I dream of you

This phrase can be said to someone you already know and for whom you sigh.

9. Could you lend me a dictionary? It's just that I've run out of words when I saw you

A phrase with a touch of irony . Sure you get a smile.

10. If being sexy was a crime, you would have to spend the rest of your life in jail

A classic that is very popular . But if you know how to follow the conversation, it can be a way to break the ice.

11. I want to have precious children one day and I would like to ask your parents for a few tips, to know how they achieved it

Using the parents to tell how beautiful or beautiful it is. You may like it .

12. By temptations like you, there are as many sinners as I

A full-fledged statement. Who would not want to sin with that person?

13. Do not waste your time looking for your better half, here I am!

This phrase can also be used using the "prince blue" instead of the half orange.

14. Excuse me, by chance we will not have any friends in common who can introduce us?

A funny phrase that is saying that you're dying to spend time with that person.

15. I did not believe in love at first sight until you came here

We have all felt love at first sight once. Why not tell someone? So we do not stay with the desire to try ...

16. - Do you know how much the universe measures? -Do not. -Then you do not know how much I like you

Another way to say that person makes you crazy.

17. -Hey, you have something in your face. -What? -The prettiest smile I've ever seen in my life

And the thing that drives you crazy is the smile . Every time you see it you run out of breath.

18. I would love to see you without makeup every morning of my life

Not all women will take this phrase well, but surely some will . Especially if he likes you very much.

19. Excuse me, your name is Google? It's that in you I find everything I'm looking for

An original phrase to tell you that you love it.

20. You're so handsome that I forgot what I was going to say

You like that person so much that it costs you to concentrate.

21. Where do you sell the numbers to win this prize?

This is the biggest prize you can win. And you let him know ...

22. I do not know if you're a dream or a reality, but if I'm dreaming I do not want to wake up

Sometimes you come across people who make you daydream.

23. Did the sun just come out? Or have you smiled at me?

Another compliment about the smile . There are smiles that stop the world.

24What makes a star fly so low?

A phrase to link something corny but that can have results.

25. Everywhere I hear you, everywhere I look at you, you're not everywhere but I'll take you with me

A phrase that you have to use when you already have a relationship with that person.

26. I know I can not fly, but there is someone who makes me feel that I can do it and that person is you

A phrase full of sincerity . Sometimes it only takes that for the other person to realize that he likes you.

27. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself because I liked / called your attention (attribute)

A classic way to start a conversation . This way you already know that he likes you.

28. Hi, I wanted to know if in addition to attractive you are also nice. You are?

In other words, you like the person physically. Now you want to know if you are also good people .

29. Hi, I've seen you and I could not help having to introduce myself. What is your name?

An unoriginal phrase but full of meaning.

30. For a moment I believed that I had died and entered heaven. But now I see that I am alive, and heaven has come to me.

A full-fledged statement . Life has another color when that person is close.

31. Which animal do you like best: a duck or a penguin?

A phrase to let you check ... but a different way to start a conversation .

32. How is the environment eh ... I've never come around here blah blah ... is this always the case?

Another phrase to break the ice . Now then you have to play your cards.

33. Do you have Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp ...)? I would like to add you to know you better

With all the sincerity of the world . You ask for Facebook and then flirt calmly.

34. I love your eyes! I would like to see them again ...

If you have special eyes, you can use them to tell her that you want to meet her or him .

35. I love the song that is playing, do you know who it is?

For when you are in a local with music . So you have a topic to start a conversation and an opportunity to start talking.

36. I'll be honest with you, so I'm not going to beat around the bush. You have something special and I would like to meet you.

You like it, period. Is there anything wrong with that? No, right?

37. I've seen that you were looking at me and ... I think we felt the same

By the time you have crossed your eyes several times. A seductive phrase with great power .

38. I need an opinion from a woman (or a man) ...

In this way you initiate a conversation. It does not matter if what you say does not make sense .

39. Have you hurt yourself? Not because? (The other person responds) Because the angels fall from heaven, you hurt yourself anyway.

If the other person takes it well. You already have it ...

40. Where can I find a cafeteria around here? ... Will you accompany me?

A way to tell him that you want to drink something with that person.

41. Who Lies More: Men or Women?

Any phrase to start a conversation . This question can give quite a game.

42. I know you do not know me. That's why I come to introduce myself ...

You like it and you will not waste the only opportunity you have to present yourself.

43. You know? Suddenly I wanted to talk to you and invite you out? What would you say?

A direct phrase to invite you to take something without hairs on the tongue.

44. Do you have any idea how much a panda weighs? Well, I think the weight is enough to break the ice, what's your name?

The important thing is not the question . But stay in check and after that you want to know what it's called. One of those witty phrases to start a pleasant conversation.

45. Excuse me, do you know what time it is? Because when I saw you I lost the notion of time

A funny phrase to start a conversation that leads to something else.

46. ​​Why are you so alone? Do you mind if I keep you company?

When that person is alone, you can be an opportunity to flirt. Just make her feel comfortable, and it will be easy to start a nice conversation.

47. Could you tell me your name? Yesterday I dreamed about you, but I woke up just when you were going to tell me

This phrase can be used, for example, with that boy or girl you see often in the store in front of your house.

48. It seems incredible that it took 23 years to get to know you

You have lived without him or her so far . Now it's time to spend the days by your side.

49. Since you entered this room I have not been able to stop looking at you. We could meet ...

A direct way to tell him that you have noticed his presence when he has arrived at the premises

50. I do not know what it is, but I've felt something incredible when I saw you. And the truth, I do not want to let you escape

You have felt something incredible to see him and you do not want to miss this opportunity to meet him. Another way to start a conversation that, perhaps, ends up being a romantic story.

51. Looking at you I hit the wall and I got hurt. I need your name and your phone for insurance

A funny fictional situation that gives rise to know.

52. I'm looking for someone who loves me and I think you could be the right person

Resorting to the theatricality to seduce.

53. I do not usually do this, but ... do you have fire?

Humor and impudence serve to create an atmosphere of complicity.

54. I'm writing a novel, if you give me your data I'll send it to you

Playing the role of a person with problems to socialize can be used as a humorous resource.

55. You smell very good, have you eaten pizza?

A mix of phrase to flirt and joke that predisposes the other person to respond with humor .

56. Do you believe in love at first sight or should it happen again?

Using oneself as an object of parody is very effective to create fun moments.

57. I really like your eyes, especially the left one

A baffling but fun phrase to link.

58. I lost my phone number, can you give me yours?

Another phrase to link based on fun fictional situations .

59. I see you little but I think a lot

A poetic way of expressing attraction

60. Besayúname

One of the phrases to link shorter; It consists of two words combined.

61. You are the only person with 2 hearts, yours and mine

The heart is a symbol very used to seduce.

62. Maybe I'm not the most attractive person in the place, but I'm the only one who is presenting to you

A phrase to link with humor.

63. You are so sweet that with you anyone becomes diabetic

Seducing using synesthesia.

64. What you do is walk and the rest is to spoil the ground

A funny way of recognize someone's elegance .

65. I hope you know how to give word of mouth because I have run out of breath

One of the classic phrases to flirt.

66. Can you pay me a drink? When I saw you, I dropped mine

Using the effrontery from time to time can create funny moments of complicity.

67. I almost fear death as much as the possibility of not seeing you anymore

A tragicomic way of showing interest.

68. If I keep looking at you for a long time I will need new eyes

Once again, humor is a very useful tool for create a relaxed atmosphere .

69. Nothing I can say will express well how much I like you

A way to express the attraction that feels running away from conventionalisms.

70. I hope I can see you more times

Another of the most honest phrases to use to maintain contact with someone.

71. You are one of the most attractive people I have ever met

Using transparency and simplicity to express feelings.

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