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8 things that only narcissists do

8 things that only narcissists do

March 15, 2023

We have all had contact with people who are narcissists . This personality trait is characterized by an excessive admiration towards oneself, and, sometimes, it can be considered pathological, because it can lead to a toxic relationship with those that surround this type of individuals.

But narcissism is also embodied in concrete patterns of behavior. In this article we will focus precisely on that: the things that narcissistic people do .

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Narcissism and insecurity

Those people with this very marked trait live excessively aware of their own desires and needs and can become proud of being that way, as revealed in a study by Indiana University in 2014.

Narcissists may seem very self-confident, but in reality, they feel empty and put on a mask to hide their insecurity. They are not what they appear to be, but they are all fronts. Now, narcissists are people who tend to make friends easily, and can become sweet at first. In the long run, but they have serious difficulties in maintaining relations, because sooner or later his true personality comes out .

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Things that narcissistic people do

Narcissists need other people to feel admired. But how do narcissistic people behave? What habits or behaviors do you frequently do?

1. Project a superiority image

If something characterizes the narcissists it is their attempt to give a perfect image of themselves and often show airs of superiority. They always care about looking healthy and popular, and they are usually materialistic people who like to be important. They seek attention continuously, and that is why they dress impeccably. Even to the point of sacrificing their own needs.

2. They want to be the best in everything

Narcissists are not humble people and tend to have very high goals, because they like to stand out and, as I said in the previous point, also show an image of superiority. They go to the best doctor, to the best hairdresser, to the best restaurant ... But not because they consider that they are of better quality, but to brag about it and immortalize that moment in order to upload it to social networks.

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3. They give a good first image

The first image we show to someone determines the confidence we can have with a person in the initial moments and favors the contact with the other person. Narcissists are people who usually worry about giving a good first impression, although later they show their true personality. In early moments of a relationship, they can be sweet and affectionate . Over time, this trend disappears.

4. Do not accept criticism

Nobody likes to receive criticism, but sometimes these can be constructive and useful for those who receive them. But Narcissists tend to get defensive when they receive criticism, and may even show an aggressive attitude. This happens because they feel that their fragile ego is being threatened.

5. They think they know everything and can be intransigent

Narcissists are people who can become intransigent and have the need to show that they know everything and that they are always right. They are people with a lack of empathy , although they may be sweet at first. In fact, they tend to be less tolerant of other people, since they think only of them. The first thing is them, and they never give in to others.

6. They do not take into account the needs of others

The narcissists are too observant to look at themselves in the navel. Therefore, ** do not have time to think about the needs of others **. This is a clear example of their lack of empathy, although it may seem otherwise. When they care about other people it is because they have an interest, not because it is a genuine feeling.

7. They perceive narcissism as something positive

Although much of the population considers that narcissism is not good at all, narcissists perceive this personality trait as something positive. This is what some studies show, which indicate that they have no qualms about describing themselves as arrogant or arrogant. Studies also claim that They do not care if others think that narcissism is bad .

8. They believe that the world revolves around them

Narcissists worry that others will admire them, but they also believe that the world revolves around them. That is why they are not concerned with the feelings of others, because their attention is placed on themselves. Although the first initial contacts with a person may seem warm, they are actually insensitive.

Narcissism and new technologies

New technologies have been a change when interacting with other individuals. For narcissists, The use of social networks is a great opportunity to feed your ego . For this reason they are constantly uploading selfies and uploading photos to their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Doing selfies is not bad in itself, but narcissists spend a lot of time looking for the perfect photo and hanging the selfie on social networks. A bad habit that, despite feeding your ego, is bad for your self-esteem.

According to a study, narcissists use social networks differently from other subjects, mainly for three reasons:

  • Hang more selfies .
  • They edit the selfies to obtain the image they consider perfect.
  • They spend more time on social networks.

How to detect a narcissist

Narcissists, as you have seen, carry out a series of behaviors and perform actions that characterize them. Therefore, it is possible to detect them. In the article "How to detect a narcissist ... with a simple question" you can find some tips that will help you to know if someone is narcissistic.

6 Common Things That Only Narcissists Do (March 2023).

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