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9 tips to recover the confidence of someone

9 tips to recover the confidence of someone

February 8, 2023

Sandro and Sonia They fell in love during the high school years. Once finished the university, both found work. At age 26, they had a stable life and decided to get married, so they consummated their marriage. But after more than ten years of almost perfect relationship, their marriage went through a period of crisis, which led Sonia to be unfaithful.

When Sandro found out what had happened, he decided to separate from her. Sonia insisted and Sandro thought he could forget what happened, so, after a month living apart, decided to give him another chance. Three months later they separated definitively because Sandro did not regain confidence in Sonia .

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The loss of confidence can mean the end of a relationship

Interpersonal relationships, especially love relationships, can go through bad times, especially when one of the people has lost trust in the other.

In fact, both in the relations of friendship and of couple, the lack of confidence can lead to the total rupture , because the degree of intimacy that existed between both actors can no longer be recovered.

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9 tips to recover the confidence of a person you care about

Sometimes, we may regret something we have done that has meant that the other person stops trusting us . If you feel identified and you want to regain the trust of that person that matters to you, follow these tips:

1. Admit your error

Evidently the other person has lost confidence in you because you have done something wrong. So Do not waste more time trying to hide part of the story to be less bad . If you want the other person to regain confidence in you, the first thing you should do is assume that you were wrong and that the fault is yours, at least partially.

2. Talk about what led you to do it

Now that you have admitted your error, It's time to talk about what made you do it . In this way, the other person may even understand you. It is common for us to behave defensively when we have couple problems, and often the solution was simply communication. Talking about your feelings and thoughts about the subject can cause the other person to reconsider, because it is possible that he or she is also partly to blame for what happened.

3. Be humble

Being humble is an important point to regain someone's confidence , because if you put yourself on the defensive, the conflict can become even greater. Your goal is that you can talk about what happened and see you as a person who makes mistakes like any human being. So do not let me see you as a bad person. In fact, you may even have to bite your tongue at the beginning to get rid of the initial anger.

4. Be patient

If you want to regain someone's trust It is necessary that you let time pass and be patient . If that person who means so much to you feels betrayed by how you have behaved, you will need time for the wounds to heal. Do not expect everything to return to normal overnight.

5. Make remarkable changes

If you've got the other person to give you another chance, It is time to make remarkable changes and to show him that he has not made a mistake by trusting you again . Now is the time to manifest, not only with words but with fact also, how much you care about that person. In this way you will not regret having forgiven you.

6. Retrieve the communication

In point number 2 I talked about the need to talk about the problem. But now is the time to talk about the relationship , to recover the communication that may have been lost. Knowing the expectations of both and talking openly about any topic is the best way to keep the relationship healthy. Remember that it is easier now to stop trusting you again.

7. Do not lie

And the reason it is easier for you to stop trusting yourself is because you have given reasons for doubt. Now any lie will be seen as another great betrayal. So do not play with fire and be honest. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of your actions.

8. Become an open book

Not lying is fine, but if you have nothing to hide, why not show yourself as an open book? Think that it is now easier for you to have thoughts and suspicions (sometimes unfounded) that you may be lying. Do not hide conversations on your mobile phone or Facebook, let them see that you have nothing to hide.

9. Do not ever make the same mistake again

If you have gotten me to forgive you and trust you again, Do not ever make the same mistake again . Because if it is difficult to recover the trust once lost, if you make the same mistake again, you better forget that person. You can follow the advice you just read to give you another chance, but rarely give you two opportunities for the same reason.

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