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How to achieve your dreams in life and succeed

How to achieve your dreams in life and succeed

September 19, 2023

There are many people who think that dreaming about one thing is enough to make it happen. Nothing is further from reality, dreams do not cease to be thoughts and only the achievement of actions usually comes to bear fruit.

One of the most famous Spanish actors left us a few months ago a really interesting message that many people overlook: Dreams are not fulfilled, they are persecuted.

The famous Antonio Banderas He reflected on the most important lesson he had learned in all those years in Hollywood:

Perhaps having killed many myths, realizing that there are no impossible dreams, that is a message that I always try to transfer to young people. If I have achieved it, anyone can get it, it is about working and dreaming very hard. Above all of dreaming very hard, of having the ability to sacrifice, to pawn and work, always get up, there is no total failure. [...]

In this way Antonio Banderas sums up a bit his vision of success, something that many yearn for but at the moment of truth, few get.

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What is the formula for success?

There is no formula, nor the same version of success . For your father it may be to have a 4x4 car, for your neighbor to have a collection of figurines finished and for another to be an entrepreneur and have their own company. Actually, in the absence of the same conception, it is difficult to generalize.

In one of the definitions that the Royal Spanish Academy gives for the concept of 'success', it is conceived as the "Happy result of a business, performance". In short, the same RAE tells us that we must take action and act. Only in this way can we achieve the objectives.

And we must not confuse success with luck, there is a very small percentage of society that perhaps one day wakes up and has won the lottery, this possibility being statistically improbable, it is better to focus our efforts on a goal that can be achieved , because if we spend our lives buying 'La Primitiva' waiting to see if it touches.

The harsh reality: if you want something, go for it

Antonio Banderas also mentioned in his appearance for the program that according to 75% of young people want to be officials when finishing college. Probably, this problem comes from afar . Maybe it's because of the fear that Spaniards have of failure, of pointing fingers and telling you that you have failed in life, perhaps the problem is the high level of unemployment that exists, and that's why young people want security and stability.

Anyways, it is bad to know that we have a youth so little enthusiastic, with little desire to fail to learn To take risks and make decisions, even if they do not achieve their goal the first time, we must not be discouraged. We can always think that Thomas Alva Edison failed 1,000 times before hitting the light bulb that illuminates our homes today, so it is normal for us do not hit the first one.

The important thing is to know how to change your goals as you progress along the way . Maybe what you marked at the beginning is no longer interesting or really difficult to reach. Psychology often reminds us that the importance of things is not inherent to each event, but depends on the relevance that we want to give.

It is also important that you plan, Austrian lawyer Peter Drucker once said that "Long-term planning is not about future decisions but about the future with current decisions", so if we plan well we will save ourselves losing many hours in tasks that do not contribute to the final result .

Having your priorities clear is one of the keys to success

One of the reasons why we often fail to fulfill what we propose is that we do not have our priorities clear. Unfortunately the day has 24 hours, and we can not extend it anymore . We must optimize our time to be productive and have time to do the different tasks.

Sometimes we have to know how to say no to things that we would like to do, but that will harm us in the long term in our efforts to achieve our goal. If you are invited to go to a barbecue but you have to deliver a job that depends on passing the subject, maybe it's worth it to stay at home finishing it, there will be other opportunities to make a barbecue in your life.

To conclude, we must also remember that it is totally respectable that people are more comfortable and do not want to risk, not all have the same ambitions and as we know, in democracy any opinion is respectable.

So if you want to fulfill your goals, remember to plan well, prioritize your efforts and above all, work with ambition to achieve your goal.

Why It's Never Too Late For You To Succeed | Achieving Your Dreams - Dhar Mann (September 2023).

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