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Pogonofilia, the excessive attraction for men with beards

Pogonofilia, the excessive attraction for men with beards

February 4, 2024

The beard is one of the most important trends of recent years and that is why many men have chosen to leave it, as they consider that it increases their sexual attractiveness. According to several surveys, the vast majority of women are attracted to men who leave a stylish beard , to the point where some can turn this preference into a fetish.

The excessive attraction for beards is known by the name of pognophilia .

The fashion of the beard is penetrating deep in society, and for about five years, the razor blades are giving way to razors to stylize the beard. In addition, hairdressers who want to be fashionable have realized this trend, that's why they market with specific products for the beard, and not only for the hair. The beard is trend and it seems that this fashion, far from stagnating, is increasing.

A study states that men with beards link more

Science seems to confirm that men who leave beards link more (study). Many men have realized this and because of this they try to be fashionable, because they are more successful. It is clear that the marketing of the big companies of fashion, which has put the label of "sex-symbol" to those who leave facial hair, has penetrated strongly among people. Some girls prefer the two-day beard, others the hippster beards ... the important thing is to leave that "cool look" and mysterious.

Psychologists Barnaby Dixon and Bob Brooks of South Wales University, in a study published in Evolution & Human Behavior, concluded that the two-week beard increases men's sexual attractiveness . Could this fact be due to the image of masculinity? Well it seems that yes, or at least that's what confirmed a study by the University of Northumbria that was published in Personality and Individual Differences. The researchers stated that boys without beards are perceived by women as less masculine and more docile.

Men with beards are perceived as stronger and with more social prestige

Other research, published in the magazine Science, found a relationship between health and bear wear. It seems, therefore, that wearing a beard is a way to demonstrate vitality and health.

On the other hand, another study in which we first photographed different participants, some with beards and others without, showing different faces (for example of anger or happiness), and then the photographs were shown to a group of subjects of different nationalities to to evaluate them, confirmed that men with beards are perceived as stronger and more socially prestigious .

The fashion of the lumbersexual

Knowing this, it is logical that the fashion world has highlighted these attributes. Merging this look rough and manly with checkered shirts in plan lumberjack, a concept called lumbersexual.

Therefore, the term metrosexual, after almost two decades, it seems to have gone down in history. Now the "hopster roll" is cool, which has been a revolution for many men. Beard, plaid shirt, mountain boots, careless pose ... A trend that is usual to see on the catwalks of men in big cities like Paris and Milan. The "neole├▒adores" is what it takes, gentlemen.

Pogonophilia as fashion

Of course, the fact that at the present time beards are highly valued aesthetically has its drawbacks. One of them is the principle of "everything that goes up, down": if the pognophilia is booming as a result of a cultural change, it can go as quickly as it came. Or, at least, to become marginal, something much less frequent than the wave of attraction towards men with beards that occurs today.

Keeping this in mind is important, because no matter how much the "filias" relate to the most intimate and irrational part of us, they are still prone to be influenced by the social and the cultural. And, in this, the pogonofilia is not an exception.

Not everything is positive when it comes to wearing beards

But not everything is as beautiful as it may seem: beards contain many bacteria (study). It is clear that a beard fans will not like this affirmation , but a study by John Golobic at Quest Diagnostics in New Mexico, was done with samples of several beards in search of bacteria. The conclusion of his research was that facial hair contains a lot of bacteria, so it is more hygienic not to show it off.

On the other hand, many men let their beards grow to hide imperfections on the skin, unattractive marks or some asymmetry in the shape of the face. In this case, wearing a beard can be favorable.

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