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The 11 best techniques of seduction, according to experts

The 11 best techniques of seduction, according to experts

September 5, 2022

Seduction is an interesting topic in which psychology has a lot to contribute . To seduce you have to master different communication skills and different social skills, because it is an act that takes place between two people.

Expectations, the image we give, the things we say and the security we show are key elements to be able to approach that person that attracts us.

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Techniques and rules of seduction

Some experts like Robert Greene author of the bookThe art of seduction, affirm that There are different seduction techniques that practically ensure success when flirting (obviously not 100%).

Now, it is important to understand that each person is a world and, therefore, instead of focusing on aspects that we believe can work for everyone, it is necessary to focus on the needs of the person we want to seduce.

Seduction is an individual process in which we must analyze and intervene according to each situation. Each person has a different vision of the world and has different tastes and it is not possible to seduce all people equally.

Of course, there are a series of golden rules of seduction ; are the ones you can see below.

1. Self-confidence and security

Self-confidence It is not in itself a technique of seduction but an attitude , a way to show yourself towards others.

Without self-confidence it is impossible for the seduction process to go well. That is why first of all you have to work on the assessment that one makes of oneself and face the seduction process with a positive mentality. The security that we show is decisive to captivate the person that attracts us.

If you think you have no chance with that person, you can change your mindset and downplay the issue. As I said, attitude is what matters . So do not have very high expectations (which can be frustrated), but relax and do not idealize the person you intend to seduce. Be calm and safe.

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2. Be realistic

Being realistic is not a technique either, but it is a necessity. Do not pretend to use seduction techniques in situations in which failure is assured. For example, when the person is in love with their partner and are about to get married.

In some situations, seduction techniques will not be useful ; however, where you have possibilities, follow these tips will help you break the ice and maximize your chances of meeting that person you so desire.

3. Focus on the brain

Many people make it clear that their desire is intimate with the other person, and although this is normal, it is not necessary to shout it from the rooftops, especially when there is still no trust between both

To have options with that person, it is always better to stimulate the brain before the genitals, and that means there good communication and good chemistry . In other words, connect with their interests, their needs, and make them feel important.

4. Take your time

The seduction has to do with going step by step, and what makes a person want others many times is anticipation. When you find that person that interests you, take your time . Wait a little before getting close and start listening more than talking. Do not reveal your intention in a matter of a few minutes, as this could be unpleasant.

5. Work your social life

One of the golden rules of attraction is that no matter how much you go behind someone, that is not going to make that person fall in your arms. We are usually seduced by people who socially have great value, who like other people; that is to say, that they have an active social life, since in part we see its value reflected in the opinions of others .

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6. Work on you

There is nothing more seductive than a person who is happy with what he does and is proud of herself . That is why to please others, one must feel fulfilled and pursue their dreams. When someone connects with himself it is easy to connect with others.

7. Detect the needs of the other person

We often think that rules or techniques for flirting work with everyone, and it is not exactly like that. Why? Because each individual is a world and has its needs. Sometimes we can hear the phrase "if you pass him or her and you'll see how you look." Actually, The only thing you can achieve with this is to move further away from you and the trust among you is lost.

The important thing is that the other person is fine with you, that he is well when you are around him. That's why it's better to focus on your needs instead of paying close attention to popular beliefs or generalities.

8. Generate positive feelings in the other person

And the explanation to the previous point is that people want to feel good and we want the people around us to generate positive feelings in us. These are the good times we remember, because unless a person has self-esteem problems, they will tend to flee from toxic people.

9. Use the sense of humor

The best technique to flirt is to make people laugh . In the line of the previous point, there is nothing that generates more positive feelings than when we laugh with another person and have a good time, because our brain secretes neurochemicals related to pleasure and well-being: serotonin, endorphins, etc.

The sense of humor It is one of the qualities of the people that attract more . This is what John Medina says, a biologist who concludes that we are attracted to people and things that are fun, interesting, intriguing and that draw our attention.

10. Create your own brand

The American newspaper The Times, interviewed Arden Leigh, director of a well-known center of New York seduction, and it affirms that women are more successful when they differ from other women. The seduction expert says that you have to think like a company, specifically with regard to branding . "Making a mark of oneself is the best way to seduce others and touch their emotional side," says Leigh.

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11. The power of mystery

Think of mystery book, because you're always wanting to know more and more after every page you read. Well, the mystery is one of the most effective weapons of seduction, since makes one person elaborate expectations of the other .

That is why it is not good to give everything at once when we want to conquer someone, but we must go step by step, letting time do its job and the other person is interested in us. These expectations and illusions, which have great seductive power, make the other person want to know more and more as we get to know each other, and the feeling intensifies with the passage of time.

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