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The 20 best websites to learn new things

The 20 best websites to learn new things

April 17, 2024

The new technology has burst into our lives in a remarkable way, and what just a few decades ago was unthinkable, nowadays it is a reality. Thanks to the internet we can increase our knowledge and learn new things , simply by connecting to the computer or our smartphone.

Best websites to learn new things

The curious are lucky, because there are many portals that offer great knowledge. In the following lines you will find a selection of best websites to learn new things.

1. Psychology and Mind

Psychology and Mind is the most visited website of psychology and health in Spanish . Right now you are browsing this portal. Its success is a consequence of its great content, useful both for professional psychology students and any curious who wants to know more about the science of behavior, well-being and interpersonal relationships.

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2. Mathematics near

If you are interested in mathematics, on this website you can find some tips that will be useful . "Mathematics near" makes mathematics, even for those who have difficulties, seem easy.

3. e-learning

New technology has burst through our lives , and have modified the way we have to learn, bringing training closer to many people, who can study from their own home. A highly recommended website to learn more about different topics.

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4. Parenting

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences; However, it is not always easy . Therefore, it is always good to learn new things about motherhood and upbringing. This website is a reference in this field.

5. Sofa science

A website that won the 2015 Bitácoras Award in the Education and Science category . The complexity of science may seem close, entertaining and fun on blogs like this. Some topics he touches are: biology, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics or physics.

6. Help for teachers

For teachers and teachers this blog is very useful , because it provides didactic resources and educational tools in the form of texts and videos. The themes are related to early childhood education, primary education and secondary education

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7. Learn English Sila

Learning English is fashionable, but in reality it is a great decision. "Learn English Sila" makes your homework easier , because it frequently publishes articles that will help you to master this language.

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8. Digital generation

The digital world has changed the way we people have to relate to each other , our daily habits, but also the way in which we learn. With this blog you can learn more about childhood, entertainment and education in the world 2.0.

9. Mathematics: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, ...

Again, a math portal that facilitates your work when you want to learn about this much needed science and so used.

10. Eduteka

For education professionals who want to have support in regards to New Technologies of Information and Communication. Its purpose is to promote innovation in the educational field.

11. Doubts for dads

Whether you are a parent, you can always raise questions and concerns during the upbringing of children . Since being a parent is not always an easy task, this blog aims to provide useful advice for parents.

12. Universia

Universia is a network of universities well known worldwide l, but that is centered in Latin America Its purpose is to promote employment and constructive debates, so it allows a space for reflection on higher education.

13. Myriad X

This portal is intended to offer free online training for all interested parties . These courses are taught by different university institutions.

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14. Virtual Laboratory

Some students have serious difficulties with physics and chemistry . Surely, if they knew this website, it would be easier for them. With a virtual laboratory, it is possible to learn more about these disciplines in an entertaining way.

15. Emotional intelligence in the classroom

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important paradigms of psychology today. This concept, which became famous by Daniel Goleman, brings many benefits for the health of people, as we discussed in our article "The 10 benefits of emotional intelligence." If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, you can do it thanks to this blog.

16. Coursera

Coursera is a platform similar to the previous one and has the presence of many prestigious universities . For example, Stanford University. This university is considered the best one to study psychology.

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17. TED

A non-profit organization The best experts from different parts of the world prepare lessons and talks that will help you learn many things.

18. I can program

The digital environment is constantly changing, and being in it is an increasingly evident need. However, not everyone knows how to program or understand the language in which they operate. Thanks to this page, programming becomes a less difficult task .

19. Google Actívate

Google could not miss in the world of online training . That is why it has a platform of innovative courses, among which stand out those of programming or digital marketing.

20. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft, like Google, also has its virtual training academy . Its courses are related to the digital environment and innovation.

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