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10 books that will help you overcome the lack of love

10 books that will help you overcome the lack of love

April 30, 2024

All those who have experienced love in their own flesh know that it is one of the best feelings that human beings can experience. Being with the loved one is what we all want, and when falling in love our mind lives by and for that person.

But When a relationship breaks and the loved one leaves, we have to go through a stage in our life that is not pleasant at all . The suffering can be so great that we can take months and even years to return to who we are. Luckily, some authors have published a series of editorial works that can help us in this painful way.

How to relieve broken heart

Not everyone loves the same way or with the same intensity, and there are people who take much longer than others to overcome this delicate moment. And it is that when we break our hearts it is necessary to get down to work and get hooked on life again.

This is not easy but there is no other, otherwise we can suffer an existential crisis . Rejection by the most important person in our lives can be a serious blow to our self-esteem.

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Books to overcome the lack of love

If you are living this situation and want to overcome the lack of love, below you can find a list of books that will accompany you in these bitter moments. This is a good time to reflect on what happened in your relationship, but it is also a good time to grow and not make the same mistakes in the future.

The following texts may be useful, so take advantage of them and accept this situation once and for all.

1. Civilized divorce, therapy for rupture (Adriana G. Monetti)

Overcoming a love is not an easy experience for any of us. However, when all that negative energy is used to continue growing on a personal level, the lack of love can become an enriching experience. However, the road to self-improvement can be difficult to follow , especially when there is a marriage in between or if you have children in common. In the latter case it takes a lot of willpower and a lot of self-control because the little ones also suffer when the parents separate.

"Civilized divorce, therapy for rupture" is a guide to overcome the separation of marriages . In its pages, the reader learns to accept the new reality and avoids perpetuating a conflict that if not solved in a mature way can cause wounds that cost a lot of healing.

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2. Love or depend? (Walter Riso)

As has been said, going through the pain of separation is an experience that can be very negative, but worse is even when one is not comfortable with oneself and has a great emotional dependence on the other. Surely you have ever heard the phrase: "to love someone first you have to love yourself". Well, nothing is more true than these words.

Unsafe people provoke "toxic" relationships, and emotional dependence becomes a serious problem: poor communication, jealousy, conflicts ... If you think this is your case, you can learn from this book so that your relationships are healthy and extraordinary . Maybe you're going through a break at this moment and you should say goodbye to your ex-partner, and even if you're not going to return to that conflictual relationship, what you learn with this book can be very useful for the following relationships. So you will have learned a very valuable lesson.

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3. Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

This is an autobiographical novel by the author, in which she tells that a divorced woman makes a search to find herself. To do this, visit Italy, India and Indonesia. Yes, his divorce was bitter, and his love was disastrous She decided to take the necessary strength to change her life for the better.

Undoubtedly, an inspiring work that can help you understand the delicate moment that involves living a break. In addition, the author leaves in his pages a hopeful message: the break is an opportunity to be really happy to find you again with yourself.

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4. How to survive a rupture (Vicente Garrido)

Although the lack of love is something that all human beings experience sometime in life, there are few works that offer guidelines to minimize this situation that causes tremendous discomfort . The loss of the loved one is similar to the loss of a loved one, so it is a grieving process that needs to be accepted in order to move forward in life.

And it is that to overcome a rupture of the better way also includes to reorganize the life and to be mature at the time of separating of the couple.You may even have to sit in front of a judge to deal with the custody of a child or the distribution of property. This book deals with these complex situations, so it becomes a very complete text.

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5. It's so hard for me to forget you (Mariela Michelena)

Mariela Marchena is a psychoanalyst who has published several editorial works. "It's hard for me to forget you" is a text that is intended for those women who are unable to turn the page and who, despite wishing it, do not know how to do it. Thanks to this text, the reader can reflect on his situation and move on with his life .

And forgetting that person who has loved so much is not an easy task. The resistance to change, the feeling of guilt, the moments lived ... It is not about erasing the person overnight or pretending that it does not exist in thought or memory, but that it is necessary to accept that if the Love is part of life, heartbreak is also part of life. We like it more or less. A great book, written in an honest and simple way, that tries to make understand and accompany in such a delicate moment of the life of a person.

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6. Broken. The lack of love as an emotional and biological phenomenon (Ginette Paris)

The lack of love is a hard emotional experience of living that not only affects how we behave , but the brain also suffers its consequences. This text reviews the most recent discoveries in neuroscience to corroborate what poets and philosophers have long told us.

The broken heart, although it is an emotional and psychological pain, hurts just like the physical pain. In fact, it can be really disabling when this phase of our life is not properly overcome. This text is different from many others that deal with this topic, but it is very inspiring and enriching for its content.

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7. Why we love (Helen Fisher)

This book by anthropologist Helen Fisher has aroused great interest among psychologists and scientists of love . Without a doubt, it is a convincing and revealing text, which provides new answers to questions as old as what is the reason for falling in love? What is love? or what can we do to keep it alive?

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The text has a deep biological vision, which explains in detail the functioning of some neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Serotonin or Noradrenaline. Dr. Fisher, likewise, differentiates love from falling in love and explains why love can bring out the best and the worst in us.

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8. Learn to love yourself (Trinidad Coll)

The lack of love is a grieving process that you have to go through to get back to being good with yourself. Pain, anger and fear are emotions that are experienced until one can accept that it is over, that the person who once decided to share life with us may have left to not return.

This, which is normal to experience it, can become a problem of great magnitude When the person who has to overcome the lack of love has a low self-esteem and does not love himself. This book aims to teach the way to self-love, and helps the reader to be aware of why he does not love himself and what he has to do to change his way of thinking.

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9. Malquerida Women (Mariela Michelena)

A book especially oriented to women who do not feel loved by who should do it, or who are in a toxic relationship, clearly harmful. Its purpose is to help get out of this type of relational dynamics so harmful and regain autonomy outside the framework of the couple.

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10. I already said goodbye, now how do I forget you (Walter Riso)

The title of this book is very enlightening: one thing is to physically separate from someone, and another is to get emotionally detached from it. And yes, this stage of lovelessness is necessary, since to better go through grief it is better to avoid recurring thoughts based on the memories shared with that person. Later, in any case, friendship can be retaken when everything is already overcome.

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