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The 6 best ways to encourage yourself to study and motivate yourself

The 6 best ways to encourage yourself to study and motivate yourself

June 15, 2024

Most of us have to face challenges for which it is necessary to learn through methods that are not always fun or enjoyable. It is a fact: there are many contents that by themselves are not accessible enough that we are eager to pounce on them to learn here and now. Learning requires effort, because learning is not there to make us have a good time; That is not your function.

In this article we will review several ways to encourage yourself to study , get ways to motivate oneself, and not let the procrastination or syndrome of "I'll do it tomorrow" override us.

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How to encourage yourself to study

Having reached a certain stage of adulthood and mental maturity, most of us know that studying brings us great benefits. On the one hand it is proven that having had a successful educational career gives many more possibilities to earn more money and live better in general, and on the other, we must not forget that knowing more gives us a greater ability to make well-founded decisions.

But nevertheless, at the time of putting in front of a sheet of paper with notes, a book or a computer screen It is common that laziness and the desire to be doing anything else tempt us to get out of that path. One thing is our emotional part and quite another is that emotional aspect of ours, for which medium- or long-term goals are not as valuable as the appetites of the present.

Fortunately, We can use smart strategies to act on ourselves and our environment in a rational way and make us feel more motivated to study. That emotional part that asks us to go out to get fresh air or rest will always be there, but we can make it not affect us negatively or even play in our favor.

Below we will see several tricks to encourage you to study and make the most of those hours of study to make the sacrifice worthwhile and not simply disorganized chaos.

1. Hide all temptations

It's a very simple trick, but it's also basic. Our environment greatly conditions how we study, and that is why we must do that has a disposition that favors our learning and do not put obstacles in Motivating oneself is not a task that takes place in one's mind through private mental processes and invisible to the other's eye: the exterior counts, and much.

So, work actively to physically hide any element that usually distract you. Some classic examples of this type of elements are the food, the speakers emitting music, or the friends or relatives who demand our attention. But you also have to take into account the digital environment . If social networks distract you a lot, seriously consider looking for ways to avoid their influence. For example, get too far away from a device with a screen connected to the Internet, block certain web pages during your study, etc.

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2. Make you have few excuses to get up

This is another advice that goes in line with the previous one, and basically consists of reduce the chances of you being in a situation where you have to get up . For example, make sure you have a bottle of water handy, all the study materials gathered in one place, the right light, etc.

3. Set very specific goals

A great way to encourage yourself to study is to segment your task into smaller pieces that you can easily reach. In this way, you will have a sense of progression that will encourage you to continue studying. For example, if you need to read and learn the content of a 40-page document, consider a sequence of 4 objectives, one for every ten pages read. If you prefer, you can give yourself a small prize by completing each of these segments, but you probably will not need it, because the fact of finishing each stage will already make you feel good. Which brings us to the next tip.

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4. Sit in front of the material to study and memorize a phrase

This is a variant of a trick to create creative content, according to which to create something and get out of writer's block you have to sit down and write a phrase. The key is that the most difficult thing is to start, and once the first step is taken, the desire to complete what has been started they will pull us forward automatically .

5. Set yourself a goal when you reach a very important goal

You can combine the small rewards with others bigger and more significant so that this motivates you more . For example, when you complete your one-day study day, you can go eat at your favorite place, or go for a quiet walk in which to disconnect and forget your homework.

6. Challenge yourself

After studying, it is good to mentally review what you have learned, asking you questions about what has been seen. This is a stimulating task on something that you know at least partially, so that it will lead you to want to know more to solve the doubts that are appearing to you. The feeling of challenge creates a certain tension, but it can also be very pleasant , and the fact that after several attempts the result is satisfactory makes us feel good.

How to Make Yourself Study When You Have ZERO Motivation (June 2024).

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