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The best training in dueling for psychologists (5 courses)

The best training in dueling for psychologists (5 courses)

May 23, 2022

Grief is a painful process that we can experience in the face of a loss, be it of a loved one, of a loving relationship, of work, etc. , and it affects the person who suffers it both psychologically and in their behavior. In some cases, the suffering and inability to accept the situation is such that it is necessary to resort to psychological therapy to regain well-being.

Grief psychotherapy is a type of psychological therapy that aims to provide psychological tools to patients who are going through a stage of grief, so they can face this process in a healthy way. Grief is a situation that can lead an individual to an existential crisis, so it is not easy to overcome.

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Expert psychologists in couples therapy

The complexity of this situation requires that mental health professionals are properly trained and trained to perform their work with maximum guarantees. In this sense, specialization studies in this field become an ideal complement to regulated training in clinical and health psychology.

The truth is that there are not many courses for this purpose, but fortunately, it is possible to find quality training activities within this small range of training offers. If you are interested in training in this field, In the following lines you can find the best courses on grief, which will allow you to introduce yourself and deepen this specialty .

1. The grieving process: a training for the accompaniment in the process of mourning from an integrative perspective (Mensalus Institute)

  • Educational center: Mensalus Institute
  • Location: Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​it is possible to train as an expert duel therapist with the course "The mourning process: a training for accompaniment in the process of mourning from an integrative perspective" of the Mensalus Institute. This center, considered one of the best psychology clinics, provides training for psychologists and psychiatrists of the highest quality, and has more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

The course has a theoretical-practical methodology. It provides its students with the best knowledge and the best therapeutic tools that are necessary to carry out a successful mourning intervention, and allows to know the most important aspects of the relationship with the patient, key in this type of psychotherapy, as they experience with the most effective intervention techniques.

Throughout the school period, participants acquire skills to diagnose complicated grief and distinguish it from normal grief, thanks to the role playing, the visualization of therapeutic sessions and the possibility of doing personal work and supervision of cases.

The objective is that the participants, at the end of this training, be competent when making a diagnosis and implement an intervention of these characteristics, which takes into account the peculiarities of each patient and the context in which the problem develops. .

The course "The process of mourning: a training for accompaniment in the process of mourning from an integrative perspective" is intensive, lasts two weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday) and begins on November 24, 2017.

  • If you wish to obtain more information about this course, you can find the contact information of the Mensalus Institute by clicking here.

2. Course of psychological intervention of support and therapy of mourning (Laberinto Group)

  • Educational center: Laberinto Group
  • Location: Madrid

In Madrid it is also possible to train in duel therapy thanks to the "Course of psychological intervention of support and grief therapy" taught by the Labyrinth Group. It is an introductory training to this type of psychotherapy, and lasts two days.

The objective is that the participants begin in the psychological treatment with bereaved patients and understand the protocol of action in these situations. This is possible because, throughout the two days, the participants analyze the necessary therapeutic skills thanks to the presentation of practical cases. In this way, they can also detect their errors and the aspects that should improve.

3. Face the loss: the duel (COP Madrid)

  • Educational center: Official College of Psychologists of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid

The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid offers a course designed for all those health professionals who intend to be trained in grief intervention. It is taught in an intervention workshop format, in which students can develop practical skills and abilities that allow them to carry out interventions with individuals who are going through this very difficult stage of their life.

This program lasts 10 sessions, in which the mourning therapy approaches to psychologists who wish to know more about the characteristics of complicated grief and want to learn to differentiate the complicated duel of normal grief. In addition, participants can learn essential techniques and skills in this type of intervention, from an orientation resulting from the combination of Western (Gestalt, cognitive behavioral, humanistic, etc.) and Oriental (for example, meditation) practices.

4. Course of Intervention in Grief, Loss and Trauma (IPIR)

  • Educational center: Instituto IPIR
  • Location: Various

Those psychologists or health professionals who wish to be trained in grief therapy can do so at the IPIR Institute. The "Intervention Course in Grief, Loss and Trauma" This center is a very useful training, because it allows acquiring tools for diagnosis, prevention and effective treatment in this type of psychotherapy.

This training has been designed for those professionals who work directly with individuals who have suffered significant losses in their lives, to cover the essentials of these in their professional work and to improve the quality of life of patients. This program is divided into three levels, and the courses are taught in different cities of Spain.

5. Intervention course in mourning (IFIS)

  • Educational center: Institute of Training and Social Intervention
  • Location: Madrid

Another training in duel that takes place in Madrid is provided by the Institute of Training and Social Intervention (IFIS) . It is a summer course, offering both theoretical and practical knowledge with a solid scientific basis.

The students learn the different types of mourning and what their relationship with death is, they know the phases of mourning, what the mourning intervention consists of and they delve into the relationship between this process and the immune system. It is aimed at professionals from different areas of attention to people in grief. For example, psychologists, social services or emergencies.

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