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The scary drawings of a 12-year-old murderous girl

The scary drawings of a 12-year-old murderous girl

December 5, 2021

When I see in the news that a murder has occurred, I often ask myself: "What has led a person to commit that crime?" But when the murder was committed by a child, the news hits me in such a way that I am not able to make up my mind about what may have been going through his head. That a child is not kind and nice and that instead is dangerous to society is difficult to understand.

Many are the psychologists and psychiatrists who, for years, have tried to find answers to the whys of psychopathic children. Children can become very naughty and very cruel to other children their age. Now, what motivates you to commit crimes without any kind of repentance?

On most occasions the life of these murderers is often marked by abuse, mistreatment, broken families , etc. Therefore, generally, and at least in part, the behavior of these little murderers is a product of their environment, which must be taken into account in order to understand what may have passed through the minds of these murderous children. In other cases, mental disorders can also be the trigger for these acts of barbarism.

When fiction surpasses reality: murderous children

Unfortunately, there are stories that go beyond fiction and that, for their brutality and their terrifying script, shake us all. An example is the well-known case that I will explain in today's article. This is the terrifying case of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, two friends of 12 and 13 years old who lived in Wisconsin (United States) and who one day stabbed a friend of theirs with the aim of impressing a fictitious character that was created in a thread of the Internet forum and that has starred in many works of fiction circulating on the web: The Slender Man (The thin man).

The events occurred on May 31, 2014, and although the case had an immediate impact, as the details of what had happened became known, the story became more surprising. The girls had planned the crime a few days before and had a map of the Waukesha (Wisconsin) forest where they took their 12-year-old friend to 19 stab wounds.

The victim, Payton Leutner, was found by a cyclist that same Saturday, and was taken to the hospital, where they surprisingly managed to save her life. In fact, he recovered after a few months and is already living a normal life.

The reasons for the assassination attempt

When questioned by the Wisconsin authorities about the motive for the assassination attempt, Morgan and Anissa responded that murdering their friend was the first step to becoming the (empowered) representatives of the Slender Man. This character was the leader of the web Y demanded sacrifices as a demonstration of loyalty .

Morgan Geyser was the one in control between the two friends, and they had been planning the crime for a month before it happened. His intelligence was superior to his age, but what really draws attention is his personality: introverted and psychotic.

They planned the murder several times

Morgan and Anissa not only planned the murder in the forest in advance, but also They had planned to kill their friend on two previous occasions .

The first plan was to murder Payton by cutting his throat while he slept. They changed the plan by indecision. Then they thought about killing her in a public bathroom, but they changed their minds because they thought blood could be a problem and, in addition, someone could hear Payton screaming. It was too risky! In the end they decided to take her to the forest and stab her to death.

Both minors do not yet know their sentence, but the court will judge them as adults. The defense alleges that the girls had the mental faculties depleted, so they would not be masters of their actions.

Morgan's mental health problems

The defense asserts that Morgan is mentally disturbed, and appears to be suffering from schizophrenia and hallucinations. That is to say, the attempted murder was a consequence of his mental problems because he saw the Slender Man, or at least he thought he was watching him. The role of her friend is not entirely clear yet, although some experts like the American psychiatrist Laura Davies (in an article in the Chicago Tribune) talk about a case of Folie à Deux (shared disorder).

The police found a series of drawings in de Morgan and were used as evidence by the defense. Below you can see them:

1. Image of the Slender Man

In this image you can see a drawing of the fictional character Slender Man.

2. Image "I love killing people"

In this image a girl who kills another and the phrase "I love killing people".

3. The doodle "I want to die"

In this image a scribble that says: "I want to die".

4. Hug with Slender Man

In this image a girl embraces the Slender Man.

4. Tortured dolls

In this image you can see different dolls that have been tortured and have satanic symbols.

6. Necessary supplies

In this image you can see a list of objects necessary for the crime. It is striking that the word "kitchen knife" appears.

Slenderman Stabbing: Documentary (December 2021).

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