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25 phrases of best friends for Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr

25 phrases of best friends for Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr

July 16, 2024

Two people coming together, two friends who, although the years pass, always want to be close the one from the other, they are something extraordinary. And it is that friendship costs to maintain: there are many conditions that push us to a lonely and withered life.

However, true friends never stop thinking about each other, leaning and thinking about the great moments lived together. No matter the distance or the time, the bond is unbreakable.

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The best phrases for friends

If you need phrases of friends to dedicate on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or any other social network, in this article we will find the most famous and profound. These are small details that help to better appreciate the value of these emotional links. Whether it is the birthday of that great friend of childhood or that recent co-worker with whom you share your lunch time, it is very sure that you will positively value that you remember them and that you dedicate them one of those famous aphorisms or quotes about female friendship

Below you have a selection of phrases to dedicate to a special friend. We start?

1. Friendship doubles the joys and divides the anguish in half (Francis Bacon)

Good feelings are better to share. This is how intrusive thoughts are destroyed.

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2. If you know your memory phone ... is that it is a good friend (Juana Corbin)

That is why you have needed your support in more than one complicated occasion.

3. True friendship is like phosphorescence, it shines better when everything has darkened (Rabindranath Tagore)

It is easy to be a great friend when everything works well and there is overflowing joy. But ... woe in the bad moments! Only true friends resist.

4. Do not expect your friend to come and discover your need; help him before (Juan Luis Vives)

The baby friendship of generosity . Only if you have been generous many times and do not notice that affection back, you should start worrying.

5. True friends have to get angry from time to time (Louis Pasteur)

Human relationships are complex, and you should not be overly distressed by the fact that you can have a discussion with a close friend.

6. What makes friendships indissoluble and doubles their charm, is a feeling that lacks love, certainty.

That's why this link is usually much less brittle.

7. It is very difficult to find a good friend, more difficult to leave and impossible to forget (JP Allen)

When emotions accompany, Relationships become indestructible .

8. A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend, more (Marta Gárgoles)

If we could say all that we are silent ... even with the people with whom we have a more intimate intimacy.

9. What is a friend? It is one soul living in two bodies. (Aristotle)

We have all felt this way with that person of our utmost confidence and loyalty.

10. Judging a friend is a selfish act: first analyze your situation, and discover why she is your friend and why she deserves solidarity (Felix Céspedes)

It is important to empathize before judging without knowing well the whys.

11. Thank you for not judging me, for knowing how to listen. For giving me your support and love whenever I needed it (Anonymous)

In the end, the only thing we want from a friend is that she understands us and values ​​us.

12. Many people go through our life, but only true friends like you leave an indelible mark on the soul (Anonymous)

A dedication with a lot of affection.

13. You will always be my best friend ... basically because you know all my secrets well (Anonymous)

That person who knows every detail of every relationship you've had in your life ... your best friend.

14. Friends can say (practically) whatever they are when they are real friends (Anonymous)

In total confidence and with the sincerity of a small child.

15. Friendship is one of the greatest sources of happiness (Anonymous)

Psychologists advise having rich and frequent social relationships, since they activate us and make us clear our mind.

16. I have been lucky to have the closeness of many and the friendship of very few (Mónica Gálvez)

It is a blessing to be able to correctly select your trusted friends. Not everyone is worth for that role.

17. The only way to have a friend is to be one (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

If you do not act in the right way, do not expect to see in others what you are not offering.

18. He who seeks a perfect friend will never have a (Popular Proverb)

Do not look for someone of 10 when we all have more or less obvious faults.

19. Friends are necessary for joy and pain (Samuel Patterson)

Life is not a path of roses, but you have to go through it in the best of companies.

20. A friend loves at all times (Proverb)

Do not trust that person who is only by your side when life smiles at you.

21. More reliable is the friend who hurts than the enemy who kisses (Biblical Proverb)

Although there may be differences, a friend will always be on your side .

22. My friend is the one who tells me my faults in private (Solomon Ibn Gabirol)

If a friend highlights some mistake you have made when you are surrounded by other people ... Alert, maybe not as friend as you thought.

23. There can be no friendship where there is no freedom (William Penn)

The friends appear spontaneously, from freedom and empathy.

24. An honest answer is a sign of true friendship (Proverbs 24:26)

Sincerity over imposture.

25. Good friends are good for your health (Irwin Sarason)

Doctors indicate: spending quality time with your friends is the best medicine.

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