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8 books for leaders and CEO of companies

8 books for leaders and CEO of companies

June 24, 2021

Leadership is not just a matter of attitude. In order to manage a work team or a large organization well, it is necessary to know several topics that are addressed by the Psychology of Organizations and by the Work Psychology .

The eight best books for CEOs and directors of corporations

In this selection of books for CEOs and leaders anyone can learn the basics about what it means to be in charge of a complex system such as a company.

1. CEO, career and succession: climbing to the top

This book, written by Guido Stein Martínez Y José Ramón Pin , presents the process of becoming a CEO and staying in that position through a sports metaphor related to climbing and mountaineering.

But between the pages of this work not only talk about how to know if you are prepared to occupy a position of high responsibility, as if becoming a CEO was a question related only to their own interests; It also addresses the issue of how to do so that, upon retirement, the succession is satisfactory and the objectives pursued by the organization remain within reach.

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2. Influence

This book of Robert Cialdini it has already become a classic of the psychology of persuasion. It offers several of the necessary keys to take advantage of what we know about persuasive arts and to know how to keep your guard up before them. For something also appears in the selection of psychology books.

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3. How to think like a CEO

One of the books for CEOs that put us in the shoes of a head of organizations to know what psychological characteristics must be developed to face the type of challenges faced by these people. After conducting multiple interviews with several company leaders, D. A. Benton presents a series of 22 traits that define the way of thinking of a CEO and reflects them in this book in a clear and didactic way.

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4. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Ben Horowitz is known to have been the CEO of Opsware, one of the first companies to exploit the potential of cloud computing. As an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley,

Ben had to fight hard to get to place his company on the map, and in this interesting book presents just that facet of the business world: the one of the difficult decisions, the management of the pressure and the sources of anxiety , and the different strategies with which all this can be managed in the best possible way and, why not, with a hint of humor.

One of those books whose reading is mandatory if you are a CEO or an entrepreneur with a project with potential.

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5. The black swan

Another of the classics especially indicated for CEOs of startups is The Black Swan, of Nassim Nicholas Taleb . In its pages, a disturbing question is addressed and that at the same time it has direct implications for the business world: how do these windows of opportunity arise that nobody sees coming and in a matter of days or weeks upset the market forever?

The emergence of YouTube, the changes in geopolitics, the emergence of new types of opinion leaders ... Sin unforeseen phenomena but that can elevate some projects and bury others without anybody having decided that this must be the case.

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6. Flow in business

This book for CEOs and leaders of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is an application to the organizational field of what this researcher discovered in his studies on the phenomenon of flow, a cognitive and emotional state in which the balance between one's own abilities and the difficulty required are in balance and the task triggers the creative potential and productive of the worker. It is also included in the selection of positive psychology books.

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7. How to manage the work climate

The work environment is a factor that is too often forgotten by CEOs. In this book the theoretical and practical foundations are taught to understand what the work climate is and what logic operates in it.

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8. Leading Teams

One of the best books for leaders, in charge of J. Richard Hackman , a reference of the Psychology of Organizations. The pages of this book explain what leaders can do to create work environments in which all members of a team maximize their capabilities and performance.

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