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A beautiful short that pays homage to psychologists and therapists

A beautiful short that pays homage to psychologists and therapists

June 20, 2024

The shorts, despite being short audiovisual content, can send very powerful messages that make us reflect on different topics. In this article, we present you a short film that talks about the beautiful, but sometimes hard, work of the psychotherapist .

This animated film is from 2009-2010, it was made by Sheridan College (Canada) and was produced by 12 people. In less than five minutes, he explores the work of the therapists and tells us that psychologists also have difficulties in their day to day, they are not supermen.

The name of the short, Garra Rufa, refers to a fish that is used for ichthyotherapy , that is, for the realization of natural peeling processes and for the treatment of skin diseases. You can find them in spa centers or pedicures. The Garra Rufa is also known as Doctor Fish.

A short about the important work of psychological therapy professionals

First of all, you can visualize this beautiful short:

As you can see, the story is about a psychotherapist and how he should deal with other people and their problems , and help them to correctly manage their emotions and their problematic situations. But the work of psychotherapist is not always easy, since the change of the patient not only depends on their work, but the individual who goes to psychological therapy must do his part so that the changes materialize. The psychologist does not give advice, it provides tools so that the patient can apply them to overcome their problems.

Psychologists have training in behavior and mental processes and can help patients better understand how to deal with certain situations in a useful and effective way, and empower themselves in front of life, but the work of the psychologist will not help if the patient does not He is willing to work for his own welfare.

Therapists also have personal problems

This story that unfolds with total normality, with the psychologist attending to his patients, but it is complicated when the therapist is the one who does not manage to end his problems in his relationship . That is why he decides to attend psychological therapy to overcome his personal problems.

Surely, many people think ... A therapist attending therapy with another therapist? Yes, psychologists are also people and can also benefit from the help of a psychotherapy professional who will deal more objectively with their problems. In fact, those individuals who practice as psychotherapists must attend psychological therapy almost compulsorily in order to practice their profession in the most objective way possible.

Psychologists are also people

Unfortunately, a large part of the population thinks that psychologists are people who can not feel sad, who are not affected by emotions. However, in addition to being professionals trained in the science of behavior, are people who also live delicate moments in their life, for example, separations, the death of a loved one , the economic instability ...

Psychologists are people and, therefore, can also live situations in which they feel overwhelmed, discouraged and even sad.

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Why is the work of the psychologist so important?

And we all go through good and bad times in life, and in those delicate moments is when the psychologist can help us restore balance in our lives.

Going to psychological therapy is a brave decision , because the therapist can help us to become stronger emotionally, and it will allow us to acquire a series of tools that facilitate us to adapt to difficult situations that may arise throughout our lives.

There are many benefits of psychological therapy, and the therapist can help us:

  • Facing with him those problems that do not allow us to move forward and cause us pain and discomfort . He is a trained professional, with whom it is possible to speak with total confidence about our worries, feelings and emotions.
  • Knowing ourselves better and overcoming existential crises that may appear in our lives . In addition to dealing with different problems such as work stress, anxiety or marital problems.
  • Overcome limiting and maladaptive beliefs that interfere with our daily life and with which we give meaning to our life, not always in the best way. Thanks to the figure of the therapist it is possible to identify, analyze, test and modify (if necessary) these ways of thinking that do us no good.
  • The therapist also keeps professional secrecy , so we can talk to him with confidence and the information we provide will be completely confidential.
  • The psychologist specialized in psychological therapy will not judge us and, in addition, he has the necessary training to create a good environment of trust and empathy so that we express all our fears with total security.
  • The therapist is not a friend to whom we confess our concerns , but has a solid background and knows a series of techniques that have been scientifically proven and validated.
  • The relationship with this professional is not a dependency relationship , but this will provide us with the necessary tools to empower ourselves in front of life, to feel strong, to be masters of ourselves.
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An underestimated job

Without a doubt, the work of psychotherapists today is more than justified . In the society in which we live, which demands so much of us and in which we can often feel that it overflows us, this professional can provide us with vital tools to become emotionally stronger people.

The therapist can educate us to adapt to the complicated situations that may arise in our day to day. Now, these professionals are not exempt from personal problems, because like every human being on this planet, they laugh, cry, get excited and go through bad times in their lives. He is a person of flesh and blood.

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