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"Gray Death": the new and deadliest drug that exists in the market

June 20, 2024

In some of our articles we have talked about the effects of drugs and their consequences for our health. And this type of substance can make us feel really good, although it can also cause psychological, physical, economic, family and social problems.

Even worse, some drugs can cause death by overdose, and one of them is the new drug known as "gray death" . According to experts, the deadliest of all.

In reality, this drug is a combination of psychoactive substances, some of them well known. Before continuing with the article, you can view the following video.

"Gray death" has already claimed several victims

A new drug is wreaking havoc in the United States because of its danger. In the last weeks, the North American authorities have raised the alarm voice since several deaths have happened by the consumption of the drug "gray death" that, according to the investigators affirm, can cause death in a single dose . At the moment, it is known that several people have lost their lives in the states of Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

This drug has an appearance similar to cement. However, what is hidden behind this drug that looks like a stone is nothing more or less than a cocktail of psychoactive substances that can lead the person to a trip without return. The gray death is composed of heroin, fentanyl, a synthetic opioid called U-47700, and carfentanil, an elephant sedative. The name gray death perfectly defines the appearance and the harmful effects of this drug.

A lethal drug cocktail

This cocktail of drugs is highly toxic and contains substances very harmful to the human body . No one doubts the danger of some of these substances as is the case of heroin. But one of the most harmful components of this drug is Carfentanil.

Carfentanil is a sedative for animals of the size of an elephant, which has become popular in recent times because it is also consumed separately, that is, not as part of this drug. In recent months hundreds of doses of this substance have been seized throughout the United States. Dr. Rob Hilsenroth, general director of the American Association of Veterinarians of Zoos, already warned of its lethal effects in an interview with Efe. However, this drug continues to be exported to the United States from China, where it lacks control. Hilsenroth states that carfentanil is up to "ten thousand times more potent than morphine", and was even among the substances investigated as a chemical weapon.

In relation to the gray death, David Rausch, police chief of Knoxville, states that "there are chemical compounds in this drug that are very dangerous," and warns that "gray death is 100 times more powerful than fentanyl and 10,000 times more stronger than morphine. "

Aware of its fatal effects, the Tennessee Department of Investigation has called on authorities to take precautionary measures that are superior to those used with other opioids, since, they say, with just touching this substance an individual can die overdose, because the drug is absorbed through the skin .

One very deadly drug

The truth is that this drug is highly lethal. Being a mixture of substances, the reaction in a person's body can be very negative . Many of the drugs found on the street may contain different drugs at the same time, but generally the active ingredient is usually more or less clear. When you ask a scientist what he is investigating, he will answer you: cocaine, heroin, ecstasy ... In the case of this drug, he may say: I do not know!

And is that the composition of gray death have also found a mixture of other substances in addition to those mentioned, for example, cocaine. However, this drug is considered a synthetic opioid.

Each year, opiates kill around 30,000 people in the United States and, in fact, more than 100,000 Americans died of an overdose last year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in this country. Undoubtedly, the state of Ohio is a state hit hard by this type of drug, because according to the records of this agency, a total of 3,050 people died of overdoses of heroin and other opioids.

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New drugs that have emerged in recent years

The drug business is a very lucrative business, so drug traffickers are always looking for ways to expand and make more money.That is why, in recent years, new drugs have appeared or market has been given to other psychoactive substances that perhaps were no longer fashionable.

Just a few months ago we talked about a new, powerful and deadly substance known as the Flakka (you can read the article on this link) that caused havoc and was known as "madness at $ 5" for its low price. We also echoed a drug called Tucibi (in English, 2CB) that has become fashionable among the upper class for its hallucinogenic effects.

And another of the cases that has caught the attention of experts in recent years is the drug Krokodil, which causes really shocking effects on people who consume it.

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