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How do I know if I have diabetes? Main symptoms that warn us

How do I know if I have diabetes? Main symptoms that warn us

September 21, 2022

What signals does our body give us when we have diabetes? How to know if we are diabetic? In this post we will list the main symptoms of diabetes, signs of our body that we should know how to listen and interpret to learn to control diabetes .

How to know if I am diabetic? Main symptoms that warn us

How surely you already know, diabetes is a disorder of the metabolism that prevents the regulation of the amount of glucose in the blood. This may be because our pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or simply because the product does not work properly. When glucose is accumulated in our blood system our cells do not receive enough energy and we end up experiencing the following symptoms s. Remember to always check with your doctor to identify some of these symptoms.

"The lack of glucose in the cells and the excess in the blood system give way to a series of symptoms that warn us that we may be suffering from diabetes"

Increase in the urge to urinate

One of the first symptoms of diabetes is usually a considerable increase in the frequency with which we urinate , which shows an excessive presence of glucose in our blood. The frequency with which we go to the bathroom increases due to the lack or ineffectiveness of insulin, and the consequent inability of the kidneys to filter .

In short, our body tries to expel excess glucose through the channels that account, with urine being the most recurrent. Note also that in these cases our urine can develop a special smell . So if your frequency of urination increases considerably accompanied by a change in smell, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Increased thirst

This point is directly related to the previous one. It is evident that if we increase the frequency with which we urinate, we will need drink more water to compensate for the loss and keep us hydrated .

Water is a great tool to cleanse our kidneys of excess glucose. If you feel a supernatural thirst do not deprive yourself of the liters that your body asks for, remember to drink always as much as you need.


A rapid and considerable loss of weight is one of the most classic symptoms of type 1 diabetes What is usually due? In these cases our body stops producing insulin, so our body must look for alternatives as a source of energy . This is achieved by breaking the muscle tissue and fat, resulting in a considerable loss of weight.

This symptom can also manifest itself in patients with type 2 diabetes, although weight loss does not usually occur so drastically in these cases.

Tiredness and weakness

As we have already mentioned, the lack or inactivity of insulin means that glucose is not transported to the cells. Faced with this lack of the hormone of energy, the cells are tired and weakened . This makes a diabetic feel more tired than usual.

If during your normal day you notice that your body gets tired more easily, that you can no longer keep the same rhythm or that your body weakens for days, you may have a problem in the production of insulin so it would be advisable to consult with your doctor.

Tingling and stiffness of the extremities

When glucose is not transported to the cells, it accumulates in our blood. This also damages our nervous system, especially in extremities such as hands and feet. This evil is known as neuropathy and manifests through the stiffness of the feet and hands , in addition to that recurring sensation of tingling.

In addition to consulting with your doctor, we recommend you this free guide to know the risks derived from glycemic variations when having diabetes and how to avoid them.

Do you know any other determining symptom in the detection of diabetes?

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