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How to decipher the hidden meaning of your dreams?

How to decipher the hidden meaning of your dreams?

January 22, 2023

Are you one of the people who usually have repetitive dreams but does not he understand its meaning? If your answer is affirmative, perhaps this reading may help you.

Interpretation of dreams: a world to discover

The analysis of dreams is an important tool when you want to understand some problem of the current situation of a person, because through dreams, the brain sends clues that, knowing how to interpret and can join together, as if it were a puzzle, can lead us to to understand the reason for a discomfort present in our life and of which perhaps we are still not aware or do not finish understanding.

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Recurring dreams: analyzing their characteristics

Do you usually dream with some frequency about a particular situation? I remember a patient who often used to dream that she felt the urgent need to urinate, but when looking for the toilets, they were not available, or they were dirty; other times I saw them ruined, and others with water overflowing and in total disrepair being impossible to use them. Sometimes the urgency was so great, that even so he used them, but most of the time, he left with the desire. This constant repetition of his dream began to disturb him because he did not understand the reason for these.

Dreams that evoke images, textures, colors and flavors

Think for a moment of a dream you have had that would disturb you : Have you noticed the colors in your dreams? Have you felt smells (pleasant or unpleasant, as in the case of dirty toilets) or flavors, or perhaps you have played something that seemed very smooth or maybe you even heard your favorite song? ...

In dreams, in addition to our senses come into play, also play an important role emotions, which are fundamental to understand the message. And this is where the key to understanding dreams lies: to know how to understand emotions that, among the interaction with objects or people, awaken in our being.

What elements are present in your dream? In the case of the person of the toilets, there were several elements that, although they were not the same, were repeated: as the desire to urinate, the dirty toilets, the inability to use them and to stay with the desire, were elements that were always present, even if the scene was in different places.

Can you identify some of those elements that repeat themselves in your dreams? Try to do it, and if you succeed, you are on the right track in analyzing your recurring dreams . How do those elements that you have identified interact in your dreams? Let's go back to the patient's case: she wanted to use the toilets but there was something, outside of it, that prevented it (they were in bad condition).

Now, an important question: how do you feel about the interaction of those elements in your dream? Possibly it makes him feel afraid, or angry or perhaps it produces him happiness ... The person that I mentioned was frustrated when seeing that there was a personal need (desire to go to urinate) that he could not satisfy.

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Emotions and dreams

If you managed to identify your emotions and name them, the next step will be simpler: Is there any situation in your current life that is producing this same emotion?

Bring the emotions of your dreams to real life, compare them with what you are currently experiencing. Do you find any similarity between what you feel in your dream and what you feel in this situation that you are living in particular? My patient discovered that He was having a lot of anger with his boss, but was unable to tell him for fear of losing his job , this situation made her feel frustrated because "there was a personal need (to express her anger and her discomfort) that she could not satisfy." When she finally discovered the message of her dream, it did not happen again, because with a little help, He found how to express to his boss situations that did not seem like him and, as far as I know, he still keeps his job.

Find the message that hide our dreams is not easy , and maybe even need the support of someone else to find its meaning, but if we take the time to look for it, the result can be very useful to our lives, because, only knowing where exactly the shoe squeezes us, is when We will do something to solve it.

What Do Dreams Mean? - The Hidden Meaning of Dreams (January 2023).

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