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How to recover from failures in 8 keys

How to recover from failures in 8 keys

July 14, 2024

To think that our life is going to be perfect is to live in a utopia, especially if we have goals and objectives to pursue and if we are ambitious. On the way to triumph there are always obstacles to be overcome , so you have to be ready to get up when we have some setback.

But obstacles or obstacles that may arise along the way are not the main problem; what will determine if we achieve success or not is how we face those obstacles . Perseverance, positive attitude and, above all, getting up despite the falls is what will allow us to achieve what we have put ourselves through resilience. At all costs.

The winners have also failed at some time

There is a type of person who, despite the fact that things do not work out as he wishes, is always there, fighting for what he thinks he deserves. It is a type of individual that although at a certain time things do not go well, he knows that better times will come and that you have to have patience. The achievements come with time, with work and commitment.

A few months ago, I saw in a television program the famous actor Antonio Banderas who had been invited, and he commented an anecdote that caught my attention. It turns out that the guy was enjoying quietly the party of the Oscars, when suddenly a man approached him to congratulate him.

Banderas, not knowing him, asked him who he was. He was the founder of "Uber", one of the most successful companies in recent times, and speaking among them, he confessed that before things went well and he became a successful character, he had tried to triumph many times with others projects and owed a lot of money because things did not go well. Banderas spoke of him as a clear example of a person who never loses hope and keeps going despite the failures . A great example to follow.

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How to recover from failures

Undoubtedly, that way of thinking, what is known as a mentally strong person, is worthy of admiration. Mentally strong people carry out a series of habits that make them who they are. But ... what is it that makes them so special? What habits or behaviors do they have when they fail? Below you can find the 8 keys to recover from failures :

1. Acceptance

The first thing to do when you fall and want to get up is to accept that failures are part of life and that they happen to everyone. The case of the founder of Uber is just an example, but there are many more. One should not be hard on himself when things do not go as planned, and he should know how to take advantage of these falls to learn and grow. In other words, to do not make the same mistakes .

2. Look for the errors

Once failure has been accepted as normal, then it is necessary to look for the errors: What made the situation end like this? Maybe it was the bad planning or maybe the result is due to causes beyond the person's control. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to detect it in order to learn from the error.

3. Positive mind

It is clear that it can be unmotivating when things do not go well, and it is normal that at first we feel a bit disheveled and even sad. But after this period of adjustment, it is necessary to adopt a positive and optimistic mentality. You have to look to the future with optimism , because the positive attitude can determine the triumph or not, because if we think in negative, everything will seem worse than it is.

4. Have an action plan

If you have carried out point two, you will have detected the error or the mistakes you have made so that things have not gone well for you. If failure has not been your fault, there is no reason to change. Now, if the fault has been yours, now is the time to plan the new situation until you reach the goal you want to achieve . This will make you have a clearer vision of what you have to do and it will serve you as feedback and motivation as you progress along the way.

5. Do not complain, act

Therefore, to have a positive mentality, it is necessary not to assume the role of victim and draw strength from weakness. It's okay to think that you want to change, but If you do not take action, you will hardly get up . If you already have an action plan, the next step is to set it in motion and set specific goals that will guide you.

6. Take responsibility for the change

It's much easier to blame others than assume that you are partly to blame for what happens to you . In order to overcome adversity and get up after a failure, it is necessary to take responsibility for the change. This means empowering yourself, self-empowering and automotivarte in bad times.

7Challenge limiting beliefs

When we fail and blame ourselves for the defeat, it is easy for us to think that we are losers and that managing to overcome these difficult moments is not within our reach. You must understand that these words that you say to yourself are limiting beliefs , that do not let you advance on the road to success. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them with empowering beliefs, those that will allow you to overcome the potholes you will find on the road.

8. Trust in you

And a lot of these limiting beliefs will make you believe that you can not achieve what you want. That's why you should have full confidence in what you do , otherwise, at the first exchange you will come down. In case you did not know, it is possible to improve your self-confidence. If you want to know how to do it, you can read our article: "How to increase your self-confidence in 6 steps"


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