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Orthosiphon: properties and characteristics of this food

Orthosiphon: properties and characteristics of this food

October 1, 2022

The orthosiphon (Orthosiphon aristatus) is a herbaceous plant that grows in certain areas of Asia and Australia that tea uses as a medicinal plant in the form of an infusion known as Java tea . It is a natural resource that we can use on a day-to-day basis to complement our diet.

The cleansing and digestive properties of orthosiphon have made its popularity as a natural resource to improve health have grown with the recent times. Let's see what are its properties and the advantages offered by its use in the form of tea.

The ortosifón, a plant to lose weight

The orthosiphon is known for its effectiveness at the time of solve problems related to the retention of liquids in the body , a phenomenon that makes the volume grow. In fact, the use of Java tea has been traditional in many areas, and that is why this plant is considered a therapeutic and medicinal aid.

Nowadays its use is still very much used, especially as a complement to weight control regimes . Of course, the simple action of taking a dose of Java tea will not produce miraculous effects nor produce a sudden drop in weight or fat burning in the short term (since this is a much more complex process that depends on everything we eat and the exercise that we do), but it is a good way to make slimming plans more complete .

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Properties of Java tea

These are the main characteristics of the effects that orthosiphon has on our organism:

1. It is an excellent diuretic

The main advantage of Java tea is that it is very effective in combating fluid retention, which is often responsible for much of the overweight that unknowingly associated only with the accumulation of fat.

In general, the orthosiphon facilitates the work of the kidneys , so that they do not "accumulate work" and that they do not become inflamed when they can not cope. This is precisely why it not only helps to release liquids, but also has a depurative effect and helps neutralize toxic substances present in the body. That is why it can be used in fasting, to enhance the purifying effect of these.

2. Help burn fat

The intake of Java tea in itself does not serve to burn the reserves of fat that accumulate in our body, but it does that they can be burned more easily with the daily exercises we perform.

It is important to keep this in mind, because the orthosiphon only helps to lose weight in the help in which allows the release of liquids, but does not "eat" the fat .

In this sense, it is good to combine the use of orthosiphon with simple exercise plans, such as jogging for half an hour at least three times a week.

3. Combat hypertension

Orthosiphon is not only a very good diuretic, but also has effects on cholesterol and triglycerides They travel through the blood and can cause high blood pressure and dangerous tamponades. Its high content of potassium is a great help to maintain the well-being of the circulatory system. In this way the heart does not have to make efforts and suffer less wear.

However, for these reasons can also cause hypotension in people predisposed to it.

How to prepare Java tea

If you think that using this diuretic can fit well into your healthy diet plan, you can follow these simple steps to make Java tea .

  1. Boil the water in a small saucepan.
  2. Add a tablespoon of dry ortosifin.
  3. Turn off the fire or glass ceramic, cover the pan and let it sit for a quarter of an hour.
  4. Strain the contents and serve in a cup.

The recommendable thing is Do not drink more than one cup of Java tea per day , and its amount will depend on your size; to decide this, use common sense and think that the amount of tea you can drink in one sitting should not produce the slightest discomfort or discomfort. You can use it at breakfast or after dinner.

Also, if you do not like the taste of Java tea (it's quite bitter) you can also consume the orthosiphon in capsules.

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Contraindications of Java tea

The orthosiphon is not a medicine, and therefore it is normal that taken in moderation will not produce adverse effects unless you develop an allergy to the components of Java tea. However, yes there are some population groups that it is advisable to consult a doctor before making use of this natural remedy.These people are those that present any of these anomalies:

  • Renal insufficiency
  • Bile problems
  • Low blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Dyspepsia

Further, people who are following a medication plan should avoid taking orthosiphon so that it does not interfere with this substance, unless the doctor indicates otherwise. In general, medical treatments supervised by qualified professionals of the health system should have priority over the search for alternatives in herbalists and parapharmacies.

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