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Sex without commitment: 11 advantages and disadvantages

Sex without commitment: 11 advantages and disadvantages

July 19, 2024

For some people sex without commitment is forbidden, something that is not worthy of people with a good heart, because they think that the right thing to do is have a stable partner, get married and live what they consider idyllic life.

In extreme cases, these people may think that they would never have sex with someone who is not their partner, and some may even develop anuptaphobia or fear of being single.

But, even if these individuals do not believe it, it is possible to be single and be happy, and it is possible to enjoy a full sexual life without having a partner. Sex without commitment also has its benefits, and in this article we explain them to you.

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Being single is a good opportunity to grow

And there are many people who do not know how to be alone, who think that when they finish a relationship they should look for another person because they are afraid to find themselves. Being single does not have to be bad and in fact leaves time for oneself: to get to know oneself better, to do the activities you like, to grow professionally ... Not knowing how to be alone is a clear sign of emotional dependence and low self-esteem.

They have educated us to think like that, to believe that we should "live happy and eat partridges" with someone. But nevertheless, Enjoy being single is a matter of mentality . A mentality that can be even healthy. Nor is it mandatory to have a partner, nor is it a crime to be single.

Different types of sex without commitment

Being single does not mean you can not have a full social life and sexuality, but quite the opposite. At the moment in which we live immersed, it is possible to meet many people (at work, through social networks, with different apps). Living alone can make us happy, because happiness is often found in dedicating time to oneself and trying to have a life in which one feels developed.

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According The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality There are three types of sex without commitment. They are the following:

  • Friends with benefits Friendship can be linked to sexual attraction, and friends can have frequent sex as long as one of the two does not feel anything else.
  • Urgent call : is that person who is called only to have relationships. Usually occurs when people are infidels.
  • One night sex : it is the sporadic sex that happens, generally, when people meet that same night and end up having sex.

Benefits of sex without commitment

Sex without commitment brings many benefits . While some of these occur in sex with commitment, others are exclusive of unattached sex.

The benefits of this type of sex are the following.

1. Increase self-esteem

According to a study conducted by Cornell University and the University of New York, which used 371 subjects, having casual sex can improve and increase people's self-esteem and well-being. On the one hand, the rush of having sex with someone the first few times empowers us and makes us happier , and on the other, knowing that they want us improves the image we have of ourselves and therefore our self-esteem.

2. You do not have to give explanations

If something stands out sex without commitment is that it is only sex, there are no attachments or emotional attachment . No need to explain to the other person, but we can enjoy the moment and then continue with our lives. Also, if we want to continue having relationships with other people, we do not have to hide.

3. It allows you to remain independent

Commitment can be good for some things, but not for others. There are people who, for example, enjoy themselves and their profession, and this is totally legitimate. Sex without commitment allows you to stay focused on your life and, at the same time, fully enjoy your sex life .

4. Reduces anxiety

According to the study made by Cornell University and the University of New York that has been mentioned before, the subjects of this research who had sex without commitment reduced their levels of anxiety . However, this study did not take into account if the same happens with infidelities or, on the contrary, increases the anxiety of the person who commits this act.

5. Rejuvenates

Having sex rejuvenates, either with or without commitment . This is what an investigation carried out by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital showed, which concludes that people with an active sexual life appear 5 to 7 years younger. The important thing according to the researchers is not the amount of sex, but the quality.

6. Improve the immune system

Having sex improves the immune system of people and, also, fight the cold and the flu.Some studies indicate that sex can increase up to 30%, the levels of an antibody called Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which acts as a protector against cold and flu.

7. Help live longer

A team of researchers found that having sex at least three times a week causes people to have 50% less chance of dying from an illness.

8. It is physical exercise

Having sex is a great sport . In fact, half an hour having sex is equivalent to burning 100 calories and helps to work different muscles and also improves the health of the heart

9 Improves cardiovascular health

Therefore, when practicing sex we are improving the health of our heart. According to an investigation published in the magazine Epidemiology and Community Health, One or two sessions of sex a week reduce the risk of heart attack by half .

10. Reduce stress

Having sex is the best antidote to stress . According to an article in the journal Psychology, individuals who have had sex in the last 24 hours suffer less stress than people who have not had sex. One of the reasons for this is that after the sexual act reduce the levels of cortisol, one of the hormones responsible for this phenomenon occurs.

11. Help to sleep better

After the sexual act we feel more tired, just like when we play sports. This happens because with sex we release serotonin and stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep and circadian rhythms.

Disadvantages of sex without commitment

Sex without commitment not only has advantages, but there are a number of drawbacks derived from this practice. Especially if unattached sex is infidelity or adultery, the consequences for the relationship can be devastating.

In addition, as the portal states Journal of Sex Research, This type of relationship outside of courtship or marriage can make the person who is unfaithful feel more sad or empty . It should be noted that some individuals do not experience guilt and, therefore, do not feel bad.

When sex without commitment is carried out with an acquaintance or friend it is necessary to make clear the limits of the relationship, as it is easy for emotional bonds to intensify and the relationship to be affected when there is sex involved.

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