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The 50 best phrases of youth

The 50 best phrases of youth

December 3, 2022

The phrases of youth pronounced or written by influential thinkers of history They tend to be interesting reflections on one of the most intense stages of life. Artists, politicians and philosophers such as José Ortega Y Gasset, Albert Einstein or John Wooden have formulated aphorisms and memorable phrases that still resonate despite the passage of time.

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The most interesting youth phrases

It is considered one of the most energetic and creative stages of the human being. An age in which febrile mood stands out as well as immaturity.

A difficult stage to understand but many celebrities have wanted to emphasize their importance with phrases of youth. Next we will see a selection of these.

1. Young people today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, devour their food, and disrespect their teachers (Socrates)

This phrase of Socrates is a reflection on the situations he observed in young people in his time.

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2. There are no bad young people, but poorly oriented young people (San Juan Bosco)

In this sentence we avoid burdening young people with moral responsibility.

3. Youth need to believe, a priori, superior. Of course he is wrong, but this is precisely the great right of youth (José Ortega Y Gasset)

A reflection on lto the attitude of youth before the world .

4. The youth have their fight, which is to overthrow the oligarchies that are delivering, the disorienting drivers and the strange interests that exploit us (Arturo Jauretche)

The revolutionary expression in the spirit of young people is well known and natural.

5. The important thing for a young person is to establish his character, a reputation and a credit (John D. Rockefeller)

From Rockefeller's point of view, a young person needs these elements to develop.

6. You can acquire knowledge and awareness throughout life, but never in any other time of its existence a person will have the purity and disinterest with which, being young, faces life (Fidel Castro)

Youth endows us with a strength that we must take advantage of, since the time will not be the same.

7. The path of youth takes a lifetime Pablo R. Picasso

Phrase of youth of Pablo Picasso, with a touch of paradox.

8. Youth is fleeting (Horacio)

It is one of the stages that, like intense, is usually short.

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9. Among you, young people, is where I feel good (Saint John Bosco)

It is always pleasant to feel the joy that usually exists among young people.

10. I remember my youth and that feeling that will never come back. The feeling that I could last more than everything, more than the sea, more than the earth, more than all men (Joseph Conrad)

A phrase that contains nostalgia for past eras.

11. The fundamental clay of our work is youth, in it we place our hope and prepare it to take the flag from our hands (Ernesto "Che" Guevara)

It has been considered as the best life stage, in which we can easily undertake the biggest projects.

12. Some are very critical in referring to today's youth and forget that they were also young one day. It would be naive to pretend that the new pines are the same as in the past (Raúl Castro)

Youth have been criticized in all periods.

13. When a person tells another that he looks very young, he must be certain that he is getting older (Washington Irving)

Nothing becomes more perceptible than what is believed to be lost.

14. What feels best to youth is modesty, modesty, love of temperance, and justice. Such are the virtues that must form their character (Socrates)

An appreciation of Socrates about how youth should be formed.

15. For young people we must be willing to endure any setback and fatigue (Saint John Bosco)

Young people are considered a valuable part of society.

16. Young people should not only be loved, but they should also notice that they are loved (Saint John Bosco)

This phrase of youth of San Juan Bosco invites us to protect this demographic space.

17. But youth has to create. A youth that does not believe is really an anomaly (Ernesto "Che" Guevara)

Creativity is a characteristic of the youthful spirit it is very sad not to see it present in our lives.

18. You young people are responsible for your future (Saint John Bosco)

Young people always carry that responsibility.

19. The fundamental aspect in which the youth must point the way is precisely in the aspect of being vanguard in each of the jobs that belongs to him (Ernesto "Che" Guevara)

Young people have to be given the opportunity to show that they are really capable in what they do.

20. Young people and servants are the most difficult to manage. If you treat them with familiarity, they become disrespectful; if you put them at a distance, they resent (Confucius)

In this phrase Confucius tries to show the changing temperament, typical of who passes through youth.

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21. Young people need models, not critics (John Wooden)

People who inspire them to do better.

22. Unlike old age, which is always over, the characteristic of youth is that it is always fashionable (Fernando Savater)

The energy that radiates it is contagious.

23. I'd rather see a young man blush than pale (Cato)

About hope and the desire to see young people in situations typical of their age and not within the bitterness of the crisis.

24. Youth, do you know that yours is not the first generation that yearns for a life full of beauty and freedom? (Albert Einstein)

Throughout history, youth has been characterized by acting in the same way in different situations.

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25. I tell young people to be transgressors, say, youth must be a turning point of the new time (Néstor Kirchner)

This phrase of Kirchner invites young people to take an active position on the changes in the world.

26. How old is the Pope? ... I am a young man of 83 years (John Paul II)

With this phrase John Paul II referred to age as an attitude towards life .

27. Many of today's young people have credit cards, before leaving high school, and a lot before they have any idea how to generate money and invest, they must learn pitifully, how compound interest works on credit cards, against them (Robert Kiyosaki)

Robert Kiyosaki criticizes the way young people manage their economy today.

28. Being young is a misfortune that heals over time (Arcadi Espada)

A pessimistic reflection on youth.

29. One realizes that youth is over when one is not anywhere. Young people are in places, and people who have ceased to be are already starting to be absent (Alejandro Dolina)

Changes that warn us that adulthood has arrived .

30. It can lead a whole generation astray, turn it blind, lead it to madness and direct it towards a false objective. Napoleon proved it (Alexander Herzen) John Wooden.

Young people are more vulnerable to this type of circumstance.

31. Youth is the vitamin supplement of the anemic social routine (Fernando Savater)

It is the one that moves many aspects of our society.

32. You're only young once, but you can be immature indefinitely (Ogden Nash)

Immaturity is not an absolute characteristic of youth.

33. Youth is about how you live, not when you were born (Karl Lagerfeld)

This question of attitude.

34. You are still young, and your bitter moments have time to become sweet memories (Alexandre Dumas)

A stage in which there are still many opportunities to use.

35. It is better to be a young beetle than an old bird of paradise (Mark Twain)

An aphorism based on comparison.

36. The greatest misfortune of today's youth is no longer belonging to it (Salvador Dalí)

On the ephemeral of youth.

37. Youth is a disease that heals over the years (George Bernard Shaw)

Time is what ends it.

38. Youth is something wonderful, it's a shame that it's wasted on children (Peter Ustinov)

For Ustinov, youth and fatherhood do not communicate.

39. I know that you know that there is no quarrel of generations: there are young and old young people, and in these I place myself (Salvador Allende)

Allende was always next to the young people because he valued the contribution they could make to society .

40. One year I did theater, "Ninette and a gentleman of Murcia", in double session of evening and night during 11 months, and I filmed five films. I almost did not sleep. He was 29 years old, and at that age everything is done if you have hope. The fuel makes you do everything (Alfredo Landa)

On the impetus and energy with which youth can offer you.

41. What would youth be without the sea? Lord Byron

A poetic allusion to the essence of youth.

42. We should not discourage young people from dreaming big dreams (Lenny Wilken)

A phrase of youth that calls to maintain hope in young people.

43. Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec.)

And in each stage we must take advantage of what it offers us

44. In youth we learn; of elders we understand (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

About what each stage of life brings.

45. The duty of youth is to challenge corruption (Kurt Cobain)

And this reaffirms his spirit of promoting changes.

46. ​​Finding joy at work is discovering the source of youth (Pearl S. Buck)

... since you will not feel regret.

47Young people are convinced that they have the truth. Unfortunately, when they succeed in imposing it, they are neither young nor is it true. (Jaume Perich)

That is why the ideals of young people are so valued.

58. In the young man's eyes, the flame burns; in the old man's, the light shines (Victor Hugo)

On the intensity with which they live the way.

49. Youth, do you know that yours is not the first generation that yearns for a life full of beauty and freedom? (Albert Einstein)

In all ages there has been a youth with noble ideals.

50. Youth has a living genius and weak judgment (Homer)

On the impetus and the little wisdom, according to Homer, typical of youth.

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