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The 65 best phrases of experience

The 65 best phrases of experience

September 30, 2023

The phrases of experience selected below offer different ways of understanding learning, everything that makes us progress personally from the fact of having gone through certain experiences. And is that, well seen, time is the best teacher.

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The most inspiring phrases of experience

During our life we ​​collect experiences that leave a mark on us, so we always have something to rescue from each of them. All these situations have inspired many authors and have captured the lessons learned from their lives in various phrases of experience.

1. Good judgment is born of good intelligence and good intelligence derives from reason, derived from good rules; and good rules are daughters of good experience: common mother of all sciences and arts (Leonardo Da Vinci)

This reflection by Leonardo Da Vinci, reflects the connection of this with intelligence and creativity .

2. You can not gain experience by doing experiments. You can not create the experience. You must experience it (Albert Camus)

In spontaneous experiences we endow ourselves with elements that enrich our experience.

3. The intelligent person seeks the experience he wants to perform (Aldous Huxley)

Since everyone knows their wishes and aspirations, try to make a journey that will provide the greatest possible learning and knowledge.

4. I think it can generally be said that there is no knowledge in man, which is not mediated or immediately deduced from experience (Benito Jerónimo Feijoo)

Experience as the basis of human knowledge. A typically empiricist intellectual position.

5. Necessary is the experience to know anything (Seneca)

... since she gives us information about the real world.

6. His experience, as so often happens, made him unaware of the truth (Anatole France)

It often happens that we live so submerged in what we know that we believe that all things work that way.

7. A well done experience is always positive (Gastón Bachelard)

A complex experience is always going to offer elements to rescue.

8. We will not consider miraculous any experience we can have, whatever it may be, if we maintain a philosophy that excludes the supernatural (Clive Staples Lewis).

This phrase of experience brings us to the idea that Lewis had about this.

9. Experience is the result of our times in the past hours (Edward Young)

What we have accumulated over time can serve us in unexpected situations.

10. Experience has no ethical value, it is simply the name we give to our mistakes. Show that the future will be identical to the past (Oscar Wilde)

Our experiences they give us a teaching and in a certain way they predict situations.

11. The knowledge of men does not go beyond their experience (John Locke)

... since it is this that provides "raw" information.

12. A grain of good experience at age 9, is worth more than a moral course at 20 (J. Nievo)

On the flexibility of learning at an early age.

13. Today can be a great day, think of it like that. Making the most of it or going long depends, in part, on you. Give the day off to the experience, to begin with, and receive it as if it were a holiday to keep. Do not allow it to vanish, roost and consume life in bulk. Today can be a great day: hard with him (Joan Manuel Serrat)

Be open and allow yourself to live situations that fill the life of flatness.

14. (...) The causes and effects can not be discovered by reason, but by experience (David Hume)

It is the only way to contrast a theory facing reality.

15. Without the influence of experience we would be in total ignorance of all matters of fact, beyond what is immediately present to memory and the senses (David Hume)

For this philosopher, experience has contributed a lot to the development of knowledge.

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16. Experience by itself is not science (Edmund Husserl)

... because I would need other elements to be considered as such.

17. Knowledge is acquired by reading the fine print of a contract; the experience, not reading it (Francis Bacon)

The experience can give us a certain ability to forecast reality .

18. We are not human beings with a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings with a human experience (Pierre Teilhard De Chardin)

An experience phrase that invites reflection.

19. We have a lot of experience in not having experience. But the fact is ... The fact is ... The fact is that we have not had experience for much longer (Terry Pratchett)

What we have lived justifies what we have known so far.

20. In the school of experience the lessons cost expensive, but only in them the insane ones are corrected (Benjamin Franklin)

The only way to improve our way through life is to learn from hard experiences.

21. Only one's own personal experience makes man wise (Sigmund Freud)

Each situation contains our essence and each episode of our life is directed to give us an individual lesson.

22. The world emerges as a relationship between man and his experience. He is a participant in the creation of all things. The measure of all things (Robert Pirsig)

It is the sign that we are alive.

23. Men learn little from the experience of others. But in life, he never returns the same time (Thomas Stearns Eliot)

Many times we have found meaning in many things when we see that they happen to others.

24. The experiences we have are often the ones we had no intention of doing, not the ones we decided to do (Alberto Moravia)

The intensity with which they appear surpasses the threshold of our memory.

25. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth, the more experience you have to acquire (Lyman Frank Baum)

It is for that reason that grandparents are related to wisdom.

26. (...) And knowing, in the current situation, how imperfect such an education can be, they long for an experience, but an applied and systematized experience (Florence Nightingale)

In this sentence of experience, this is addressed as part of a methodology to gain wisdom.

27. New experiences are very useful, because they enrich the spirit (Margaret Mitchell)

Because they provide us with new knowledge.

28. All the machinery of our intelligence, our ideas and general laws, fixed and external objects, principles, persons and gods are so many symbolic, algebraic expressions. They represent the experience, experience that we can not retain or follow closely in all its details (George Santayana)

In the course of events, it is impossible to keep everything.

29. There is no past or future. There is only the present. Yesterday was present for you when you experienced it, and tomorrow will be present, when you experience it. Therefore, experience only occurs in the present, and beyond experience nothing exists (Ramana Maharshi)

A reflection on time.

30. Do not transmit to those who read you more than the experience that comes from the pain, and that is not the pain itself. Do not cry in public (Count of Lautréamont)

About the experience we feel when we read a literary work.

31. We also use the term "experience" to refer to the knowledge accumulated throughout our life. All the information that reaches us through the senses is constantly encoded or enveloped in previous knowledge. In this way, our experience constitutes the raw material from which we create our own maps or models of the world (Robert Dilts)

What we live is what constitutes for us a new vision of things.

32. If I knew that I have to go through those experiences again ... I would kill myself (Laura Hillenbrand)

This phrase brings us closer to a dialogue where the experience was lived and assimilated in an intense way.

33. Everyone learns from experience, but some of us have to go to summer school (Peter De Vries)

A small criticism of the theoretical education system , thus giving value to the experimental.

34. Experience is what you get at the same time looking for something else (Federico Fellini)

Appreciation of the filmmaker about the value of what was learned.

35. Just as before I left a country and a very good job to go to another, and between the stock market and life I have always chosen life, now that I am well established, I choose life again: it is a rejuvenating, dangerous, difficult experience , a challenge to return to a country that has changed so much respect to what I knew (Alfredo Bryce Echenique)

This phrase of Bryce, brings us to experience in a pure way.

36. It is commonly said that an act is instinctive for which we need experience that enables us to perform them, when an animal executes it, especially if it is a very young animal, without experience, and when it is performed in the same way by many individuals, without knowing for what purpose it is executed (Charles Darwin)

The experience was an important element for Darwin when it came to shaping his evolutionary theory.

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37. Experience tells us something we did not know before and could not learn, without having had the experience (Ludwig von Mises)

A basic element of our life.

38. No kind of experience can ever force us to discard or modify the theorems a priori. They do not derive from experience; they are logically prior to this and can not be proven by corroborative experiences, nor denied by experience to the contrary. We can understand the action only by means of the a priori theorems. Nothing is more clearly an inversion of reality, than the thesis of empiricism that holds that theoretical propositions are reached through induction and based on an observation of the facts without any presupposition (Ludwig von Mises)

In this phrase of experience, learning is seen from the perspective of an economist.

39(...) Although the experience is a disease that offers so little danger of contagion (Oliverio Girando)

Everyone dares to live it.

40. The nature of experience is determined by the essential conditions of life (John Dewey)

All the elements that come together in it.

41. As all experience is constituted by the interaction between the "subject" and the "object", between a self and its world, it is neither merely physical nor merely mental, whatever the predominant factor (John Dewey)

About the main elements of the experience.

42. The interaction of a living being with its circumstance is found in vegetative and animal life. However, the experience is only human and conscious when the given here and now is extended with meanings and values ​​extracted from the absent whose presence is only imaginative (John Dewey)

Only human beings can experience the experience by analyzing it through abstract thought.

43. It is said that man has an experience of the world to which he belongs. What does this mean? Man explores the surface of things and experiences them. It extracts from them a knowledge relative to its constitution; Acquires from them experience. Experience what belongs to things (Martin Buber)

The experience as part of its nature and essence.

44. Only one thing is more painful than learning from experience, and that is, not learning from experience (Laurence J. Peter)

Missing the opportunity to learn from experiences

45. Between man and man there is no great difference. Superiority consists in taking advantage of the lessons of experience (Thucydides)

Above all what experience can offer us.

46. ​​A thorn of experience is worth more than a forest of warnings (James Russell Lowell)

Live something directly leave a clear emotional footprint .

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47. Experience is something that you do not get until right after you need it (Sir Laurence Olivier)

When we realize its value.

48. An experience is never a failure, it always comes to prove something (Thomas Alva Edison)

We are always going to be nourished by it.

49. The experience does not consist in what has been lived, but in what has been reflected (Jose María de Pereda)

If we do not think about what happened, it is impossible to extract any lesson.

50. Experience is a good school, but enrollment is very expensive (Heinrich Heine)

Going into it can represent the cost of many things.

51. Never has anyone served the experience of others (André Massena)

Each experience is tailored to each person at the time of interpreting it.

52. Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you (Aldous Huxley)

You are what you do with the learning you get.

53. Experience is a fierce teacher, but it is clear that it makes you learn (Clive Staples Lewis)

Life can be cruel, but everything is learned.

54. Experience is a flame that does not illuminate but burns (Benito Pérez Galdos)

This phrase tries to explain the intensity with which the experience is lived.

55. It is known more of the way to have traveled in it than by all the conjectures and descriptions of the world (William Hazlitt)

An example of how we learn lessons about reality.

56. An expert is a man who has stopped thinking: he knows (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Someone who has focused his life on some object.

57. For most men, experience is like the lights on the stern of a ship, which illuminate only the path left behind (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

According to this phrase, the experience alone gives meaning to past events .

58. The experience is like a lottery ticket purchased after the draw. I do not believe in it (Gabriela Mistral)

The position of a Chilean poet regarding experience.

59. Experience is a wonderful thing, it allows us to recognize an error every time we commit it again (Franklin P. Jones)

It is our guide in the face of difficulties.

60. We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience (George Bernard Shaw)

An ingenious way to summarize the limited nature of learning.

61. It seems to me, Sancho, that there is no proverb that is not true, because all are sentences drawn from the same experience, mother of all sciences (Miguel de Cervantes)

One of those phrases about the experience that charge a special value for its authorship.

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62. The experience of the world does not consist in the number of things that have been seen, but in the number of things on which it has been reflected with fruit (Gottfried Leibniz)

On the teaching that the experience has left us.

63. I prefer the cane of experience than the fast car of fortune. The philosopher travels on foot (Pythagoras of Samos)

On foot and with time by our side.

64. Nothing is known well except through experience (Sir Francis Bacon)

From it emanates wisdom.

65. Experience is the staff of the blind (Jacques Roumain)

The light with which we accompany our path.

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds (September 2023).

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