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The 9 books of Educational Psychology most useful for fathers and mothers

The 9 books of Educational Psychology most useful for fathers and mothers

May 26, 2024

Parents, overwhelmingly, want the best for their children.

However, the relationship is not always easy, because there are stages of life that can be complicated, especially during some years of childhood, and also the much feared adolescence. Therefore, a good educational psychology book for parents can be very useful, because even with good faith, it is not always educated correctly.

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8 books of educational psychology for parents

So, in today's article, we have prepared a list with eight great books so that parents can learn well and thus enhance the development of their children . Do not miss them!

1. How can I get out of here? (Cristina Cortés)

This book for parents and therapists, published by the publisher Desclée De Brouwer, is an illustrated story about how is it possible to intervene in cases of emotional crisis , specifically through EMDR therapy. It is a way of explaining in a very simple way something that is really complex and that by its very nature is difficult to express in words: how certain experiences can leave an emotional trace that generates discomfort for a long time and that is complicated to communicate and externalize.

The author, Cristina Cortés Viniegra, is a child psychologist, and has also published another book of interest to fathers and mothers: Look at me, feel me.

To know more about this work or buy it, click here.

2. Far from the tree: stories of parents and children who have learned to love each other (Andrew Solomon)

An impressive book that deals with the relationship between parents and children with disabilities. In a total of ten chapters, the author explores different topics such as deafness, Down's Syndrome , autism or schizophrenia.

It even deals with the children's prodigy, those little ones who have exceptional cognitive abilities. A book based on interviews with more than 300 families, in which the author investigates what it feels like to be a father in this situation. A beautiful book and a lesson for life.

You can buy it by clicking here.

3. Developmental psychology: childhood and adolescence (David R. Shaffer)

This is an essential book for parents. It is a text used by universities that teach psychology, and specifically development psychology.

Y there are many students who have passed the subject thanks to this great instructional book . Written in clear and concise language, this text inquires about the most important theories and investigations of this branch of psychology, with special attention to the possible application of its content. A useful guide not only for students, but also for parents.

You can buy it through this link.

4. Intelligent education (Bernabé Tierno)

The family is one of the most important socializing agents for a child . Therefore, parents should be careful when educating them, because what they learn at an early age will greatly mark their future.

The intelligent education, a work of the renowned psychologist Bernabé Tierno, contains the keys so that parents can promote the correct development of their children, promoting the intellect, the aptitudes and the welfare of the latter. A book that helps parents reflect on their behavior and their relationship with their children.

You can buy it here.

5. How to talk so that your children listen to you and how to listen so your children can talk to you (Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish)

One of the best known and most successful psychology books. Is ideal for those parents who hear but do not listen to their children and, in addition, they do not communicate properly.

Throughout its chapters, the author reviews the way to listen actively and provides advice and appropriate strategies for better communication more efficient.

You can buy it through this link.

6. Adolescents Instruction manual (Fernando Alberca)

Adolescence is a complicated stage in the father and son relationship, so It is important that parents understand in the best possible way this period of development of their children . A stage in which the identity of young people is formed in contact with their peers, and their desire to explore the world around them makes this period one of the great stages of biological, psychological, sexual and social change.

Although all parents have been adolescents, technological, social and economic changes mean that many parents do not understand their children's behavior. This book is necessary to know what the teenager thinks and feels and to learn to interpret his behavior.Because at this stage it is more necessary than ever to have a united family, because, otherwise, the self-esteem of the young people of the house can be seriously affected.

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7. What your children do online: a guide for parents

The technological advances and the world 2.0 have changed the way we relate in the last decade . The new digital era and the use of smartphones, warn us of the importance of education to prevent the possible harmful use that we face by being always connected.

There are many negative phenomena associated with new technologies: nomophobia, FOMO syndrome or techno-stress, for example. The education of parents is the best way to prevent and avoid problems of self-esteem, communication, etc., in children. This book is perfect for parents to know what to do in these cases.

You can buy it here.

8. 50 tips to live better with your teenagers (Debra Ciavola)

It is not always easy to live with a child, especially during adolescence . Family conflicts during this age can be habitual.

This text helps parents connect with their children and understand their emotions. Throughout the book they are exposed fifty practical tips to improve the father-son relationship during adolescence and provides strategies for a better education.

You can buy it here.

9. Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications (William Crain)

Another one of those great books that has trained thousands of psychologists and that, undoubtedly, is really useful because of the information it provides. It is an eminently practical book that allows parents to understand, thanks to a wide variety of research, the development of their children.

A great manual that can not be missing in the parents' library and that reviews different theories that have marked an era. Theories such as those of Piaget, Vygotsky or Erikson.

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Jordan Peterson - Growing Up in a Fatherless Home (May 2024).

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