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The best Coaching training: proposals to become professional

The best Coaching training: proposals to become professional

October 16, 2021

It is increasingly common for more or less elaborate Coaching training programs to appear. This is in a certain way normal, because it is a discipline whose contents can be applied to a wide range of areas of life and of the professional field.

Negotiation, team management, efficient use of time and effort, communication skills and assertiveness ... These are processes that have a positive impact on all types of projects, and even on personal and professional relationships.

In this article we will review some examples of the best coaching training , and why it is important to consider this discipline.

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Why train in Coaching?

It has been a long time since the field of psychology has stopped focusing only on the negative aspects of human experience, the absence of something we need to live well (meaningful relationships, capacity to enjoy, etc.).

Little by little, the clinical specialty and the sanitary have ceased to be practically the only way of professionalization possible; There is a lot of life beyond the dedication to mental health understood in the traditional way. Now, we have knowledge and very interesting tools that help not to compensate problems, but to improve what is not pathological .

Coaching is part of that field of methodologies and pieces of theory that help to express potential, and that is why it is interesting to choose to be trained in it. Sometimes, relatively simple changes are able to make a change qualitatively better in any initiative or project, whether business, self-improvement, sports, etc.

Training in Coaching is an increasingly popular option , among other things, because the skills and tools used in this discipline have a wide variety of applications and uses.

For example, basic communication skills, especially focused on a way of expressing oneself that is intuitive and assertive, have uses practically in any area of ​​life; Something similar happens with the ability to negotiate and to recognize strengths and aspects to improve, although it is especially practical in the business world , as well as the ability to lead and manage work teams.

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A training program in Coaching to become professional

As we have said before, there is a variety of options that offer training in Coaching, and that is why it is important to have guarantees that these training programs are of quality. In this sense, it is important to know that there are accreditations that allow you to become professional after having gone through a guaranteed learning process. The Executive Coaching Certification Program of the European School of Coaching is one of the best examples of this. Through this option, you access the Executive Coach title , a certification belonging to the Accredited Coach Training Program category, by the International Coach Federation.

This is an ambitious program of training in Coaching developed by one of the most veteran schools of the discipline, with presence in countries like Spain, Chile, Argentina or Mexico. The EEC Program, which consists of two cycles, trains the participant in the skills necessary to generate confidence, commitment and to achieve extraordinary results.

It is a program indicated for two clear groups of professionals, on the one hand, who want to dedicate themselves to managing teams in the business world , as intermediate positions, company leaders, Human Resources professionals, etc; and on the other, professionals from any sector who want to start a new professional career as certified coaches. Under the slogan "leaders training leaders", several learning methodologies are applied which have much to do with dynamics for the 'learning by doing' so that each participant experiences the concepts of coaching in their own skin.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, you can find the contact information of the European Coaching School by clicking here.

The importance of group dynamics

Many times we take it for granted that human behavior is only explained by internal and individual psychological aspects, but this is not the case. The influence of groups and relational dynamics affect a lot , to the point where, given special conditions, people can behave in ways that we would say do not fit with their personality or with what we previously knew about their abilities.

The University Master in Personal and Group Coaching conducted by the University of Malaga is an example of a training program that takes into account this social dimension when designing its contents.

The coach and the leadership processes

Another way to squeeze the possibilities of Coaching is to apply specifically leadership. If things are done well, a leader is able to bring out the best in several people at once , so that the result has a positive effect on the collective. It is a qualitative change that is noticed in many people and also makes cooperation much more fluid and more meaningful.

The Maser in Coaching and Leadership of the University of Valencia sets its objectives just to train people who are then able to achieve this type of change is the teams belonging to their areas of interest.


One of the most positive aspects of Coaching is that its application is useful in many areas of life: in companies and organizations, in sports performance, in interpersonal relationships, etc. Therefore, training in this discipline can be very interesting to precipitate positive changes in a variety of contexts , depending on the needs of the people who will be helped. Detecting these problems and taking advantage of the potential to overcome them becomes a way to positively influence through processes in which the coach's job is to facilitate change.

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