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103 relaxation phrases to calm your mind

103 relaxation phrases to calm your mind

January 25, 2022

Sometimes we get lost in thoughts that generate some anxiety, without realizing that we are losing time, energy and health.

If your brain is a constant mental gibberish you feel that at any moment will explode, here we leave you 103 sentences so you can calm your mind and reach that peace that you so desire .

Famous quotes of relaxation to calm you down

They say that a lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth. We believe that not only the lies, but any phrase repeated a thousand times, is transformed into something real and tangible, with clear and precise results.

We believe that these phrases can help you to stop that mental chaos that you suffer, for that reason, the Psychology and Mind I want you to enjoy this collection of phrases that we have made especially for you.

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1. Where the water reaches its deepest depth, it remains more calm (William Shakespeare)

If you improve your introspective capacity, you will achieve peace.

2. Freedom consists of being able to do everything that does not harm another (Alfonso X "El Sabio")

Harming other people is a source of mental anguish and suffering. Cheer up to treat others well!

3. Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Smile and you will make this world a better place.

4. You will find the way in whispers of truth that you experience in your own daily life. And as you follow that path, you will find greater peace and joy throughout each day

Happiness is in the small everyday details.

5. The great events make me calm and calm; it's just trifles that irritate my nerves (Reina Victoria)

Learn to withstand the small obstacles of day to day and relax your mind.

6. When you are present, you can allow the mind to be as it is without getting entangled in it (Eckhart Tolle)

Concentration reveals our true self.

7. I practice keeping calm all the time, from situations that are tense (Martha Beck)

What better way to train than to expose yourself to what makes you nervous?

8. The persecution, even of the best things, must be calm and calm (Marco Tulio Cicero)

Only if we manage to calm our mind will you reach your goals.

9. Loneliness is the house of peace (Hodge)

By social imperative, sometimes, loneliness is frowned upon, but the truth is that a little loneliness is ideal to relax. Take a break!

10. How often do we speak only to fill the quiet space? How many times do we lose our breath talking nonsense? (Colleen Patrick-Goudreau)

Sometimes words are useless. Silence, can be your best ally.

11. Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but beating like the demon below (Michael Caine)

Mental relaxation is not synonymous with laziness or apathy. Being relaxed and staying active at the same time is not incompatible.

12. Anyone can hold the rudder when the sea is calm (Publilio Siro)

But the really difficult thing is to know how to manage a storm.

13. Those who fall ill of calmness do not know the storm (Dorothy Parker)

Sometimes, ignorance about what we should or should not do is what destabilizes us. Always prioritize the most urgent!

14. As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I am able to remain calm in the midst of adversity and danger (Steven Seagal)

We can only show ourselves really relaxed in situations of chaos and instability.

15. Shy men prefer the calm of despotism, to the tempestuous sea of ​​freedom (Thomas Jefferson)

While peace and stability are desirable concepts, we must guard against falling into conformism, because that conformism, paradoxically speaking, could bring us suffering in the future.

16. The world is too quiet without you near (Lemony Snicket)

You already know what they say; Out of sight...

17. Keep calm, serene, always in control of yourself. Next, discover how easy it is to get along (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Take good with yourself and you will get along well with others.

18. For me sometimes a sky of silence is more expressive than the roar of the sea (Munia Khan)

Who has not ever relaxed a serene sky?

19. There is nothing more terrible than deadly silence, with the sensation of a great noise around him (Jessie Douglas Kerruish)

Sometimes, silence can lead to tension and destabilization.

20. The miseries of all men derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room being alone (Blaise Pascal)

As social animals that we are, our mental relaxation depends on our understanding of each other.

21. Reduce your heart rate, keep calm. You have to shoot in the middle of your heartbeat (Chris Kyle)

If you see that you are excessively nervous, try breathing deeply or count to ten. I assure you it works.

22. You are calm under the waves in the blue of my forgetfulness (Fiona Apple)

The couple can also be a great source of personal stability.

23. A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, which is why it is very important for good health (Dalai Lama)

To enjoy good health it is important to relax the mind.

24. Medito, so I know how to find a quiet place to be calm and peaceful (Roseanne Barr)

The best hiding place to be quiet is our mind.

25. Sometimes he is the silent observer he sees the most (Kathryn L. Nelson)

Observing the world gives you a unique vision of reality, and that, inevitably, leads you to calm the mind.

26. Silence is a lie that screams in the light (Shannon L. Alder)

Indeed, sometimes silence can be overrated.

27. When adversity hits you, it's when you have to be the quietest. Take a step back, stay strong, stay connected to the earth and move on (LL Cool J)

To get out of trouble with a problem, one must remain calm, always.

28. The only order in the universe is only a cycle that goes from calm to chaos and vice versa (Toba Beta)

This relaxation phrase is especially important : we must understand that absolute mental relaxation does not exist, life is chaos and movement. Accepting it with serenity is therefore the best option.

29. A samurai must remain calm at all times, even in the face of danger (Chris Bradford)

Samurais; implacable warriors who did not fear anything. Be a 21st century samurai!

30. Because there is no better friend like a brother in calm or storm weather; To cheer up on the tedious road, to find you if you go astray, to get up if you wobble, to strengthen yourself while you are standing (Christina Rossetti)

Friends are a source of security, in all aspects. After all, I'm sure that once a friend has calmed down when you needed it most, right?

31. I am full of fears and do everything possible to avoid difficulties and any kind of complications. I like that everything around me is crystal clear and completely calm (Alfred Hitchcock)

Absolute calm, in its metaphysical sense, is what every human being craves almost instinctively.

32. What had been quiet and peaceful now was silent and empty (Frederick Barthelme)

A disturbing sound is not the same as a soothing sound. Learn to distinguish them!

33. I love taking a bath with beautiful and relaxing music, and not being in a hurry to do anything. It's a wonderful indulgence, and it helps me calm down and stop running my mind during overtime (Kylie Minogue)

Sometimes, small quirks can serve to relax mentally.

34. A calm man is like a tree that gives shade. People who need refuge approach him (Toba Beta)

With mental relaxation you not only help yourself but also others.

35. It's all quiet now. So quiet you can almost hear the dreams of other people (Gayle Forman)

Mental relaxation, indirectly, will give you greater insight when dealing with people.

36. When you're crazy, you learn to keep quiet (Philip K. Dick)

Sometimes, you only get to float when you've hit rock bottom. Do not underestimate suffering, it can be key in relaxation to calm your mind.

37. In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for the constructive use of solitude. We must overcome the fear of being alone (Rollo May)

One of the greatest dramas of our era is that of not knowing how to be alone.

38. Sweets are thoughts with pleasant content, the quiet mind is richer than a coron (Robert Greene)

Mental relaxation will not only help you to be physically healthier, but to develop creativity.

39. Give your husband any bad news when everything is calm, not when he opens the door (Indra Devi)

Sometimes, you have to know how to choose the context when explaining things.

40. There is no more calm than that engendered by reason (Seneca)

The reason as opposed to the emotions?

41. The happy man is one who, being king or peasant, finds peace in his home (Goethe)

The family unit is one of the bases of society. Treat your family well and you will achieve happiness.

42. More than one calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, however, neither rushes nor wavers all the way to the sea (Mikhail Lermontov)

The problems always end up happening. Sometimes, achieving peace is a matter of knowing how to let time pass.

43. I am a minimalist. I like to say the most with the minimum (Bob Newhart)

Minimalism has the amazing ability to calm our minds, but have you ever approved of applying it in human relationships?

44. That is the simple secret of happiness. Whatever you do, do not let the past get in the way, do not let the future bother you (Osho)

Do not let the past get in your way!

Four. Five.Calmness and confidence are as far from vanity as the desire to have a decent life is far from greed (Channing Pollock)

Get away from vices as a soul that leads to the devil, are a source of personal instability.

46. ​​Romance is stormy. Love is calm (Mason Cooley)

We must differentiate between possessive or childish love, and mature love that is a source of understanding and empathy.

47. Be patient. Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear. Remain motionless until the correct action arises by itself (Lao Tzu)

The best opportunities sometimes arise from patience.

48. Worried about a single leaf you will not see the tree (Vagabond)

Having a holistic view of reality will give you a perspective that will help calm your mind.

49. Only the development of compassion and understanding of others can bring us the tranquility and happiness that we all seek (Dalai Lama)

Our mind is not calm for a simple and mere question of selfishness? To give us more importance than we really have?

50. It is not wealth or splendor, but tranquility and occupation that gives you happiness (Thomas Jefferson)

Feeling useful to yourself and others is a source of inner peace.

51. Only from an inner calm, man was able to discover and form tranquil environments (Stephen Gardiner)

Despair can only leave chaos, but calm comes order.

52. The quieter a man becomes, the greater his success, his influences, his power. The tranquility of the mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom (James Allen)

Only by silencing your mind will you parade through the infinite path to wisdom.

53. It sustains me by the tranquility of a straight and loyal heart (Peter Stuyvesant)

There is no spiritual calm without morals.

54. Peace comes from within. Do not look for it outside (Siddhārtha Gautama)

Do not hold others responsible for what happens to you, you have the key to take charge of your life .

55. True joy is born of good conscience

And you're only more conscious when you keep your own thoughts at bay

56. Peace can not be maintained by force; can only be achieved by understanding (Albert Einstein)

When you understand yourself in all its essence, you understand others.

57. The perfect tranquility consists in the good order of the mind, in your own kingdom (Marco Aurelio)

This sentence of relaxation I think you can be especially useful. en Sort your thoughts and sort your feelings.

58. Silence is the true friend who never betrays (Confucius)

In a world with so much noise ... a little silence always comes in handy.

59. Remain calm, serene, always in control of yourself. You will find then how easy it is to get along (Paramahansa Yogananda)

The control of emotions is essential so you can relax.

60. Happiness is nature, beauty and tranquility (Debasish Mridha)

Try to take a trip to relieve stress!

61 Old age leads to an indifferent tranquility that ensures inner and outer peace (Anatole France)

We should listen more to our elders, because only old age brings wisdom.

62. Wisdom comes from reflection (Deborah Day)

Reflect on things, and you will find the way to wisdom.

63. Peace is always beautiful (Walt Whitman)

When you find spiritual peace, you will see something very beautiful in it. A phrase of the great Walt Whitman.

64. The movement is calm (Stirling Moss)

Movement is life! A good method that you can apply to calm your mind is to play sports. Simple, is not it?

65. Happiness is a state of consciousness that comes from tranquility, service, love and forgiveness (Debasish Mridha)

Happiness is not a state of euphoria where everything is pink, nor will it ever be the best party of your life . Happiness, however, involves knowing how to keep the mind calm.

66. The true spiritual progress of the aspirant is measured by the degree to which inner tranquility is achieved (Swami Sivananda)

Keep inner calm and you will progress in your life.

67. We prefer self-government in danger than servitude in tranquility (Kwame Nkrumah)

Sometimes, tranquility is a treacherous phenomenon. Learn to distinguish good tranquility from bad.

68. The best man to listen to is the silent one (Japanese proverb)

Silent people, sometimes, bring us a lot of relaxation. Surround yourself with quiet people!

69. True silence is the rest of the mind; it is for the spirit what sleep is for the body, nutrition and refreshment (William Penn)

The constant mental dialogues, what colloquially comes to be called "scratching", is completely counterproductive to calm the mind.

70. Those who are free from resentment will find sure peace (Buddha)

Resentment and revenge are a cancer for the soul. With such a weight you can not be happy. Free yourself from all harmful emotion, for yourself and yours.

71. After the storm comes the calm (Matthew Henry)

Everything will end up happening, do not lose hope!

72. The most obvious sign that the truth has been found is inner peace (Amado Nervo)

Reach peace, and you will reach the truth.

73. Silence is the source of strength (Lao Tzu)

What does not kill you makes you stronger, and of course, I do not think silence will kill you.

74. Fame and tranquility can never be bed partners (Michel de Montaigne)

If you pretend to have a quiet life and want to be famous, or assume that you will have a stressful life or better dedicate yourself to something else.

75. Our greatest gift is the thunder of Silence (Joel Goldsmith)

Silence, for better or for worse, is devastating most of the time.

76. Silence is medication for pain (Arabic Proverb)

Who has not wanted to be alone when one feels hurt?

77. In hard trances and the same in the bonanza, always be in a calm mood (Napoleon)

Pay attention to Napoleon Bonaparte , its mettle served to conquer almost all of Europe.

78. Silence is a fence around wisdom (German Proverb)

Different phrases of this post may seem contradictory if you take them out of context, but much less so because they complement each other around the same topic; Learn to discern between the silence that brings you closer to personal relaxation and the one that takes you away. Nothing in this life is absolute.

79. All that God wants from man is a peaceful heart (Meister Eckhart)

If we all relaxed a little, that would inevitably lead to the next logical result: peace on Earth.

80. There is no path to peace, there is only peace (Gandhi)

Peace should be the primary objective of every individual.

81. Silence is more musical than any song (Christina Rossetti)

Silence can be honey for our ears.

82. Stress comes from the way you relate to events or situations (Chris Prentiss)

Learn to have a distant vision with everything that causes you anguish.

83. Absolute calm is not the law of the ocean. The same happens in the ocean of life (Paulo Coelho)

In life we ​​will find many problems, but it does not have to overcome! An inspiring phrase by Paulo Coelho.

84. Stress is an ignorant state. With the belief that everything is an emergency. Nothing is so important (Natalie Goldberg)

Learn to give things the importance they really deserve.

85. Dolphins that jump a lot, wind bring and calm frighten.

It seems also applicable to people, or not?

86. Sometimes patience is more fruitful than the deepest calculations (Anonymous)

They say that patience is the mother of science. To have patience it is indispensable that you calm your mind, everything else will come by itself.

87. Remember that the more nervous people are, the more profitable it is to feel calm (Anonymous)

When everything falls apart, temperance of the heart becomes necessary.

88. I discovered that those who rarely dwell on their emotions, know better than anyone what an emotion is (John Cage)

There is no glory without suffering, indeed.

89. We must always act calmly and calmly (San Francisco de Sales)

If you do things quickly, not only will you get more out but you have generated a future source of stress and anxiety.

90. If you worry about what it might be, and you wonder what it might have been, you will ignore what it is (Anonymous)

Do not forget to focus on the here, and the now!

91. Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to see beyond the imperfections (Anonymous)

Learn to value what you have, and to love those around you.

92. Virtue is in being calm and strong; with the inner fire everything is scorched (Rubén Darío)

We can not be slaves to our passions, as rational beings we have the capacity to control them.

93. All the total harmony of this world is formed by unconformities (Seneca)

Accepting is maximum will save you a lot of suffering. Things are the way they are.

94. Everything goes well with people of sweet and cheerful character (Voltaire)

To relax the mind, always maintain a positive attitude.

95. Everything we are is the result of what we have thought; is based on our thoughts and is made of our thoughts (Buddha)

That is why it is advisable to banish all negative thoughts from the mind.

96. Everything happens; only serenity remains (Lao Tzu)

Nothing is eternal, but stability can only generate more stability, and this is lasting.

97. Every day God gives us a moment when it is possible to change everything that makes us unhappy. The magic moment is the moment when a yes or a can not change our entire existence (Paulo Coelho)

Do not waste the opportunity to improve your life!

98. Guilt, repentance, resentment, sadness and any form contrary to forgiveness, is caused by an excess of past and a lack of present (Eckhart Tolle)

The past, the past is. How important is it?

99. If we are not at peace with ourselves, we can not guide others in the search for their own peace (Confucius)

Like a blind man can not guide a blind man.

100. If we do not have peace inside of us, it is useless to look for it outside (François de la Rochefoucauld)

Seek inner peace not only for you, but for others.

101If you have the habit of taking things joyfully, you will rarely find yourself in difficult circumstances (Robert Baden-Powell)

Sometimes, a self-deception is made, by auto-suggestion, in reality. Although at first you can not believe it, try to smile, the results will come alone.

102. Looking for happiness is one of the main sources of unhappiness (Eric Hoffer)

Absolute happiness does not exist. Do not look for it, it will come by itself .

103. Have a good conscience and you will always have joy. If there is any joy in the world, surely the pure-hearted man has it (Anonymous)

A cheerful attitude will help us find that mental relaxation we so badly need.

1 Hour Meditation Music: Connect Body, Mind, Soul, Find Inner Peace, ☯103 (January 2022).

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