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13 infusions that will help you sleep better

13 infusions that will help you sleep better

January 25, 2022

When the time to sleep approaches, it is an ideal time to prepare a relaxing infusion to prepare us to go to sleep and put us in "off mode". There is a wide variety of plants that relax us and help us fall asleep.

These plants, taken as an infusion, can have a great flavor if we also add honey or lemon.

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Infusions to sleep better

But, What infusions help us sleep more peacefully? What are the most effective infusions to sleep well? You can find the answer to these questions in the following lines.

1. Valeriana

Valerian is an infusion and a supplement that is used to reduce anxiety , but also sleep aid. It acts as a mild sedative, thanks to its phytochemicals that affect the brain and produce relaxation. According to scientific research, this drink reduces the amount of time the person takes to fall asleep, and promotes restful sleep.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is a perfect infusion for when you get stressed after a long day at work . A cup of this hot drink with a little honey is one of the pleasures of life. Not only is it positive to relax and sleep better, but it also improves general health, as it has many beneficial properties, for example, it helps reduce inflammation or cholesterol.

3. Melissa

Lemon balm, also known as melissa grass, is a very potent infusion for people who have difficulty sleeping . In fact, it is a very healthy drink that, in addition to improving sleep, helps reduce stress, indigestion, anxiety and can help to cure cold sores more quickly. If it is combined with other infusions such as chamomile and valerian, it can improve its sleep-inducing properties.

4. Banana tea

A tea that surely many of you will not know but that is really effective for insomnia is the banana tea . It is a wonderful remedy for those who have trouble falling asleep. By drinking this tea, the blood vessels and muscles relax, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

5. Lavender

The medicinal properties of lavender are fantastic . A single cup can help soothe the body and mind and help you fall asleep. It can also be used to relieve the effects of bronchitis, asthma and colds, because it reduces cough and helps with other respiratory problems. It works very well for children and adults, and is beneficial to reduce fever and heal wounds, cuts and sores.

6. Turmeric tea

Turmeric tea or turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties more anti-cancer It is anti-viral, has antibiotic agents and, in addition, helps to get to sleep. When mixed with ginger, honey and lemon, the lemons will have a healthy infusion that you can use as a sleep aid and as a beneficial health drink ... Why honey and lemons? Well, honey is a sleep remedy and lemons are great for detoxification.

7. Ashwagandha tea

This Indian infusion has been taking for centuries in India, because it clears the mind and treats hypertension , severe stress and fatigue. In addition, its relaxing properties help you sleep better.

8. La Hierba Luisa

This infusion is perfect to calm the nerves due to its tranquilizing effect . It clears the mind and helps to go more relaxed to bed. However, it is not indicated for women who are pregnant.

9. Passion

An infusion that is ideal to treat insomnia, because it works as a natural relaxing , with sedative and analgesic properties. It is also useful in cases in which the person suffers from a migraine or tachycardia.

10. Tila

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular infusions and socorridas to calm the nerves . It is an oriental drink that, despite being less powerful than valerian, helps to sleep peacefully and calms down. It is sold in any supermarket and has a great flavor if mixed with honey.

11. Hops

Another infusion that helps to conciliate the dream but that, perhaps is more unknown is the infusion of hops . This plant is found in several regions of Europe and has a bitter taste. It has an effect on the nervous system that helps to sleep better, to treat nervousness, anxiety, stress and indigestion. It also acts as a muscle relaxant.

12. Poppy

The poppy is a beautiful flower that also, consumed as an infusion, has beneficial effects to improve sleep . The readin found in its leaves and on the stem helps fight insomnia, respiratory conditions, colds and sore throat.

13. Romero

Rosemary has a strong smell and a characteristic aroma, which can be used in gastronomy because it combines well with thyme, bay, garlic or wine, and is a good substitute for salt. Further, Rosemary promotes muscle relaxation and helps you sleep better .

Tips to sleep better

If you want to sleep better these infusions can help you . However, insomnia has a lot to do with the lifestyle you have and, therefore, if you have difficulty sleeping, you better take action. In severe cases it is necessary to go to a specialist to receive the appropriate treatment.

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