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25 great fun phrases (to enjoy every moment)

25 great fun phrases (to enjoy every moment)

April 6, 2024

What would we do without special moments of fun in our lives? Fun and leisure are not only desirable, but necessary for our existence to have incentives.

When we have fun and laugh we de-stress and help our brain live in the here and now. This is one of the keys of the Mindfulness philosophy: not to think about yesterday or tomorrow, but about the present; Live it with maximum intensity.

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Famous quotes about fun

In today's article we are going to review the best fun phrases so you can share them with your friends and family. Are you ready to have fun with us?

1. It's not enough for you to improvise, the baby shame, it's part of the fun. (Gustavo Cerati)

The Argentine musician in a brutal sentence to get a smile.

2. Tell me how you have fun and I will tell you who you are. (José Ortega y Gasset)

Gracious assertion of the Spanish philosopher and essayist.

3. I did not answer but I thought that fun stops being fun when it becomes mandatory. (David Trueba)

By definition, fun must be born of oneself.

4. Oh, fun, fun! What else does it bring to people? (Oscar Wilde)

If there is something that congregates masses, it is the need to have a pleasant time.

5. My philosophy is: if you can not have fun, there is no sense in doing it. (Paul Walker)

Whatever you do, enjoy it genuinely.

6. We sell fun. (Stephen King)

The genius of terror, in spite of everything, craves to have a fun time.

7. Sometimes you lose a battle. But pranks always win the war. (John Green)

Living with a positive mindset can never go wrong.

8. Passion and fun are the most powerful forces when it comes to getting things. (Rafael Santandreu)

The motivation is overflowing when these two variables come together.

9. The day is for work, he said. The day is male. The night for fun. The night is female. Do not mix one thing with the other! (Nikos Kazantzakis)

Ironic reflection of the Greek writer.

10. Fun can be the dessert of our lives, but never your main money. (Harold Kushner)

If it becomes routine, it loses all its appeal.

11. This Mass is not a fun that is offered to the faithful; Its purpose is to increase the intensity of its prayers. (Erik Satie)

Reflection of the French writer.

12. Mental fun is fundamental. (Dustin Hoffman)

The American actor has clear priorities.

13. He who knows the art of living with himself ignores boredom. (Erasmus of Rotterdam)

People with varied interests are unaware of boredom.

14. With fears and shame, almost all unexpected and funny things, opportunities and unsuspected encounters escape through the drain. (Elsa Punset)

Great fun phrase of the Spanish discloser.

15. Sex is the most fun I've done without smiling. (Woody Allen)

Creative and funny phrase from one of the film magicians.

16. I'm just a guy who goes out on the streets with friends on Friday night, rides a fight when it's overcharged and occasionally touches his Harley Davidson; the normal. (George Clooney)

A sample of humility of one of the greatest male icons of our time.

17. Half of the world is unable to understand the diversions of the other half. (Jane Austen)

It is the cultural differences that impede it.

18. Follow your dreams. Just make sure you have fun. (Chris Brown)

The R & B singer has achieved great goals with this philosophy of such a positive life.

19. But if to have fun you need the permission of others, then you are truly a poor devil. (Hermann Hesse)

Brief reflection of the German philosopher, author of The steppe wolf.

20. Sometimes I think it borders on the criminal to do this work and realize that I get paid for it, because, although it is hard, it is also very fun. (Johnny Depp)

On the role of actor, very well paid in the case of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean.

21. Art, when it is good, is always entertainment. (Bertolt Brecht)

Great reflection on art, which goes hand in hand with fun.

22. I practice joy and it is not a whim, one day I discovered that the more you spend the more you have left. (Nach)

Fun phrase of the rapper from Alicante.

23. If the goal is to have fun, life is not the party I was expecting and that is not why I am going to get depressed. (Nach)

Although life is not a pleasant way, it is essential to become strong and find fun in small things.

24. Bread and parties keep the town quiet. (Lorenzo De Medici)

A negative and anesthetizing view of empty fun.

25Most of the amusements to which men, children and other animals give themselves are imitations of the struggle. (Jonathan Swift)

In fact, almost all sports are controlled forms of struggle.

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