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60 best Christmas Eve phrases to celebrate the holidays

60 best Christmas Eve phrases to celebrate the holidays

May 2, 2024

Christmas is a very special time of year and it is a perfect time to enjoy with family and for those dinners that, despite repeating them every year, are unforgettable.

Christmas is not only for the little ones, adults also enjoy these important dates.

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Best Christmas Eve phrases

Christmas Eve is one of the most memorable moments of these holidays . Since we usually send many congratulatory messages, here are some ideas to congratulate your loved ones.

1. When Christmas Eve summons us, no one is excluded, from the smallest to the largest. Long live Christmas

Christmas is a moment of joy that only happens once a year and you have to enjoy it.

2. Even if other things are lost over the years, let's keep Christmas bright. Let's go back to our childhood faith

To remember the good times of childhood with the people who love us.

3. Prepare to be very happy because this Christmas Eve the child god will visit your home and make everyone happy to celebrate his arrival in this world

Christmas parties are a tradition that have lasted many centuries.

4. This is the Christmas message: We are never alone

Christmas is to spend with our loved ones. Those who love us

5. Hopefully we could put the Christmas spirit in jugs and open a jar every month of the year

A curious phrase on Christmas Eve that reminds us that it is a special time.

6. There is nothing sadder in this world than waking up on Christmas morning and not being a child

Children are, without a doubt, the main protagonists of Christmas.

7. Christmas Eve is painted the color of your deepest emotions

A beautiful phrase about how Christmas Eve brings out the deepest feelings.

8. I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year

The spirit of Christmas should be kept alive throughout the year.

9. Christmas is not a moment or a season, but a state of mind. To value peace and generosity and to have mercy is to understand the true meaning of Christmas

We must value this time of year because it is a time when you breathe a lot of love.

10. Families gather to share and everyone is happy being together, that is the best gift we can all have on this Christmas Eve

Families meet again in this special moment.

11. Somehow, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year the joy of giving to others is a joy that comes back

The joy of Christmas should be present all year. Not only on these dates.

12. Christmas is not an event, but a part of your home that you always carry in your heart

Christmas rejuvenates the spirit and makes us live special moments.

13. There is no ideal Christmas, only the Christmas that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, desires, loves and traditions

We are the ones who make Christmas a unique moment in our lives.

14. Blessed is the date that unites the whole world in a conspiracy of greater love merge in a big hug

Christmas Eve is a time for reunion and to celebrate with a lot of love with our loved ones.

15. I ask that this Christmas magic is always present in their hearts and that it also stays the other months of the year with the same force. Merry Christmas for everyone!

A Christmas Eve greeting to remember that this spirit should last all year.

16. Because nothing in this world gives us more happiness than being with the people who make our lives special, happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is special because you spend it with your loved ones.

17. Let our hearts be filled with happiness this Christmas Eve and we will feel how wonderful and special this date is

We must open our souls on this emblematic day.

18. This Christmas Eve the child god will be born and will fill our spirit of peace, love and happiness

Christmas Eve is a great night, we can have fun and celebrate with people who love us.

19. That this Christmas Eve live with faith and joy, bring a moment of peace and love to all your family going with them this date full of peace and love, Merry Christmas

A reminder about the need to spend Christmas as a family.

20. At Christmas all roads come home

This quote reminds us that families gather for Christmas Eve.

21. Have a happy Christmas Eve, through this message I send you all my love, share it with those you want more in life

A Christmas greeting to send on Christmas Eve.

22. Sometimes we need a small spark of magic to recreate our existence, Christmas Eve is that spark

Christmas Eve can make us feel young again.

2. 3.Although the time passes in a hurry, Christmas Eve leaves us eternal moments

On Christmas Eve, unique things happen. Moments to remember.

24. Because the most beautiful thing on this date is seeing the smiles of the people when they are together, Merry Christmas Eve!

There is nothing more beautiful than the families gathered on Christmas Eve. You breathe love.

25. May the star of Bethlehem illuminate you on this Christmas Eve and may each day of the New Year the blessing of the Lord keep you and your relatives

Christmas Eve is a tradition that is not forgotten over the years.

26. The best Christmas Eve is the one in which you are surrounded by the people you love

It would not be the same on Christmas Eve without your loved ones.

27. Christmas is the time of year when we run out of money before friends

An ironic phrase about Christmas and Christmas Eve.

28. I wish that on this Christmas Eve you spend with your family and do not forget to keep in mind those who are not there and love you, Merry Christmas

Even if you can not spend this evening with all your loved ones, they also love you.

29. There is nothing that completes my spirit more than wanting a noble person like you to spend a happy Christmas, dear friend have a happy good night

A dedication for those with a big heart.

30. What fascinates me about Christmas is that at least for today most of the people are at peace and we are like family, my frank wish is to have a happy good night

Christmas Eve brings good food and joy. Also peace and love.

31. In my soul there is peace, peace is white like Christmas, and beautiful as when a child smiles, I have a lot of affection for you my friend and I wish you happy good night

A nice quote about Christmas Eve that represents what this holiday is.

32. When I spend Christmas with my family I have a good time and I improve it when I share my good Christmas wishes of happiness with my friends, happy Christmas Eve

A phrase that perfectly exemplifies what Christmas is.

33. My wish for you is that you have a happy Christmas Eve, today my request to the child Jesus will be that I fill everyone with love to achieve total happiness

Once a year, Christmas Eve is celebrated with lots of love.

34. From the moment that God allows us to spend a beautiful Christmas in family together we should feel grateful to him. I wish that all the people of the world can share the Christmas dinner with all their loved ones. Have a happy Christmas

A general congratulation for everyone. To wish a happy Christmas Eve.

35. I want you and your family members to be very happy on this Christmas Eve and that when the baby Jesus is born on earth, it will reach their hearts

Christmas Eve is a very special and much awaited celebration.

36. Even if you are far away, dear son, because you went in search of your goals, I wanted to remind you that on this date, as in all the months of the year, you are always very present in our thoughts and in our hearts. Have a Merry Christmas my son. We'll call you later. We love you so much. Your parents

A Christmas card, ideal to congratulate the children who can not be at home on Christmas Eve.

37. Do not forget to remember this Christmas Eve all those of you who love you so much, even though destiny has them today, separated by a distance of thousands of miles

You have to value the love of yours not only tonight, but all the other nights of the year.

37. I think this is the best night of all because around me I only see happy people with good feelings for all those who are with them, happy good night

People behave differently on Christmas Eve. Everyone is happy.

38. Authentic happiness is to live the wonderful moments with the most beloved people, happy Christmas Eve

The beauty of this special night is to spend it with the people who love you.

39. Christmas is a beautiful opportunity to return to feel children, living these dates as it should, with a great Christmas spirit capable of giving and receiving much love from others. Therefore, be happy and happy this Christmas and always. I wish you with all my heart that you have a happy Christmas Eve

A special congratulation for this special night.

40. My only wish this Christmas is that in the place where you are and with whom you are by your side, have a happy good night

To wish Christmas Eve to someone you have not seen in a long time.

41. Have a beautiful Christmas surrounded by lots of peace, love and union in their homes

On December 24 and 25, love must be breathed in the bosom of the family.

42. I would love for Christmas to be celebrated all year long in order to see a beautiful smile drawn on the faces of all the children. Congratulations on this Christmas dear friends

Children are the essence of Christmas. It is they who really enjoy it.

43. Remember that we always keep you in mind because you are a super important part of our life. Merry Christmas dear nephew. We love you

A Christmas dedication, especially for nephews.

44. The joy that I can see in the streets on Christmas night intoxicates my heart with great emotion. I can feel how beautiful life is when we all love and respect each other. Merry Christmas

The love and respect in these parties that do not miss.

Four. Five.One of the things I like the most about Christmas Eve is that people forget the resentment they may be feeling and forgive the people who damaged them at some point. Have a nice Christmas friends of mine

The unpleasant past can be left behind with an appointment as important as this.

46. ​​For all the people present and absent I want to send you a warm hug this Christmas and that all your wishes come true. I wish you some happy Christmas

A Christmas Eve greeting for those who have been able to attend and those who did not attend this special meeting.

47. Christmas Eve is the ideal time to forget the pains and give way to many moments of joy. Receiving the child God with a pure heart is the most beautiful thing we can live. Merry Christmas dear family

The sadness must be left behind in these dates of love.

48. Christmas is a beautiful opportunity to completely renew our soul and our heart, since we must enlist to receive with a pure, clean and sincere heart the Little Child

At Christmas, love must be present in every corner of our soul.

49. Remember that the most important Christmas is not the gift we can receive if it is not the arrival of the child God bringing peace and joy to our hearts. Have a nice Christmas friends

On this date, the Christian tradition remembers the date of the birth of the Child Jesus.

50. Christmas Eve has the magic of softening even the hardest heart; to change the sorrows for joys and many other things. I want to wish each of you a happy family Christmas

Love and affection are manifested in every corner of the home on Christmas Eve.

51. Christmas for me fills me with emotion because my whole family gathers to receive the baby Jesus. With all my heart I send you my most sincere wishes this Christmas

After Christmas Eve, children receive presents and gifts.

52. Every year on Christmas night I have the same desire that stop the evil in the world, that all children have a home, that poverty ends and that people are more supportive of those who need it. Happy Christmas for you

It would be nice if there were peace in the world. Especially on Christmas Eve.

53. The joy that Christmas Eve brings to all homes is undoubtedly the best moment for every human being

These special celebrations are unforgettable moments and remain for the memory forever.

54. When Christmas arrives, the memory of when I was a child comes to mind and next to all my friends we had unforgettable moments. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas

It is in childhood when you most enjoy Christmas.

55. I will never forget those days in which my main concern was to play late in the company of my friends. To all of you I want to wish you happy Christmas holidays

The youngest of the house spend hours playing with toys on these dates.

56. The magic of Christmas is that of people like you, who make time fly by

It is not Christmas itself that is truly memorable. It's who you pass with.

57. Christmas Eve is lived as a family, it is sung together and celebrated with everyone

A beautiful phrase that is about Christmas Eve.

58. Get ready to enjoy Christmas Eve with your loved ones. And enjoy the moment because having a family that loves you is the most special thing

There are no more special nights than Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

59. Happy Christmas Eve and I hope you enjoy it with the people who really love you

A Christmas and Christmas Eve greeting for the loved ones.

60. Even if we are not around, you know that I love you. Merry Christmas!

For those people who have not been able to see this Christmas, but who have you in their hearts.

Christmas Cheers 4K - Holidays 2017 (May 2024).

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