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7 tips to overcome divorce

7 tips to overcome divorce

May 24, 2022

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences that a family can suffer, because not only the marriage ends, but also the dreams and hopes deposited in that relationship and the unity of the family environment.

That's why divorce it's a complex grieving process , which can sometimes be complicated by legal disputes and the battle for the custody of children or material goods.

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How to overcome divorce

If you are experiencing this situation in your own flesh, in the following lines you can find a series of tips that will help you to live this stage of your life in a more adaptive way and with a lesser impact on your self-esteem.

1. Accept divorce

Overcoming a divorce is not easy , because the time has come to leave behind all that we have lived, there are many memories that hit our mind again and again. Accepting that the situation has come to an end is not simple, but it is necessary.

Recognize that you are going through a period of mourning and accept it as the first step to be able to look to the future with optimism, as it is common to deny this new reality as a form of protection. The impact of the rupture is so great that it costs to assimilate it .

That's why you should be honest with what you really feel. Accepting divorce includes living the grieving process without fleeing from it. Understanding that pain is normal at this stage of your life will help you reduce it. Do not run away from your emotions and what you feel, because over time it is possible to recover normalcy.

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2. Do not isolate yourself

Feeling bad is not bad, and crying is very helpful in relieving pain. The same happens when we share our thoughts with others, and that is why it is good to express feelings as a form of catharsis.

Having contact with nearby people It can help you overcome this difficult stage of your life, while isolating yourself and seeking solitude can make the situation worse. In these difficult times, surround yourself with who loves you.

3. Take advantage of the divorce to grow

Do not waste the pain of this delicate situation, but use it to motivate you to grow, pursue new goals and enjoy new activities. Take this opportunity to focus on you, because now you will have more time for it.

The fact of feeling bad can allow you to empower yourself in front of life if you know how to channel the pain and accept your negative emotions . This can lead you to live new situations if you are able to take the initiative. Many times, even the most adverse situations can be exploited.

4. Participate in pleasurable activities

Happiness is not static but dynamic, and it is we who have to go for it with our habits, our actions and our positive attitude. Scientific studies suggest that Pleasurable activities such as practicing physical exercise reduce discomfort and improve our emotional balance, because they help us to release neurochemicals related to happiness and pleasure, such as endorphins or serotonin, among others.

Scientific research also suggests that going out and exposing ourselves to the sun (always in a healthy way) increases the production of vitamin D in our body, which is essential for the functioning of the immune system and promotes the production of endorphins, hormones related to pleasure.

5. Participate in an Emotional Intelligence workshop

Emotionally intelligent people enjoy greater well-being and happiness, according to studies. Luckily, emotional intelligence is something that can be worked on and acquired. The key components of this practice are: Emotional self-knowledge, emotional self-regulation, self-motivation , recognition of the emotions of others and social skills.

There are many workshops that train their participants so that they can become emotionally intelligent people. In the article "The 6 best courses of Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development" you can find the best selection of these workshops.

6. Do not get obsessed with finding a new partner

Separating yourself from the couple you have lived with so many moments and being completely happy again can take time, and although sometimes it seems that the best way to not feel alone is to be with someone, this is not the case.

Recovering emotional and psychological well-being requires a process of assimilation and acceptance that we must not avoid, because it will allow us to empower ourselves in the face of change and adapt better to this new context. Finding happiness again It is in us and not in others.

7. Go to psychological therapy

Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome divorce, especially in cases where there are legal disputes or there are children involved.In these situations, the help of a professional psychologist is crucial to recover the emotional balance again.

The divorce can be a highly stressful experience , and the experts talk about a "post-divorce trauma" due to the sharpness and high intensity of the emotional reactions that the person experiences after the separation.

Feelings of being hurt, humiliated, psychologically abused or betrayed can lead divorced people to states of anger, states of depression, anxiety , lack of impulse control, as well as multiple emotional and behavioral difficulties, such as the uncontrolled consumption of drugs or other drugs such as alcohol.

Likewise, divorce entails the loss of multiple roles in a person's life, which may require the acquisition of self-knowledge and social / relational skills to face this new life challenge.

Mensalus Institute: experts in divorce therapy

In this context, psychological assistance may be necessary in order to face this arduous challenge, manage the crisis effectively, stabilize emotionally and accept the reality that separation entails.

If you identify yourself with the above lines, the Mensalus Institute of Barcelona, ​​one of the most prestigious psychology centers in Spain, can offer you solutions and help you in the difficulties you are experiencing at this moment.

This clinic has more than 30 years of experience in psychotherapeutic practice, and in addition to offering face-to-face psychotherapy, it also provides online therapy services. Mensalus is formed by a team of psychologists highly specialized in divorce therapy , so the therapeutic sessions with your professionals can provide you with positive resources to face this process of change and provide you with the necessary tools to face this stage of your life with great strength and security.

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