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7 types of profile picture and the feeling you cause to your possible matches, according to Badoo

7 types of profile picture and the feeling you cause to your possible matches, according to Badoo

September 14, 2023

Flirting online is in fashion. And it is not for less, since the hustle and bustle of day to day, work and family commitments and other circumstances can leave us a bit isolated when it comes to finding people that attract us and with which we can maintain a more or less stable relationship .

Luckily, Badoo (the world's largest dating app with more than 368 million users worldwide) has studied how we relate to each other and how the internet can be a favorable medium for passion and feelings to flow. It is not just about making a link between people who want to know other people, but about evaluate their profiles, their interests and their preferences in order to establish the best harmony between the users that really fit .

The photos on social networks and what we transmit with them

One of the most interesting factors that Badoo developers have analyzed is the relationship between the type of profile picture that each user shows and the perception and expectations generated by that image in other users, potentially interested in knowing more about it.

In this regard, they have equipped themselves with a team of sociologists and psychologists who, analyzing the hot points in the sessions of the users, have allowed them to know more in depth what reaction users have through our corporal or gestural attitude that we show in the profile image.

So, we have allowed ourselves to do a brief compilation of the 7 most common profile photo types and what is the reaction of the other users .

1. Smile and happiness

Of the most common. People who have a profile picture with a big smile from ear to ear transmit joy, vitality and transparency . However, different studies qualify this question. While men perceive women who laugh often as more attractive, the reverse does not happen in the same way. Apparently, women feel a more genuine attraction towards men with profile photos in which they are more serious and mysterious, according to different studies. In the case of homosexual people, there is still not enough data to know if the trend is reproducing.

Like everything else in this life, it is necessary to add a nuance: be male or female, if your smile is one of those that conquer anyone, you will do well to show this happy and optimistic facet.

2. Artistic photo (in which your face is not fully appreciated)

Beware of artistic photos, because they tend to have little hook . If in your profile picture you abuse the gradient, the blur or you are in a pose in which your face is not well appreciated, you will usually generate distrust. Users who see you will ask themselves: "Why do not you want to show your face? Maybe you are a difficult person and not accessible, with hidden intentions?".

An overly artistic photo, however, can attract the attention of people with special taste for aesthetics and art, of course. But for ordinary mortals, you will not generate enough empathy or transparency to decide to communicate with you.

3. Show the body (sexy photo)

It's not usually a good idea if you're looking for a fairly serious relationship . However, if your goal is to have sporadic relationships and you really feel comfortable teaching a little, it may be a good idea. Be that as it may, keep in mind that this first impression that other users have about you can lead them towards a more direct and superficial type of communication, in which it will be somewhat more complicated to simmer feelings.

4. Challenging attitude

According to the experts of Badoo, it is not usually a good option. If you show an elusive or pretentious mood, you will generate strange sensations in the other person, so it is likely that he will not be able to connect with you or know you more. Further, you can generate a slightly "creepy" image, that is, you can scare the staff and they can identify you with conflicting personality traits and that generate little confidence.

Think about it: do you want to meet someone who shows you their positive and optimistic version or a dark and unreliable version?

5. Funny picture

Be careful with too funny photos . That is to say, it is probable that you can generate a smile on the other side of the screen, but they can also make you look superficial and take life lightly, which can give you an image of a person who is not very fond of commitment and Serious relationships.

Avoid putting morritos or strange faces in your profile picture! Appearing immature or frivolous does not generate attraction, usually.

6. Pensive and melancholic

Another type of profile picture that should be avoided or, at least, know its possible negative effects on the other side of the screen . Giving a melancholic appearance can make you subtract points, since we generally want to surround ourselves with vital people who know how to see the positive side of life.

It's just a profile picture, you'll think. And you are right! But users who are potentially interested in you are going to make a quick decision about whether you transmit good or bad vibes, and being thoughtful or overly serious or downcast is not going to help you.

7. Sportsman

It's not a bad idea at all! If you enjoy doing a particular sport, you can show the world with that great picture by practicing tennis, basketball, gymnastics ... Now, you always have to have certain precautions. Keep in mind that you must show your face clearly, that is, do not prioritize a photograph in which it is not clear who you are . Also, do not choose a photograph in which you will be too absorbed by the activity (if you are a kid, show no muscles or anything like that, or you will seem too narcissistic). Choose that image in which you are seen having fun and in form, having fun, joyful and vital.

So, which profile picture is more suitable?

As we see in these conclusions drawn from different studies conducted by Badoo, our profile image speaks a lot about how we are and what we want to convey to people potentially interested in knowing us. Therefore, it is wise to choose with caution and good taste that first photograph that others will see and from which they will generate some notions about how we are or what they can expect from us.

Life is not summarized in a single photograph, of course . Do not take anything too much of the above described seriously. Choose how to show yourself to the world by being true to how you are, but also taking into account these tricks provided by studies in social networks of flirting with which you can get more and better connection with that special person who is, at some point on the map, interested in meeting you

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