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Positive stress or 'eustress': how to take advantage of and take out the positive part of stress

Positive stress or 'eustress': how to take advantage of and take out the positive part of stress

April 22, 2024

We know with the name of stress that feeling of tension or threat, caused by various factors that demand a greater demand than we think we can face. These factors, known as stressors, they cover different events of our daily life. We can feel stress either by changes in life, pressures, tensions, news, frustrations, conflicts, among many other causes.

In fact, stress is not necessarily caused by negative factors. A positive change in our lives, as it can be a wedding , it can generate stress.

Stress: can it be of benefit to us?

When we feel stress, we present a series of physical symptoms. We can have headaches, chest discomfort, frequent fatigue, stomach disorders and insomnia and nightmares.

We can also present psychological symptoms , such as nervous tics, irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, phobias and feeling of failure. To these psychic symptoms are added, in severe cases, hair loss, depression, acne, irregular menstruation, among others. The effects of stress could get sick due to its high degree of somatization, as it could trigger conditions such as asthma, ulcers, colitis or other gastrointestinal conditions.

Managing stress: some basic tips

It is for this reason it is important follow the recommendations to manage stress , some of which include the following:

  • Relaxation
  • Physical exercise
  • Better time management
  • Rest between tasks
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily
  • Practice hobbies
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Listen to music
  • Set priorities
  • Have a positive mental attitude

Certainly, coping with stress can be a difficult task. However, we must take into account the benefits that an adequate stress management can provide us. Further, stress It is not always negative . Occasionally, stress can be very helpful to us. Everything depends on the way we face it. If we do not face it in the right way, we can suffer negative consequences, such as the symptoms and disorders described above. On the other hand, if we handle it properly and have a positive attitude, we can turn it into positive stress.

What is 'positive stress' or 'eustress'?

Positive stress, or eustress , it is that stress that stimulates us to face the problems. It allows us to be creative, take initiative and respond efficiently to those situations that require it.

The conversion to positive stress allows us to be full of energy, thus favoring our daily activities. Exceptionally benefits our health since, by channeling stress, we do not feel the tension that would cause us to feel overwhelmed by negative stress. Instead of feeling helpless and unsuccessful, positive stress allows us to feel full of life, with energy and, in case we manage to succeed in those projects that we had in hand, satisfied with the experience.

Benefits of positive stress

But what are the benefits of eustress? Let's meet them below.

1. Direct management of the problem

We will feel encouraged to solve the problem directly.

2. Positive effect on our health

By managing stress and allowing stress to turn into positive stress, we will not feel stressed. We will take things more calmly, we will be more relaxed, and we will not present the negative symptoms produced by the distress, or negative stress . On the other hand, the energy and vitality that we feel with the eustress could be used to involve us in the practice of physical activity, which is beneficial for our health.

3. Greater productive activity

The energy coming from positive stress will provide greater speed and efficiency when it comes to solving or fulfilling certain activities. We can complete them on time, and thus, get involved in more stimulating activities and challenges.

4. Stimulate our creativity

The person will be more creative when facing a problem, either personal or at work. You can have innovative ideas. You will invest your time in a creative and fun way. The results could have a good effect on your mood.

5. We are alert

It allows to be active to respond to any situation that deserves a quick response. It favors both studies and work.

6. Emotional stability

Those who experience positive stress may feel more in control of their emotions, and will be able to resolve what could disturb them more successfully. Having a positive attitude will help you feel better about yourself and your situation.

Learn to positivize stress

Positive stress offers many benefits. We can all feel stress at some point in our lives. We have in our hands the option to take advantage and use it to our advantage . Why better not assume a positive attitude in the face of a stressful situation? The results of acquiring a positive attitude may surprise you.

there's good and bad stress (April 2024).

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