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The 10 best apps that will help you feel good (for the mind and body)

The 10 best apps that will help you feel good (for the mind and body)

June 24, 2021

All people aim to feel good; However, not all of them carry out healthy habits that have a positive effect on their mental and physical health. Do sport, eat well, practice meditation, etc., are actions that allow us to connect with ourselves and feel comfortable with who we are.

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Apps to feel good

Sometimes, it can be difficult to follow these habits, so a help that keeps you motivated is key to achieving your healthy goals.

You can find below a compilation with the best apps to feel good .

1. Happier

As the name suggests, this app has the function of helping you to be happier . According to the American magazine "Time", it was considered one of the best applications of 2013. It follows the principles of Mindfulness, and allows you to be more motivated and inspired, with a positive mentality. It offers inspirational phrases, helps you meditate and offers the possibility of capturing and sharing the good times with other Happier users.

2. Breathe app

This app is key to the moment in which we live, because this society is highly stressful and demands a lot from us . It is compatible with Android and iOS and belongs to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Respira app aims to help you quit smoking, since this habit affects your health and can destroy your life. Following a gradual process that this app provides, it is possible to leave tobacco aside.

3. Fitness HD

Feeling good physically will allow you to feel good mentally . Enjoying good general health is essential for good psychological and emotional health. That's why Fitness HD is among the best apps to feel good. It is a foreign app, but it offers the option in Spanish. It has a calorie counter, hundreds of routines and a pedometer so you can get fit and enjoy a healthier body. Thanks to Fitness HD you can share your progress in social networks.

4. Moods

Anxiety is one of the psychological phenomena that most affects people today . Despite being an adaptive emotion, when it appears in situations that pose no risk, it can cause great discomfort. Learning to manage anxiety can help you feel better, and for that, apps like Moods are really effective. This application is very useful to track and identify patterns of behavior and thinking that negatively affect your well-being.

5. Airpersons

If you suffer psychological or medical problems, airpersons allows you to connect via chat with professionals in the field of health . It also allows them to offer their services. This way, if you are looking for a psychologist to overcome some problem, you will be able to find it in this tool. Perhaps its only drawback is that it is only available for Android 4.1 or higher.

6. My fitness pal

My fitness pal is a tool that can be very useful if you want to control your calories and eat healthy. It has a calorie counter diet monitor, so you can know exactly what you eat at all times. It will also provide you with the nutritional information of the food you eat, so you can know the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients they contain.

7. Mynetdiary

Imagine being able to have a food diary and a calorie counter in your own pocket, on your smartphone . With Mynetdiary it is possible, because with this application you will be able to analyze everything you eat whenever you want. Eating healthy brings many benefits for the body and mind, because it helps you to perform better during the day, allows your body to be well nourished and your emotional balance to be maintained, as we explained in our article: "Psychology and Nutrition: the importance of Emotional feeding. "

8. Fitness Mindfulness

Although in this list we have talked about some apps that are great for the gym, Fitness Mindfulness is perfect for mental well-being and for putting your mind in shape . It has different tools that will allow you to practice Mindfulness, a millenary practice that helps you live more adaptively.

With Mindfulness Gym you will be able to direct your attention and adopt a non-judgmental mentality. With only 15 minutes a day you can notice its benefits.

9. Peaceful

If you want an app that allows you to fight stress and depression, Pacifica is one of the best . It is based, like the previous one, on the principles of Mindfulness, so it helps to focus on the present and become more aware of one's body.

With Pacífica you can be connected to the present and to yourself, always with kindness and with compassion and kindness Teaches coping skills to unpleasant situations and in it you will find guided self-help methods, monitoring of mood, recording of daily thoughts, daily challenges , etc.

10. Intimid

An app developed by expert meditators, offering free meditations , so you can perform this ancestral practice with the best guarantees. It offers a free service, but it is to all the content with the flat rate for less than 10 euros per month. You only need to invest 10 minutes a day to feel better.

Other apps to feel good

In addition to these apps there are other more specific to feel good and comfortable with yourself and to improve your level of happiness. If you want to delve into other applications that treat anxiety, phobias or depression, you can read our articles:

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