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The 32 best sentences of Tales of Miletus

The 32 best sentences of Tales of Miletus

June 14, 2024

Tales of Miletus (624 a.C. - 546 a.C.) was a Greek philosopher, geometer, mathematician and lawman. He was born and lived all his life in the Greek city of Miletus, in what is now Turkey.

As with most thinkers of ancient Greece, Thales of Miletus did not leave any written work, and what is known about him we owe to other thinkers and later philosophers, who collected their teachings.

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Famous quotes from Tales of Miletus

Pioneer in the deductive thought applied to the field of geometry, his legacy gathers several mathematical theorems that are still valid.

To learn more about the work of this Greek thinker, we have set out to compile the best phrases of Tales of Miletus . These aphorisms transport us to the Greece of the time in which this great philosopher lived.

1. The supreme pleasure is to obtain what is desired.

Achieving our goals makes us feel fulfilled.

2. The most difficult thing is to know ourselves; the easiest is to speak badly of others.

Criticism is always easy and simple. Introspection is a complicated issue.

3. The happiness of the body is based on health; that of understanding, in knowledge.

Mind and body have different ways of being in top form.

4. Everything is animated and everything is full of gods.

A phrase of Thales of Miletus in which he shows us his philosophical animism.

5. Beauty does not emanate from a beautiful body, but from beautiful actions.

Ethics and aesthetics merge into the same entity.

6. Take for yourself the advice you give to another.

It is easy to distribute advice everywhere; the complicated thing is to apply them to our own life.

7. Many words never indicate wisdom.

The true sages rarely speak too much.

8. Hope is the only common good for all men. Those who have lost everything still have it.

The last thing that is lost is the hope for a better life. Great reflection of Tales of Miletus.

9. If you are looking for a good solution and can not find it, consult time, since time is the maximum wisdom.

As many thinkers point out, time is the best antidote for any poison.

10. Of all things the oldest is God, because he was not created.

A particular vision about the divine entity.

11. Choose only one good thing.

A summary of his monistic ethics.

12. I am grateful to my destiny for three things; for having been born human, for having been born a man, not a woman, for having been born a non-barbarian Hellene.

Some characteristics of which Tales of Miletus was especially proud.

13. Work increases virtue. Those who do not know how to cultivate the arts, work with the hoe.

Ode to mental and manual effort.

14. Water is the element and principle of things.

The arche; The principle of life.

15. It will break the tongue of the charlatans.

The lie has the days counted.

16. Oh, Thales! You are not able to see what is happening at your feet and perceive the sky at the same time.

Sentence that pronounced after falling in a well after having the sight put in the sky.

17. Let your oracle be measured.

Balance is always the best guide.

18. The greatest is space, because it encloses everything.

It may not be infinite, but it does contain everything contained, according to Thales.

19. The most beautiful is the world, because it is the work of God.

On the divine creation, perfect and in all its splendor.

20. Always look for a task; When you have it, do not think of anything else other than doing it well.

Professionalism is born of daily obsession and effort.

21. Watch your words; that they do not raise a wall between you and those who live with you.

Being measured in words ensures a favorable and friendly environment.

22. The strongest is the need, because it dominates everything.

Imperates in the life of men and makes them submissive.

23. The quickest is the understanding, because it runs through everything.

One of those phrases of Thales of Miletus that remind us his ability to describe any concept.

24. The past is true, the dark future.

A reasonable view about temporality.

25. I did not become a father because I am a friend of children.

Ironic sentence of Thales in which he shows us his love for childhood.

26. If there is a change, there has to be something that changes, however, it does not change.

The apparently mutable, in reality, is not. According to Tales of Mileto.

27. Who is happy? A person who has a healthy body, who covers himself with peace of mind and who cultivates his talent.

The recipe for happiness: mens sana in corpore sano.

28. Avoid doing what you can blame others for doing.

Do not think that your innocence has more foundations than any other.

29. We do not live, in reality, on the top of a solid earth, but at the bottom of an ocean of air.

Curious and interesting reflection about our natural environment.

30. All things are of water and all things are dissolved in water.

A chemical principle not entirely wrong.

31. Isolate your person in your inner world and reflect on the system of the universe.

From the small to the immeasurable.

32. If there is no excessive wealth or immoderate poverty in a nation, then it can be said that justice will prevail.

According to Thales de Mileto, democracy must be based on an equitable distribution of material goods.

5 Ancient Greek Philosopher Quotes (June 2024).

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