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The stages of heartbreak and its psychological consequences

The stages of heartbreak and its psychological consequences

September 16, 2022

Are you feeling the pain of an emotional breakup of a couple? It is very likely that at this time you feel a vacuum, which can lead to longing and melancholy. After a break, there is a grieving process which is part of the therapeutic experience of emotional healing in overcoming a wound. How would you define your situation?

There are different circumstances that can accompany a break. For example, it is not the same for a person to feel abandoned by his or her partner against their own personal desire, that this fact be a decision of mutual agreement. In other cases, the lack of love comes even after having fought for a last chance in a couple therapy. But overall, there are a series of stages of heartbreak that explain what is felt during the process.

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Stages of heartbreak

In the first moment, the rupture brings with it the psychological impact . And, even in those cases in which there were already signs that the relationship was not on the right track, the final end produces an impact because it highlights the reality of the farewell. At this stage, the affected also feels the vital disorientation for a chapter of his life that closes and a new cycle that is still to be written.

Faced with this duality of past and future, it is possible experience contradictory feelings of longing for what was left behind and curiosity about that new future horizon. The person can even feel angry about what happened, an anger that is a form of denial of their own reality.

However, the duel is overcome when the protagonist assumes his own responsibility in what happened and accepts the story as it has been. In fact, in a rupture there is always responsibility on both sides, do not you think?

The importance of the first year after the break

The first year after the breakup of a stable relationship is especially significant, because it is on this date when such nostalgic days as the couple's anniversary, birthdays or Christmas parties are celebrated.

Beyond this first year, when the sadness affects even the quality of life of the affected person, a pathological grief can occur that shows a form of insane sadness . That is to say, the sadness that you live in a lack of love is a natural feeling, however, it is important not to dramatize this pain.

Put into practice the psychology of taking care of your mental hygiene at this moment. The sadness of heartbreak it can lead to a depression when the person is positioned before this situation as a victim.

Those people who associate the idea of ​​happiness with the fact of being in a couple can suffer in an irrational way in the face of loneliness . If this is your case, it is very important that you reflect on your own personal beliefs so as not to prolong ideas that limit you in your personal development. There are many different paths of happiness. Therefore, do not let yourself be limited by social labels.

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How to overcome a break of couple?

If you are living a breakup of a couple, it is very important that you strengthen resilience personal to find supports with which to face this psychic pain. For example, friendship is therapeutic because it provides companionship and comfort to heal heart wounds. Overcoming a lack of love does not mean forgetting the past, but integrating yesterday in a positive way into your own biography.

For example, you can say goodbye to your ex from respect and gratitude for the time shared in common, but knowing that this is not a good time to be friends. Distance is healthy for your feelings to evolve. But, also, this real distance allows you assimilate personal change that this rupture has produced in your life.

For this reason, it is advisable to avoid even contact through social networks. This is a good time to be reunited with you, to enjoy your own company, while enjoying simple and relaxing activities such as reading, movies, cooking or any activity that you like and help you to distract your mind.

The practice of sports It is also a health routine to overcome the negative thought that so often produces the lack of love, through the vitality and energy that activates your mind and your heart through physical exercise. Walking every day for half an hour is an incentive for well-being to heal the wounds of heartbreak through an activity that raises self-awareness. Cheer up!

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Positive attitude towards the lack of love

Your attitude is more important than external circumstances.You can find a constructive sense to a lack of love if you can focus on a present goal that excites you. For example, your professional development can be an incentive for you, if you find at this moment a good opportunity to boost your career.

If you need help after the break, you can also do therapy online. That is, an online psychologist can help you boost introspection at this time.

The Science of Heartbreak (September 2022).

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