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The 35 best quotes of Pythagoras

The 35 best quotes of Pythagoras

March 30, 2024

Pythagoras (569 a.C. - 475 a.C.) was a renowned Greek philosopher and mathematician, famous for being considered the first pure mathematician in history. His contributions had an impressive impact on mathematics, arithmetic or geometry and even music and astronomy.

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Pythagorean Phrases Greek

The theoretical legacy of Pythagoras had an important influence on both Plato and Aristotle and, in general, on the rational philosophy of Helen. One of its most studied theoretical postulates, the Pythagoras theorem, helps us to know the characteristics of triangles.

To learn more about this important Greek philosopher, in today's article we will know the best phrases of Pythagoras , as well as several of his famous quotes that have transcended over the centuries.

1. Do not be ambitious and stingy; The just measure is excellent in such cases.

In the balance there is spiritual health, according to Pythagoras.

2. Save the tears of your children, so that they can water your grave with them.

A sad allegory that exhorts us to treat children with love.

3. The men who always speak truth are those who come closest to God.

A statement that exalts honest people.

4. Do not have more than a woman and a friend. The forces of body and soul can not tolerate more.

A limiting vision about the affection to share.

5. Listen, you will be wise. The beginning of wisdom is silence.

A famous phrase of Pythagoras in which he invites us to observe and listen attentively.

6. I prefer the cane of experience than the fast car of fortune. The philosopher travels on foot.

The vanity of man makes him a slave to his money.

7. Can not speak who does not know how to keep quiet.

If you are not able to listen, you are not able to understand.

8. Do not make your body the tomb of your soul.

One of those Pythagorean phrases that motivates us to get ahead.

9. First of all, respect yourselves.

A fundamental maxim for a mentally healthy life.

10. Happiness consists in being able to unite the beginning with the end.

Make sense of what we do, there lies the key to the mystery.

11. Educate children and it will not be necessary to punish men.

A sample of the vital importance given by Pythagoras to the upbringing of children.

12. To educate is not to give a career to live, but to temper the soul for the difficulties of life.

In line with the previous one.

13. It is necessary to find the infinitely large in the infinitely small, to feel the presence of God.

The small details of day to day enclose their divine essence, according to Pythagoras.

14. If you want to live a lot, keep some stale wine and an old friend.

A tip for longevity.

15. Write your friend's faults in the sand.

With this reflection, Pythagoras explains that we should not keep in memory the mistakes of our relatives.

16. Silence is the first stone of the temple of wisdom.

Another phrase in which the Greek philosopher encourages us to develop this sense.

17. Friendship is a harmonious equality.

Reciprocity is a quality inherent in true friendship.

18. Help your fellow men to lift their load, but do not consider yourself obligated to take it away.

Solidarity and obligation are antagonistic terms.

19. Shut up or say something better than silence.

Very much in line with other famous quotations from Pythagoras.

20. The soul is a chord; the dissonance, his illness.

The harmony in the spirit guarantees a memorable life.

21. Man is mortal by his fears and immortal by his desires.

Yearnings make us transcend temporal limits.

22. Choose the best way to live; the custom will make it pleasant.

About the good life.

23. There is a good principle, which has created order, light and man, and a bad principle, which has created chaos, darkness and woman.

An especially macho phrase read from the point of view of the 21st century.

24. The earth gives rich wealth and peaceful food. And it gives you food that is free from death and blood.

On the goodness of mother nature and its fruits.

25. Measure your desires, weigh your opinions, count your words.

A phrase of Pythagoras linked to self-control.

26. A beautiful old age is, ordinarily, the reward of a beautiful life.

About positive old age.

27. The principle is half of the whole.

Mathematical metaphor that can have different interpretations.

28. If you suffer injustices console yourself, because the real misfortune is committing them.

Philosophical phrase that we should all remember.

29It is better for a man to keep his mouth shut, and for others to fool him, to open it and for others to be convinced that he is.

Perhaps his most famous celebrity quote.

30. Oh legislator! Do not give me laws for the people, but peoples for the laws.

A metaphorical plea for the legislative power.

31. Nothing perishes in the Universe; everything that happens in him does not happen of mere transformations.

Everything changes, nothing remains unchanged. Pythagorean phrase that could well have pronounced Heraclitus.

32. Above all, two completely opposite statements can be made.

The language allows it.

33. You will see that the evils of men are the fruit of their choice; and that the source of the good seek it far away, when they carry it within their heart.

Great phrase to reflect.

34. Purify your heart before allowing love to settle in it, since the sweetest honey sours in a dirty glass.

If you're not ready, you better not start a love story.

35. Do not despise anyone; an atom makes shadow

On respect towards other people.

TOP 20 Pythagoras Quotes (March 2024).

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