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The 5 best Mindfulness courses and workshops

The 5 best Mindfulness courses and workshops

February 8, 2023

Have you ever driven your car to work and when you arrived at your destination did you realize that you did not remember anything about the trip? Or have you got up in the morning and after the shower have you noticed that you have not enjoyed that unique moment because your mind was thinking about other things (for example, your work)? Most of us do!

These are some common examples of what it is like to live on autopilot , that is, with the attention absorbed by our thoughts and far from being present in our own lives. In a culture like ours, which demands so much of us, that fosters individualism, consumerism and in which we sometimes seem to be objects rather than subjects, our well-being and happiness can be affected.

Mindfulness to return to the present and connect with oneself

For a few decades we have witnessed a profound social change, and due to the pace of life of Western societies, many of us live on autopilot, stressed, we forget to treat us with compassion and being in the here and now. In our day, it is usual to be aware of our expectations and rarely connect with who we really are, with our mind and our body.

If you feel this way and want to change your way of dealing with life, in this article we present a list of Mindfulness courses that can help you live a fuller life. This practice can change your life completely and can contribute to improve your emotional and psychological health .

Mindfulness is education for well-being

Surely you have already heard about Mindfulness or Mindfulness, because in recent years this millennial practice has become very popular in the West. And it is not strange that this has happened, because the technological and socioeconomic changes that human beings have experienced in recent decades have changed the way we relate to others, to our environment and even to ourselves.

Mindfulness is a way of educating ourselves to live better and empower ourselves in front of life, because it allows us to be aware of many things that we sometimes can not see, simply because we stop for a moment to observe ourselves and what surrounds us . Mindfulness is will, attention, acceptance, compassion, present, non-judgmental mentality and well-being . It is a way of interpreting the world that, at the same time, allows us to gain quality of life and helps us to connect with ourselves again in the midst of this busy world.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Thanks to the development of Mindfulness we are able to adopt certain positive attitudes in relation to our mental state and our emotions, and although Mindfulness is not something new, In recent years, a lot of research has been done to determine what its benefits are .

Here are some of them:

  • Reduce stress
  • Combat and prevent anxiety
  • Help to sleep better
  • Increase concentration
  • It encourages creativity
  • Develop self-awareness and emotional management
  • Improve interpersonal relationships

In summary, Mindfulness promotes personal strengths and becomes a much more adaptive coping style, which helps self-regulate behavior and get to know each other better.

Best Mindfulness courses and workshops

If you want to experience first-hand the practice of Mindfulness, below you can find a list of the best Mindfulness courses and workshops. All of them are face-to-face and help you experience all your benefits in an experiential way .

1. Online Course on Mindfulness and Emotional Management (European Institute of Positive Psychology)

The European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP) is the reference center in training in Positive Psychology, with courses created by experts in this discipline. Their training actions are aimed at individuals as well as professionals and companies.

Specially aimed at Psychologists, Coaches, Businessmen, Managers, Educators and those interested in starting and deepening the practice of Mindfulness and improving their quality of life, the IEPP has the Online Mindfulness and Emotional Management Course . Thanks to him, participants can acquire emotional skills, communication skills and active listening and, in general, the different tools of Mindfulness that favor wellbeing and mental balance to be able to face the different challenges of everyday life more effectively.

It is an experiential and experiential type of training, based on a methodology that has been designed to make the most of the different practical orientation sessions. In this sense, this institution has an Online Platform for apply what they call "inverted classroom" , where students visualize the videos of the course syllabus and participate in online (live) group sessions, in which different dynamics and activities are put into practice.

This course is done in small groups to take advantage of online group classes (live) and to take full advantage of the different dynamics that are proposed.

All this by the hand of a team of professionals with extensive experience in Mindfulness training. If you want to know more about this course, you can read more by clicking here.

2. Mindfulness Training Program: M-PBI (Mensalus Institute)

For those people who live in Barcelona or surroundings and are determined to start in the practice of Mindfulness to improve their quality of life, Instituto Mensalus offers the opportunity to integrate Mindfulness in personal life with the Mindfulness Training Program (M-PBI) . The workshop starts on April 26, 2017 (morning group) and April 27, 2017 (afternoon group).

Without a doubt, it is a great course to know and deepen Mindfulness in a practical and experiential way. The objective is that the participants get to acquire the basic tools for the management of their emotions and can understand, experiment and take advantage of the content of the different sessions to be able to transfer it to their daily life.

Throughout the 9 weeks (8 sessions of 2.5 hours plus a day of retreat of 4 hours) that this workshop lasts, the participants learn different exercises and techniques that make possible the connection with oneself, the reduction of anxiety, the control of stress and improving attention, concentration and emotional balance.

Likewise, the Mensalus Institute offers a free one-and-a-half-hour dissemination session so that those interested can see first-hand the purpose of this millenary practice. This session will take place on April 19, 2017 and April 20, 2017 (morning and afternoon groups respectively).

  • If you want more information, you can find the contact information of the Mensalus Institute on this link.

3. Emotional management, personal growth and Mindfulness (Funge UVa)

A great course of emotional management and personal growth through the Mindfulness that is taught in Valladolid. It is aimed at all those individuals who have an interest in their own personal development and who want to be more aware of their emotions to be able to regulate and manage them .

This course is intensive and lasts 18 hours. The sessions are practical and participatory, in which both individual and group dynamics are carried out. The participants, in addition, receive material in digital support to be able to work these practices from their own home. In this way, they can apply the different techniques in their daily life.

4. Expert in Mindfulness: Managing emotions effectively through Mindfulness (University of Málaga)

The University of Malaga has been offering, for a few years now, a course of annual duration in which it is possible to know and deepen the practice of Mindfulness . The course is focused on the management of emotions, so it integrates the practice of Mindfulness with Emotional Intelligence in a novel program known as Plena Emotional Intelligence.

Throughout this course, participants learn to apply this philosophy in different areas of life: work, school or at home. The formation ends with a retreat in which it is possible to experience meditation in a deeper way. This course is intended for professionals in the education, health and business sectors.

5. MSC Program: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion (Elea Psychoeducational Institute)

The Elea Psychoeducational Institute of Madrid offers a workshop on Mindfulness and compassion that allows to develop a positive attitude towards oneself in a profound way, making a real process of personal transformation. The MSC is a program that has been scientifically proven and that provides the necessary tools to improve self-pity and unconditional love towards oneself, one of the many benefits of Mindfulness.

With Mindfulness it is possible to treat problems of daily life with attention to one's own emotions and internal experience, with a kindness and affection towards oneself, which produces a healing effect and a greater well-being. The teacher of this course is Dr. Vicente Simón, one of the most recognized Mindfulness professionals in the country.

FREE Mindfulness Course (February 2023).

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