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The 6 signals to detect a false friend

The 6 signals to detect a false friend

June 17, 2024

Friends do not come up overnight. Friendship is forged through time, affection and shared experiences, which lead to situations of growing confidence and accept the other person as he is and value both their virtues and their shortcomings.

And in fact, A good friendship can last a lifetime and is an undeniable source of joy and quality of life . Friends make us feel protected and loved, in addition to offering us the possibility of living unique adventures. A friend who knows how to listen is also a confidant and someone who will be there when you need it, in the same way that you will help him when he goes through an adverse circumstance.

But if there are good friends, of course there are also mediocre friends and even false friends.

False friend: how to detect it and take action against a toxic friendship

In spite of everything, there are times when life puts us before people who bring us nothing but disappointments. In this article we offer you a total of 6 keys to identify false friends .

1. Intimate friend in two days

Normally, friendships are forged based on time. When someone tries to establish friendship overnight with the others, acting as if they were a Close friend , you should alert and act with caution. The intimacy, trust and connection of friendship arise progressively, but they are not given away.

2. Appears in good times and hides in bad

One of the simplest ways to detect a false friendship is notice at what moments of your life is present : if when you are happy, living good times is there to share your life and fun, but nevertheless disappears when you have a problem or you go through a bad time, it is very likely that you are in front of a false friendship.

3. He likes to criticize you

The false friend is revealed when gets into your life and thinks about you in a malicious way . Highlight your mistakes, remind you of your mistakes and make you feel bad. It is an unmistakable sign of a false friend, the fact that he certainly feels some joy or enjoyment in the face of your failures and recreates himself in them.

These kind of critical friends are also known as emotional vampires . We talk more about them in this article:

"Emotional Vampires: 7 personalities that rob you of your emotional well-being"

4. Talk bad about you behind your back

The good friend gives you his opinion sincerely and in the face; He does not speak ill of you when you are not present. If you have noticed that he criticizes you from behind but does not have the courage to tell you what he thinks of you directly It is pretty sure that it is a friend to avoid. Friends must respect each other. If a person criticizes and constantly belittles you, does not respect your opinions, etc, you are not in front of a good friend.

5. The pessimistic friend

It is necessary not to offer a lot of court to friends with negative personalities; people that always they see the glass half empty in everything you do , they envy you or do not rejoice about your successes, or the profile of a snoop friend who gets into your things without trying to help you.

6. Trust your intuition

Your intuition is important: sometimes we suspect a friend without knowing very well why . We think that he does not look like a good person, but since we do not have objective data, we do not make the decision to limit the relationship. If you have the feeling that a friend does not bring you anything positive, do not be categorical in cutting the relationship, but stay alert to confirm or deny that impression. Many times, time will confirm what your intuition told you .

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