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What to do when our partner changes his attitude

What to do when our partner changes his attitude

June 6, 2023

We all want to be loved by the person we love . And it is that finding that special someone who motivates us so much and with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives, makes us feel full and happy. But romantic life as a couple is not always easy, and it may happen that, over time, our partner changes his attitude towards us.

The causes of this behavior can be many, and it is not convenient to draw conclusions without being sure of what is actually happening. In these cases, communication is important, but also observation, because sometimes we can not only rely on the words, but the behavior of the other person with respect to us will tell us a lot.

Interpersonal relationships are complex, especially when we find ourselves in these situations, in which our emotions may not fit with logic. The capacity for dialogue, respect, tolerance, etc., are elements that help us build trust. But, What to do when our partner changes his attitude towards us? We will answer this question in the following lines.

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Why has our partner changed his attitude?

One of the most painful situations we can go through when we are in a couple is when the relationship cools and the signs of affection disappear. We all want to feel loved, but over time, the relationship may cool down, and that does not necessarily mean that there is no love and that the love is over. Habituation is a frequent phenomenon in relationships, and therefore experts advise that, to be successful in a relationship, you have to take care of it and work it on a day-to-day basis.

But over time everything changes, also the feelings. Sometimes, it is also necessary to accept that the intensity of initial infatuation can lead to a more mature love, which we discussed in our article "Mature love: why is the second love better than the first?", And perhaps not be so intense but it is more authentic. This feeling is usually normal, so it is not convenient to draw conclusions out of place. Speaking things, most times it is possible to understand if the love between two people exists.

On the other hand, the reason for your partner's change of attitude may simply be the result of stress, of having a bad spell at work, something that can also influence the relationship and that tends to change when the problem situation improves. Another cause of your partner's change of attitude may be the usual conflicts, which would cause erosion in the relationship and demotivation of the members. Something that could provoke a rethinking of the situation from now on and may even deteriorate that nice initial feeling .

What to do when our partner changes his attitude

As you can see, attitude change is not always a serious problem, but it may happen that there are factors that influence (a third person) and that can turn the relationship into toxic. Whatever the cause, if your partner's attitude towards you has changed, you can take note of the tips presented below .

1. Try not to be catastrophic

It is very frequent that, in this type of situation, one tends to dramatize and draw conclusions before time. This increases mistrust and drives us into a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave. Avoid rumination and those thoughts that what they do is increase the conflict. Sometimes, reality has nothing to do with what we think.

2. Avoid mental games

When we enter this vicious circle, the terrain is increasingly swampy. This causes the members of a relationship to distance themselves instead of approaching. If in fact the thing is as serious as you imagine, what you can cause is that the relationship deteriorates and, therefore, end up ruining something that was not so serious. So be mature and do not adapt your behavior to get their attention .

3. Observe the situation and analyze the behavior of both

In addition to avoiding mental games, It is convenient that you observe the situation but objectively . That also includes observing your behavior and analyzing your attitude, because your way of doing things may have influenced how your partner feels.

4. Be empathetic

Taking into account the previous point, it is convenient to be empathetic . That is, if you think you may have some guilt in your attitude change, you must be empathetic and put yourself on their skin. This is the best way to be objective in your decisions.

5. Talk to your partner

Once you have followed the steps above, it is a good time to talk with your partner . Communication is a key element for the march of any courtship or marriage.Therefore, it is necessary that your partner and you express what you feel for each other and, if there has been a misunderstanding, speak in a mature way,

6. Ask for respect

In cases where your partner is not sincere with you or notes that you are being disrespectful , you must make yourself respect. There is always a possibility that your attitude change does not depend directly on you.

7. Make a decision

At this point, if you consider that your partner is disrespecting you, it is time to make a decision. If after talking to him or her is on the defensive, you may be playing or disillusioned with the relationship. If this situation lasts a lot, maybe you should rethink if you really want to stay there or not .

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