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Tips to stop thinking about what others think of you

Tips to stop thinking about what others think of you

May 26, 2024

We all like to fall well and be accepted by others, but many spend too much time and energy trying to like others.

The psychological wear to be thinking of pleasing everyone is not healthy and produces unnecessary stress. In fact, it is a very frequent way to stop living in the present moment and it does not benefit the welfare of a person. In addition, there is nothing more seductive than a person who is totally in tune with himself, and who lives life as he would like to live it.

Think of yourself before thinking about what others think of you

It is inevitable not to think from time to time in the image that we show towards the outside, since we are social beings. Although it is not a matter of isolating oneself from the world and living in a lost town, one can not be 24 hours a day wanting to be what others want it to be.

Happiness is achieved by knowing yourself and fighting for what you like . If you are the one who spends a lot of time thinking about giving an image to be accepted by others, surely you show yourself like this:

  • You stop being yourself and you are what others want you to be.
  • You move away from others so they do not judge you
  • You live constantly aware of whether your actions will be accepted or not, and you maintain a constant state of alert that is exhausting.
  • If something does not go as planned, you feel very bad.
  • You forget yourself to think about others.
  • You keep your emotions for thinking about whether they will be accepted or not by others.
  • You do not show yourself as you are, but as they want you to be
  • You have a shell since it prevents your relationships from being authentic and that wears you out

Tips to stop thinking about what others think of you

As we have said, trying to please everyone all the time runs out. If you spend a lot of time fearing the opinion of others to the point that you run out of time for yourself, follow the advice we show you below.

Understand the reasons for your concern

Understanding that culture and socialization are important for our social belonging is the first step to stop thinking in this way. Since we were kids they teach us to act in a certain way , to dress in a concrete way, to accept certain ideologies, to buy fashion products, and so on. In addition, the emergence of social networks encourages us to be constantly exposed to a showcase of social comparison.

Reflecting on what is happening around us is important in order to recover our identity as subjects and not objects. It is exhausting to always be aware of controlling that image we give outwards, especially when we have to be aware of what we publish in our Facebook, Instagram, etc. profiles.

Getting out of this vicious circle as soon as possible and investing time in loving ourselves is take a step forward and recover our authentic "I".

You can not control what others think of you

Each person is a world, with their experiences, their thoughts, their tastes, and so on. It is impossible to please everyone because you can not fit within the parameters of all people. Focusing on others instead of on yourself is a mistake, since you have no control over what they think or say about you. What you can control is the path you want to follow and what you are going to take with you.

Do not waste your energy on what they think of you

As we have already said, thinking about what others think of you is exhausting. It's exhausting because you waste your energy on something you do not control. Invest that time in thinking about yourself and you will surely get better results. Know yourself, fight for what you want in life and grow as a person. When you get in tune with yourself, you enter a State of Flow and everything costs less.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness philosophy refers to living the present in its entirety, and proposes that in this way we are able, progressively, to find the essence of what we are. With Mindfulness we become aware of the reality that surrounds us and we can live from freedom , knowledge in oneself and acceptance.

The treatment of oneself is based on compassion and "not judging". Therefore, from the mindfulness mentality, it does not make much sense what others think of ourselves, because we respect each other as we are .

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