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10 signs that tell you when to go to the psychologist

10 signs that tell you when to go to the psychologist

November 10, 2023

Some people think that going to psychological therapy is a symptom of weakness . However, it is a courageous decision that can help you be a more emotionally intelligent person and prepared to face the situations that arise in your day to day.

Psychotherapists are trained professionals who provide you with tools so you can improve your emotional well-being and your quality of life.

How the psychologist helps you

And is that making the decision to attend psychological therapy can change your life for the better, and gives you the opportunity to grow personally and emotionally. Likewise, it can allow you to overcome some past conflict or help you restore balance in your life.

Psychotherapy sessions are confidential, so you can feel comfortable and express your feelings and emotions as well as the experiences or thoughts that worry you.

The benefits of attending psychological therapy are the following:

  • It gives you tools so you can overcome conflicts that may appear in your life and reduce its impact and discomfort
  • It helps you improve your interpersonal relationships and your relationship
  • Improve your emotional health and your mental well-being
  • It allows you to overcome problems at work
  • Improve your self-knowledge and empowers you in front of life
  • It allows you to know, test and modify those maladaptive and dysfunctional beliefs
  • It allows you to overcome the most varied problems: stress, fear, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • It allows you to find the balance in your life

When to go to psychological therapy

Making the decision to go to psychotherapy is not easy, in large part because of the prejudices that exist around this practice. But psychotherapy is a very effective treatment for many of the problems of life , and there are many studies that support its use.

Unfortunately, too often people let problems overcome them before they get help. Since there are some cases in which it is necessary or highly recommended to seek psychological help, below you can find a list with the signs that tell you to go to the psychologist:

1. The past is always with you

Pain due to the death of a loved one, breakup of a partner, etc., are difficult situations to overcome and that can affect us for a relatively long period of time. Sometimes we think that these feelings or thoughts will disappear by themselves, but this is not always the case. When this pain and discomfort becomes chronic it is necessary to seek psychological help .

You can read our article "Mourning therapy: psychological help to face goodbye" to understand why it is not always easy to overcome these traumatic events.

2. You feel great discomfort, suffering or you are sad most of the time

These traumatic situations can harm the normal functioning of a person's life, and the suffering can become something with which the individual coexists daily . To some extent it is normal that, after some negative event, people suffer a huge feeling of emptiness, pain and confusion, as it is part of the process of adaptation.

Now, when these negative reactions last a long time it can become something pathological. Luckily, this sadness and inability to move forward can be overcome thanks to the help of a psychologist.

3. You do not see the future clear

Although the past can persecute you and cause you suffering, it can also be devastating not to have a clear future. The lack of self-knowledge and the null expectations for the coming times affect the motivation and the general welfare. Psychologists can provide tools to get to know you better and know what your wishes, priorities and talents are; and they can offer you the necessary knowledge to design and plan your future in a realistic way.

4. Existential crisis

The existential crisis can appear at any moment of life. It happens when a person has mental schemes that no longer serve him or are maladaptive, so he feels that he does not know the path he should follow in life, nor can he visualize the goals he has to pursue to achieve personal self-realization.

This can cause a lot of suffering and can cause psychological disorders if the situation is not solved correctly. Psychologists can help a person to find their own way in life, to restructure their expectations, to accept themselves and to develop more effective and adaptive coping strategies that help them to empower themselves in the face of everyday life.

5. You have no control over your life

Maybe you have been suffering anxiety for some time and you have realized that you have no control over your life: is affecting you at work, in your relationship with others, when finding a partner ... Perhaps you have tried to reverse the situation by practicing physical exercise, reading self-help books or talking with friends, but the situation has not changed.

In these cases you should seek the help of a psychologist so that you can acquire a series of tools that allow you to find balance again in your life.

6. Negative thoughts constantly

If you have been feeling for some time that you have thoughts that prevent you from living your life normally . For example, you are constantly thinking about catastrophic situations, you are obsessed with some idea or you have some kind of fixation, psychological therapy uses very useful techniques to solve this type of problems.

7. You feel a great aggressiveness and anger towards the environment

You may feel an aggressive impulse or a great anger towards someone or towards the environment in general . In some cases this is a typical reaction to the frustration you feel, and it may be a way to avoid assuming your share of guilt, for example, regarding a bad decision you have made. Psychologists can help you better understand what is happening to you, to be more realistic and to accept yourself and the situations that affect you.

8. You're not okay with your partner

Relationships are not always easy, and in many cases they do not go through good times . Do not forget that, as in any interpersonal relationship, each member of the couple has their own vision of the world, their tastes, their needs and even their insecurities.

Unfortunately, few people seek psychological help to solve problems in a relationship or marriage. The psychologist can help improve communication, learn to negotiate, reach agreements and learn tools to overcome difficulties in the relationship, coexistence and sexual problems.

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9. You feel stressed

Stress, especially at work, is one of the most frequent phenomena of today , and can severely affect psychological and physical health. Stress alters our lives significantly and affects our thinking and behavior, causing physiological, physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions.

If you are experiencing stress and notes that is affecting your day to day, fortunately, psychologists can help you to put an end to this problem.

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10. You have trouble sleeping

Unfortunately, psychological disorders associated with inadequate rest are very common. And it is strange, because we live in a very different society from previous decades, where everything goes very fast and technology has burst into our lives in a considerable way. The bad habits, the rush, the schedules that do not favor the natural rest and other variables can cause us to rest much less hours than would be necessary, which has a negative effect on our lives.

According to the data of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), 25% of the Spanish adult population suffer from insomnia . However, there are other sleep disorders such as, for example, sleepwalking, night terrors or behavioral disorders associated with REM sleep that affect the well-being and health of the person who suffers. Thanks to psychological therapy it is possible to overcome the different sleep disorders.

Mensalus Institute: a psychological assistance center that can help you improve your wellbeing

If you feel identified with any of the previous points and you have begun to notice that the situation in which you find yourself is great and is affecting your day to day, Mensalus Institute is a psychology center in Barcelona (which also offers online therapy) formed by a team of psychologists highly specialized in the treatment of all kinds of problems: depression, anxiety, phobias, sleep problems, couple problems, sexual problems, eating problems, substance abuse, difficulties to face the stages of maternity or retirement, schizophrenia and problems associated with aging, among others.

This center can offer you solutions and can help you in the difficulties you are going through . However, although the fact of going to a psychologist is often associated with a serious problem, many people seek psychological help for other reasons: improve social skills, learn to know each other better, maximize personal development or improve communication with others. the couple.

If you need a trustworthy center to improve your wellbeing and want to get more information about Instituto Mensalus, you just have to click here.

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