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18 questions to know if your partner is unfaithful

18 questions to know if your partner is unfaithful

May 2, 2024

Recent research affirms that infidelity is a very frequent phenomenon at present, and contrary to what many may think, it does not make great distinctions between sexes. It is estimated that 30% of the population is unfaithful : 35% men and 26% women.

And is that infidelity is, without a doubt, one of the most complicated situations that can pass a couple. When it happens, the foundations of the relationship are destabilized as a result of the loss of trust. There are not many couples that overcome adultery, because fidelity is considered by many to be the most important pillar of the relationship, although recently models of affectivity that goes beyond monogamy are becoming popular, such as polyamory.

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Questions to know if your partner is unfaithful

Detecting an unfaithful couple It is not an easy task, the normal thing is that the person denies it outright . Unless you leave very obvious clues or you are caught with your hands in the dough, the rules of the game play in favor of the person who cheats.

However, it is possible to ask yourself a series of questions to detect if the people with whom you share your love are not being completely honest with you. However, the answers to these questions are not 100% reliable , so it is necessary to make a global assessment taking into account the situation you are living. If you do not have clear signs, you do not have to accuse anyone of anything.

Below you can find the list with questions to know if your partner is unfaithful .

1. Have you found signs that give you away (rest of makeup, strong smell of unknown perfume, hotel bills, etc.)?

It is clear that if you find any of these signals you will deny them, but this is proof that you can hide something. So pay attention to how you justify it and draw your own conclusions.

2. Do not know what to answer or do not agree their stories when you ask where he has been?

Imagine the previous case. Surely you have asked him about the reason for what you have discovered. If you do not know what to answer or his story is little consistent , maybe you have one more reason to suspect.

3. Do you hide to talk on WhatsApp? Do not you read the messages in front of you?

Although it is normal that each member of the relationship wants to have spaces of intimacy, there is no reason to devote much effort to hiding messages or talking in secret.

4. Do you call your phone and avoid picking it up in front of you?

If you call him once and do not take him, nothing happens. However, if you frequently receive calls and notes who gets nervous and avoids taking it or goes to another room, perhaps hides something important.

5. Have you caught a lie and your excuse is disjointed?

We all lie sometimes. But in what context, that lie can mean a lot.

6. Have you noticed strange movements in your bank accounts or expenses that you can not justify?

It could be strange if you spend too much money and, in addition, in places like a hotel, a restaurant or a perfume shop.

7. Have you noticed any significant change in their behavior?

You may have noticed that in the last few months you are not the same person, maybe you are more irritated, always arrive late from work or spend a lot of time away from home . This can be due to many factors, but if the change of attitude has to do with a higher degree of nervousness, it could indicate that it hides something.

8. Is he more distant but tells you that nothing happens to him if you ask him?

In addition to previous behavioral changes, you may be distant and even avoidant when you are at home.

9. Do you turn off your cell phone at night or when it is with you?

From night to morning, it turns off the cell phone at night and always seems to have it hidden.

10. Do you avoid the conversations you have about your future in common?

Maybe not motivate the relationship and that is why it looks outside for what it does not find inside. But he will hardly speak with sincerity, but he will prefer to take refuge in infidelity.

11. Do you pay close attention to your physical appearance?

Overnight, you worry about your physical appearance just like when you started going out: you go to the gym, you diet, you buy new clothes, and it seems that it is fixed more when it leaves without you .

12. Do you have a strange attitude, as if you had done something wrong?

In the last weeks he has a different attitude. For example, he starts giving you things with such a high frequency that it seems strange.

13. Do you get violent when you bring up the subject?

If you have ever brought up the subject, you should be careful how you do it. But you can pay attention to his reaction. There is no reason to react aggressively when there is nothing to hide.

14. Do you spend more time away from home than before? Do you usually have meetings, work trips or stay with your friends on your own?

When he's late, the excuse is always work. He must be doing the turn of two people because he had never been involved with his job.

15. Do you spend many hours in front of your computer or mobile?

The hours that pass in front of the computer or mobile are exaggerated. If you work from the computer it may have some sense, but it is a little strange that you lock the room for hours.

16. Is he serious when he is with you but instead is in a good mood when he is chatting on his mobile or on social networks?

It seems that your presence lately does not like . He avoids you, and if he is with you, he is serious and distant.

17. Do not you feel like making plans together or going on a trip?

It turns out that he spends a lot of time away from home, supposedly at work. But when you have free time, avoid being with you.

18. Do you shower when you get home?

He has been home late for a while and, although he did not do it before, now he showers whenever he goes home.

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