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50 phrases by Pablo Neruda (with great romantic value)

50 phrases by Pablo Neruda (with great romantic value)

May 1, 2024

Pablo Neruda (His original name was Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto) was a Chilean poet who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

He was born on July 12, 1904 in Parral (Chile) and died on September 23, 1973 in strange circumstances. The investigations after his death seem to indicate that there was poisoning, but these suspicions have never been confirmed.

The best phrases of Pablo Neruda: essential reflections

Neruda, at a very early age already showed interest in literature and, in fact, his first official job as a writer was an article for a local newspaper that he made with only 13 years. Throughout his life he left many bright and beautiful poems to remember. In today's article, we review your best quotes. Enjoy them!

1. For your heart enough your chest, for your freedom my wings are enough

The people we love make us fly when we are with them.

2. For my next number I need you to kiss me and I will magically appear butterflies in your stomach

Love is a sensation that upsets all our senses and sensations.

3. Your wide eyes are the light that I have of the defeated constellations, your skin throbs like the paths that the meteor travels in the rain

If you have been in love you will know how amazing it is to see that person's body.

4. Love ... what a lonely wandering to your company

Loneliness is over when you find love.

5. Love is so short and forgetting is so long

Love can be brief when it goes wrong, but forgetting can last an eternity.

6. It is in you the illusion of every day

That special someone is the motivation that moves the lover.

7. They will be able to cut all the flowers, but they will not be able to stop the spring

Spring is the time of year that love is associated. When love is eternal, spring does not stop.

8. But I do not love your feet but because they walked on the earth and on the wind and on the water, until they found me

A quote drawn from one of Neruda's great poems.

9. Timidity is a condition alien to the heart, a category, a dimension that leads to loneliness

A phrase by Pablo Neruda that speaks of shyness.

10. I like you when you keep quiet because you are absent and you hear me from afar, and my voice does not touch you. It seems that your eyes have been blown away and it seems that a kiss closed your mouth.

Some beautiful words recited with all the love.

11. It is forbidden not to smile at problems, not to fight for what you want, to abandon everything because of fear, not to make your dreams come true

Pablo Neruda philosophizing about self-realization.

12. So that nothing separates us that nothing unites us

The lack of love can hurt. When it happens, we usually wish we had not met that person.

13. There is no other destination than that we will do thoroughbred, by hand

Destiny is not written, you have to look for it.

14. The child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play lost forever the child who lived in it and who will need it

An appointment that talks about childhood.

16. Poets hate hatred and wage war on war

Poets prefer to write about love than about hatred.

17. Do not do with love what a child does with his balloon that when he has it he ignores it and when he loses he cries

We have to value the people who love us.

18. How I would love to love you, woman how I would love to love you, love you like nobody ever knew! Die and still love you more. And still love you more

Authentic love can with everything, even over time.

19. Whoever discovers who I am will discover who you are

Neruda, reflecting on when we reflect on someone.

20. In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept quiet

A phrase full of love, extracted from a beautiful verse by the poet.

21. There is a certain pleasure in madness, which only the madman knows

The madness of love can be really pleasurable.

22. Someday anywhere, anywhere you will inevitably find yourself, and that, only that, may be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours

The encounter with oneself can be a moment of happiness but also of fear.

23. Why will all love come to me suddenly when I feel sad, and I feel you far away?

When you can not be with that person, you miss her.

24. Love, how many ways to get to a kiss, what wandering solitude to your company!

An appointment full of feeling that refers to loneliness

25. Does the one who waits more always suffer than the one who never waited for anyone?

Do not depend on anyone , we must empower ourselves and face life.

26. Knowing the love of those we love is the fire that feeds life

There is no more incredible moment than knowing that the person you love loves you too.

27The tears that do not cry, do you wait in small lakes? Or will they be invisible rivers that run towards sadness?

Although we do not cry, you can still feel sad.

28. The child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play lost forever the child who lived in it and who will be very needy

You have to be young always soul and live life in its fullness.

29. In you the rivers sing and my soul in them flees as you wish and wherever you want

A poetic phrase that surrounds with its beauty.

30. Love is born from memory, lives from intelligence and dies by oblivion

Memories make feelings intensify.

31. I believed that the route went through man, and that fate had to leave from there

Destiny comes from man, from the direction he takes.

32. Let's plant the plain before plowing the hill

A quote from Pablo Neruda that will invite you to think.

33. Poetry is born of pain. Joy is an end in itself

Pain is, without a doubt, an inspiration to write about poetry.

34. We, the then ones, are no longer the same

It may happen that, over time, the relationships cool down.

35. Nobody looks like you since I love you

When you love someone you stop seeing her as someone normal and you happen to see her as someone special.

36. They ask me for the prophetic that is in me, with melancholy and a blow of objects that call without being answered there, and a movement without truce, and a confusing name

A beautiful prayer that reflects the talent of Neruda.

37. (...) Suddenly while you were with me I touched you and my life stopped: in front of my eyes you were, reigning me, and queens. Like fire in the woods, fire is your kingdom

It is amazing to cross with that person that for the world.

38. So that nothing binds us that does not unite us

If love is not going to end well, to start it

39. Anxiety of a pilot, fury of a blind diver, murky drunkenness of love, everything in you was shipwreck!

Nice words written by this brilliant poet.

40. I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees

Nothing says as much as the intimate language of love.

41. Naked you are as simple as one of your hands, smooth, terrestrial, minimal, round, transparent, you have moon lines, apple paths

The nude loved person is the closest thing to ecstasy.

42. The wine opens the doors with astonishment and in the shelter of the months it overturns its body with soaked red wings

In poetry is where Neruda felt alive.

43. And if you do not give more, just find what is in your hands, think that giving love is never in vain. Go ahead without looking back

Go ahead in love, and feel what your heart tells you.

44. I love your feet because they walked on the earth and on the wind and on the water, until they found me

The two people who love each other, in the end meet.

45. The greatest of simple men, our teacher

In simplicity there is a great teaching.

46. ​​As if to bring it closer, my gaze searches for it. My heart looks for her, and she is not with me

When love breaks but you still feel something, your heart still has it in mind.

47. The law for the great thief, the prison for the one who steals a bread

Injustices are part of life.

48. In my house I have gathered small and large toys, without which I could not live.

In this text, the author refers to childhood and the precious feelings we experience during this stage.

49. Only with ardent patience will we conquer the splendid city that will give light, justice and dignity to all men. Thus poetry will not have sung in vain

Patience is a great virtue that we can possess.

50. I can write the saddest verses tonight; write, for example: The night is starry, and shiver, blue, the stars, in the distance

Pablo Neruda had great facility for poetic writing. It was his great passion.

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