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9 habits to connect emotionally with someone

9 habits to connect emotionally with someone

May 1, 2024

We all want to be that kind of people who conquer the hearts of others with a simple smile , who make friends with little effort and who receive a great deal of praise and praise daily.

However, this natural gift to connect with others is enjoyed by a privileged few who, for some reason, manage to have that special aura. The rest of us mortals maybe we were not born with that natural charisma, but with will and a little effort we can connect emotionally with anyone that we want to know.

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Connect emotionally with others: how to achieve it?

Many scholars and ordinary people have tried to explain why some people are more likely to connect emotionally with others, thus being able to better choose their romantic partners and even their friends. What are the qualities that make it nice to be next to a person? In today's article we will try to describe these virtues.

When we think of people who know how to relate successfully with other individuals, we usually notice that they are able to influence the thoughts and attitudes of those around them, they are able to inspire them and make their best version. And although it seems to be a lie, all these people share a set of values, beliefs and habits .

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9 values, beliefs and habits that will help you connect with people

The way of life of people who know how to relate effectively has some things in common that can be used as a guide to begin to evolve and improve in this aspect.

We start?

1. The smile always helps

When we are in a social context, the truth is that few things say more in your favor than to show you relaxed and with a smile . When we see someone smile authentically, it is very likely that we are attracted to him, whether it is for a friendship or to share an entertaining talk. Smiling to someone is also a great proof of confidence.

Further, the smiles are contagious and make people around feel more comfortable . If you want to engage in a spontaneous conversation with someone, it is best to start with a good smile. Then you will decide where you want to take the interaction; if you just want a friendship or if you see that there may be something more.

2. Do not be afraid to make friends

In the end, this is essential. If you want to connect emotionally with other people, you must be able to open up to others and establish positive and healthy relationships . When you go to talk to someone, ask yourself the question: "How would I like someone unknown to treat me?", And you will surely see very clearly that you must be respectful as well as genuine when you want to start talking with someone who, Maybe, I can be your friend in the future.

It is important that you know how to value friendship and be careful and attentive with your friends. Practice active listening with them, and try to give them a hand if possible.

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3. Look at strangers as friends

If you enter a waiting room or the subway, try to look at the faces of strangers and conceive them as friendly faces . This will help you to have an open and proactive mentality, and to overcome the usual shyness or reticence.

If you are in tune with the people around you will be much easier to connect emotionally with those that call you more attention.

4. Essential: be authentic

It is useless to put on a mask to connect with someone, because sooner or later the mask will fall and you will be portrayed. You must try to genuinely connect with other people, from your true self . That does not mean you should not try to be more sociable and open-minded, obviously!

Being authentic will approach you to meet people with whom to really connect, and build friendships or courtships based on sincerity.

5. Try to help

Do not forget that The key to knowing people is to contribute something positive to their lives . It should not be something material, but something that can help them in one way or another. Normally, in our society we are very lacking in authentic friendships, of people in our life who help us if we are having a bad time or we have some difficulty.

There are always ways to help others, and It is a good idea to be a person with this human quality . Generosity is good in itself, but it also has a reward: it will be easier for you to connect with people who value your effort.

6. Be genuinely interested in others

The best way to be interesting is show interest and attention towards your interlocutor . Surely you have a lot to learn from other people. If you manage to open a window in your world, your interlocutors will see that you are a broad-minded person with whom it is worthwhile to converse and share time.

We all have stories that we want to share, and if someone listens to us ... it's easier for us to connect emotionally with him.

7. Talk, do not cut

Be open and do not hesitate to start conversations with people in your environment , and even with strangers. Having this attitude will allow you to improve your social skills and learn to connect with the passions and interests of others.

8. Know yourself and pursue your illusions

It is important that you know what your interests, your virtues and your goals in life are . Because knowing yourself will allow you to guide yourself and know how you can connect and help other people. If you find someone who shares your hobbies, it is very likely that both of you are crazy for wanting to continue sharing time together.

9. Be yourself

Yes, it is a very typical advice. But it is still a truth like a temple. Trying to be another person to please others is a big mistake. Show yourself as you are, even if you have flaws or vulnerabilities . No one is perfect, remember him often.

Try to share your anecdotes and your concerns, you will surely find people who will appreciate it.

9 Habits to connect emotionally with someone (May 2024).

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